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When you’ve spent your entire day at work looking at a screen, reading the news or a feature on yet another screen isn’t the best way to recuperate. Which is why I converted my Kindle into an E-ink web articlereading machine. But as it turns out, you can go one step further and take your eyes completely out of the equation.

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Say hello to the world of voice reading where synthetically created AI voices and sometimes even real human beings narrate you articles, books, your email and even notifications so you don’t have to wear yourself out reading them.

Mar 29, 2019  The text to speech method on a Macintosh computer allows users to select any amount of text and convert it into speech, which enables your Mac to read out loud to you. This can be a useful procedure for those needing to rest their eyes from the computer screen. Under 'Text-to-Speech,' turn on Enable select-to-speak. Step 2: Select and hear text. To select what text you’d like to hear: Press and hold the Search key and click a line of text. Press and hold the Search key and drag the pointer over an area of the screen. Highlight the text and press the Search key + s. Out Loud reads your notifications to you when you are driving, running, or any other time you want. Notification reading is enabled on a per-app basis. Other features: - Automatically turn on/off when headphones are plugged/unplugged. Automatically turn on/off when a Bluetooth device is connected/disconnected. Enable/disable a persistent notification when Out Loud is on. Choose TTS. ReadAloud is a very powerful text-to-speech app which can read aloud web pages, news, documents, e-books or your own custom contents. 4 out of 4 people found this helpful. Reviewed By John. 4 5 User Rating: 4 out of 5. I love this app. It reads webpages and Text aloud with great precision. 1 out of 1 people found this helpful.

Cool Tip: Voice reading apps are also great for kids with learning disabilities as it allows them to process information without being boggled down with the complications of reading.

These apps are perfect to use when you’re driving your car, taking public transport or just doing your daily chores. You can get your work done when catching up on your reading list towards which you’d normally dedicate special time.

1. Default Text-To-Speech for iOS

Just like dictation, the built in text-to-speech agent in iOS is marvelous but it’s turned off by default. Go to Settings ->General ->Accessibility and turn on Speak selection.

You can customize the speed here as well. Now go to any app, highlight some text or an entire article and from the popup menu select Speak.

2. Default Text-To-Speech on Android

Google has its own text-to-speech app on Android and it comes installed on your phone. But it’s limited. It only works in apps that have expressly integrated the functionality – the most notable being Play Books. You can’t share any text you’re reading directly to the app (like you can with the third party app listed below).

3. Voice Reading For Android

Voice Reading is a powerful text-to-speech client for Android. Not only will it read highlighted text for you, it will also let you read ebooks and parsed content just from the URL. Voice Reader also shows the text it’s reading in a floating window so you can scroll back up if you miss something.

You can add content to Voice Reading using Android’s share menu. If you’re browsing an article in Chrome, go to the sharing menu and select Voice Reading. The same works in any app with text. To read books go to the app, tap the + icon, then the browse button and select your ebook file.

Adding more content one after the other creates a playlist that’s editable. And the app can keep reading stuff in the background so you are free to use your phone as you please.

As all Apple customers will know, the company highly encourages users to back up their photos, apps, contacts and all other data in the iCloud.The first 5 GB of data are free, which is perfect if you’re just looking to offload a few photo albums from your phone.For the more serious storage users, 50 GB will cost you $0.99 a month, 200 GB costs $2.99, and you can get two terabytes of iCloud storage for $9.99 a month.Apple / Log out of desktop dropbox.

4. Pocket for Android

Pocket for Android has a built in functionality for voice reading. When you’re reading an article, tap the three dotted menu and select Listen (TTS). The app will now read the article to you and you can control the playback and voice speed from the popup.

5. SoundGecko For iOS And Android

SoundGecko takes a different approach to the art of voice reading. You can add links you want to read using its Chrome extension on desktop or the sharing menu on Android. You need to register for an account to be able to play saved articles.

One good thing about SoundGecko is its support for RSS feeds. This way you don’t need to go looking for content to listen to, it comes directly to you. The cloud implementation and sync between devices is helpful as well.

6. Read Out Notifications With Out Loud On Android

Don’t like picking up your phone to look at a meaningless notification? Have Android read it to you using the Out Loud app. But you should spend some time customizing the app and when it’s allowed to run because the last thing you want is for your whole office to listen to the raunchy text your wife sent you.

7. Apps For iPhone


NaturalReader lets you listen to ebooks, webpages and PDFs imported for cloud servies like Dropbox, Google Drive or just your local storage. But you’ll have to download a voice to get going (some users are reporting issues with downloading a voice in the current version).

Listen to Pocket – Lisgo

The app’s name is pretty self explanatory. If you use Pocket to add things to read later, they will show up in Lisgo. There’s also a built-in web browser if you want to read a particular page.

If you’re interested in having your RSS feed read out to you, check out FeedRead.

8. Have Actual Humans Read To You

If you can’t stand the robotic voice of the text-to-speech engines (they are getting better day by day), there’s an escape for you. Umano (iOS, Android) is an app that employs actual humans (including professional voice-over artists) to read you the best stories from the internet.

There are a lot of different categories in the app and you can customize the sources to create your personalized listening news feed. Best of all, the app is free. There is a premium subscription for playlists and pro features but the free version is going to be more than enough for most users.

Free video apps for mac. Top image credit: Shuttershock.

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Read Text Out Loud Mac

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  1. Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Dictation & Speech, then click Text to Speech.
  2. Select the “Speak selected text when the key is pressed” checkbox. By default, speaking is enabled when you press Option-Esc.
  3. To have your Mac start speaking, press the specified key.
A.App That Reads Text Out Loud Mac

How do I turn on dictation on a Mac?

To use any of the commands that you turned on, first make your Mac listen for dictation commands:
  1. Press the keyboard shortcut for starting dictation. The default shortcut is Fn Fn (press the Fn key twice).
  2. Or turn on the option “Enable the dictation keyword phrase,” which is next to the Dictation Commands button.
  • How do I use dictation on my Mac?

    Use Dictation. Go to a document or other text field and place the insertion point where you want your dictated text to appear. Press the keyboard shortcut for starting dictation, or choose Edit > Start Dictation. The default shortcut is Fn Fn (press the Fn key twice).
  • How do I turn on dictation on my IPAD?

    How to enable and disable dictation on iPhone and iPad
    1. Launch the Settings app from your Home screen.
    2. Tap General.
    3. Tap Keyboard.
    4. Tap on the On/Off switch next to Enable Dictation. Green means on, and gray means off.
  • How do I turn off dictionary on my Mac?

    To turn off multi-touch Look Up in OS X, head to System Preferences > Trackpad and click on the Point & Click tab at the top of the window. The Trackpad preference pane lets you customize how the various multi-touch gestures and options work.

Can you make word read out loud?

There is now a “Speak” button in your Quick Access Toolbar: Click this button and Word will read, out loud, whatever word your cursor is next to. Highlight a block of text before hitting the button and you'll hear every word in that selection.
  • Can you make word read out loud?

    There is now a “Speak” button in your Quick Access Toolbar: Click this button and Word will read, out loud, whatever word your cursor is next to. Highlight a block of text before hitting the button and you'll hear every word in that selection.
  • Can Microsoft Word read to you?

    You can use the Text to Speech feature to hear selected text read aloud in a Microsoft Office for Mac file. If you have not already done so, set up the Text to Speech feature. Select the voice that you want to use. Tip: You can change the speed at which words are read by moving the Speaking Rate slider.
  • How do I get my computer to read text aloud?

    1. To open Narrator click the Start button. , and then, in the search box, type Narrator. In the list of results, click Narrator.
    2. Use the keyboard shortcuts in the following table to specify which text you want Narrator to read: Use this keyboard shortcut. To do this. Ctrl + Shift + Enter.

How do I get my Macbook to read to me?

If you have trouble reading text on your screen, you can have your Mac speak the text whenever you press a key or set of keys.
  1. Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Accessibility, then click Speech.
  2. Select the “Speak selected text when the key is pressed” checkbox.

How do I get my Mac to stop reading?

It's possible to disable this command-F5 shortcut, so if it doesn't work you'll need to follow these steps:
  1. Choose “System Preferences” from the Apple (?) menu.
  2. Click on the “Accessibility” icon in System Preferences, then the “VoiceOver” item in the list on the left.
  3. Uncheck the “Enable VoiceOver” box.

Which is the Option key on a Mac?

The Option key is a modifier key (ALT) present on Apple keyboards. It is located between the Control key and Command key on a typical Mac keyboard. There are two option keys on modern Mac desktop and notebook keyboards, one on each side of the space bar.

How do I get my text messages on my Mac?

  1. Make sure your Mac's running OS X Yosemite (10.10 or higher) and your iPhone is running iOS 8.x.
  2. Click on the Messages app in your Mac to open it.
  3. Go to your iPhone.
  4. Tap Text Message Forwarding.
  5. You'll see a list of all your devices linked to your Apple ID.
  6. You'll see a six-digit code pop up in Messages on your Mac.

How do I get a PDF to read aloud?

  1. Open the PDF file in Adobe Reader DC.
  2. Go to the page you want read.
  3. From the View menu select READ OUT LOUD. Click ACTIVATE READ OUT LOUD.
  4. From the View menu select READ OUT LOUD. Click READ THIS PAGE ONLY (SHIFT + CTRL+ C is used to Pause/Resume).

Where do you find the Apple menu on a Mac?

On the far left side of the Mac OS X Lion menu bar sits a little apple symbol, which, if you click it, actually displays a menu. No matter what Mac OS application is active, the apple menu is always available in the top-left corner of your menu bar.

Can Adobe read to me?

To use Read Out Loud, you need Adobe Reader and a Text-to-Speech engine installed on your system. Also the document must be accessible, otherwise it may not be read at all or it may be read in the wrong order. To activate Read Out Loud: On the View menu, choose Read Out Loud > Activate Read Out Loud.

How do I change the voice on my Mac?

  1. Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Accessibility, then click Speech.
  2. Click the System Voice pop-up menu, then choose a voice.
  3. To adjust how fast the voice speaks, drag the Speaking Rate slider.
  4. Click Play to test the voice and speaking rate.

What is dictation on Mac?

Use Dictation. Go to a document or other text field and place the insertion point where you want your dictated text to appear. Press the keyboard shortcut for starting dictation, or choose Edit > Start Dictation. The default shortcut is Fn Fn (press the Fn key twice).

How do u turn off voiceover on Mac?

  1. Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, Universal Access, and then click the VoiceOver Utility button.
  2. Turn on VoiceOver by pressing Command-F5, and then hold down the Control and Option keys (the VO key) and press F8.

How do you make Siri read your text messages?

To begin setting up Siri to read your books aloud to you, go to Settings > General, then scroll down to Accessibility. Tap Speak Selection, slow down the speaking rate a bit to make Siri's reading somewhat more natural sounding, and then turn on Highlight Words so that you can see where Siri is reading in the iBook.

How do you get Siri to read what you type?

First we'll enable the Speak Screen feature and then use Siri to access it in iOS, here's how it works:
  1. Open the 'Settings' app and go to 'General' and then to “Accessibility”
  2. Go to “Speech” and flip the switch for “Speak Screen” to the ON position.
  3. Exit Settings.

How do I make Siri read to me?

  1. Open the Settings app on your home screen.
  2. Tap the General tab.
  3. Scroll down and tap the Accessibility tab.
  4. Tap the Speak Selection option (it should be set to off, currently).
  5. Tap the toggle switch to turn it on. You can also adjust the rate of speech as well.

How do I enable text to speech?

  1. Head into your system Settings.
  2. In the Personal section, tap on Language & input.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and tap on Text-to-speech output.
  4. Tap the gear to the right hand side of Google Text-to-speech Engine.
  5. Tap on Language.
  6. Choose your weapon.

How do I turn on text to speech?

  1. From any Home screen, tap Apps.
  2. Scroll to 'PHONE,' then tap Language & keyboard.
  3. Under 'SPEECH,' tap Text-to-speech output.
  4. Tap Speech rate and then adjust how fast the text will be spoken.
  5. Tap the Settings icon next to the desired TTS engine (Samsung or Google).

How do I change the voice on my Waze to Morgan Freeman?

  1. Go to Settings by tapping on Waze icon in lower left-hand corner of app. A new slide out screen will appear. In the upper left-hand corner you'll see a gear icon. Tap on it.
  2. Tap on Sound>Voice Language> eng-Morgan Freeman.

App Reads Text Out Loud


App That Reads Texts Out Loud

How do you change the voice on Waze?

  1. Tap the Menu , then Settings .
  2. Tap Sound & voice.
  3. Select your desired voice prompt from the list available under Voice directions.

How do you change the voice on Google Maps?

You might be able to switch to another voice from your phone or tablet's text-to-speech settings.

Read Text Out Loud Website

  1. Go to your phone or tablets's settings app.
  2. Tap Language and input.
  3. Tap Text-to-speech output.
  4. Under 'Preferred engine,' select another text-to-speech option.
  5. Voice navigation will use the voice you selected.

How do I get voice directions on Google Maps?

Type in the destination, if it shows up, tap it, otherwise, use the search option. Now tap the Car icon (navigation icon) from the bottom right corner just like in the case of Android, and choose the route you want to take. This was how to turn on Google Maps turn by turn voice navigation in iPhone.

How do I get Google Maps to talk to me?

Hear voice navigation from your phone or tablet's speaker
  1. Turn off Bluetooth on your phone or tablet.
  2. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Google Maps app .
  3. Tap Menu Settings Navigation settings.
  4. Turn off Play voice over Bluetooth.

App That Reads Text Out Loud

Updated: 25th November 2019