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Sometimes we would want to name our pictures with specific text styles that most computers won’t let us do like using special characters in naming our pictures. Sometimes we would need to name our pictures with specific text styles for organizing purposes. We also name our pictures with special characters as another way of placing watermarks in our pictures.


  1. Rename for Mac locates and labels files quickly on your system. Its additional features for searching files makes it a good program for many users.
  2. We provide both Windows and Mac Software Solutions in the area of Batch Image Processing (Resizing, Renaming, Text Captions, Watermarks, Compression and format conversions) and TIFF and PDF solutions which includes extraction, merging, rearranging.
  3. Batch Renaming – To shorten your workload and prevent you from editing your pictures one at a time, batch editing tools are supported by these types of software. This will help you finish quickly. Multiple File Support – These types of software support multiple formats saving you from having to download another software to convert your.

Here, we share to you a few photo renaming software, its common features, and some advantages these software will have for you. If you need to rename your files with special texts, you can download a File Rename Softwarefrom the web.

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Advanced Renamer

BatchRename 4

May 11, 2010  NameChanger is a free app solution to quickly and easily batch rename files in Mac OS X. It has all the features you’d expect in a batch renaming app, and you can replace occurrences of text in filenames, use wildcards, append text or characters, add dates, make files sequential, and even remove characters, just select your options and you’ll see a live preview as to what the new names. Bulk Rename Utility is an easy to use file rename program (a.k.a. File renamer). Renaming multiple files and/or multiple folders has never been easier! It has a small memory footprint so it can be left running all the time without consuming all your memory. It started as a freeware Visual Basic tool, but as its popularity has grown it has been completely rewritten in C to be.

Bulk Rename Utility

Batch File Modifier


Photo Renaming Software Tools

The main reason why users want to download these types of software is to use its renaming tools and features for pictures. These software programs are easy-to-use, which means that both regular and tech savvy users will be able to learn these programs in no time. Other tools and features these types of software have include:

Rename Command Tools – These types of software mainly have rename command tools to give your texts different styles and to know which part of your texts you would want to edit. When you get the premium versions of these software programs, you get to have more command tools you can use to rename your pictures.

Batch Renaming – To shorten your workload and prevent you from editing your pictures one at a time, batch editing tools are supported by these types of software. This will help you finish quickly.

Multiple File Support – These types of software support multiple formats saving you from having to download another software to convert your pictures.

Other users use a photo renaming software because they also have Watermark Toolswhich they can place as texts in the photo name. These can protect your pictures from change of ownership and infringement.

Rename Master

Fast Photo Renamer 4.2 For Windows

TweakNow FileRenamer For Mac

Gallery Rename Plugin For Android

File Renamer Basic – Most Popular Software

Photo Renaming Software Advantages

There are other advantages a photo renaming software can do besides from providing you with photo renaming tools to edit your picture’s file name. Other advantages these types of software have include:

  • Photo Watermark Substitute – You can rename your pictures with special characters instead of placing image watermarks in your pictures. Your pictures will look cleaner with having text watermarks instead since file text watermarks cannot be deleted or changed, which makes it the perfect watermark.
  • Use On Your Devices – You can now use these types of software as apps you can download in your mobile phones and tablets. You can uses these apps to edit photo names in your devices.
  • Finish Work Quickly – You get to finish tons of pictures in one go when you use the batch editing features in these software programs. This will save you time to do other tasks, and be more productive.

When you want to resize multiple images at once, you can download a Bulk Image Resizersoftware to help you do batch editing for your pictures instead of editing one picture at a time. Basic photo editing software and advanced ones usually have photo batch editing tools which you can easily download from the internet as well.

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Batch renaming is a form of batch processing used to rename multiple computer files and folders in an automated fashion, in order to save time and reduce the amount of work involved. Some sort of software is required to do this. Such software can be more or less advanced, but most have the same basic functions.

Personal finance software for mac uk. Batch renaming can also be referred to as 'mass file renaming', rename 'en masse' and 'bulk renaming'.

Common functions[edit]

Most batch renamers share a basic set of functions to manipulate the filenames:

  • Find a string within the filename and replace it with another, or remove it.
  • Setting the capitalization of the letters in the filenames.
  • Extracting information from the files, such as Mp3ID3 tags, and putting it in the filename.
  • Add a number sequence (001,002,003,..) to a list of files.
  • Use a text file as a source for new file names.

Some batch rename software can do more than just renaming filenames. Features include changing the dates of files and changing the file attributes (such as the write protected attribute).

Common uses[edit]

There are many situations where batch renaming software can be useful. Here is a list of some common uses:

  • Many digital cameras store images using a base filename, such as DCSN0001 or IMG0001. Using a batch renamer the photographer can easily give the pictures meaningful names.
  • When downloading files from the Internet such as mp3 music, the files often have crude names. A batch renamer can be used to quickly change the filenames to a style that suits the person who downloaded them.
  • When managing large amount of files, such as a picture database, a batch renamer is more or less essential for the task of maintaining filenames without too much manual labour.
  • When authoring music files onto a CD/DVD or transferring the files to a digital audio player, a batch renamer can be used to listen to songs in desired order.
  • When uploading files to a web server or transferring the files to an environment that does not support space or non-English characters in filenames, a batch renamer can be used to substitute such characters with acceptable ones.
Batch rename utility for mac


There are a few problems to take in consideration when renaming a file list.
(→ means: renamed to)

  • Detecting that the target filename already exist.

file01 → file02 (file02 already exists in file-system)

  • Detecting that the target filename is already used.

file01 → file03
file02 → file03 (file03 is already used)

  • Detecting cycle renaming (Solved by a two-pass renaming).

file01file02 (file02 already exists in file-system)
file02file03 (file03 already exists in file-system)
file03file01 (file01 already exists in file-system)

Two-pass renaming[edit]

Mac Rename File Command Line

Two-pass renaming uses a temporary filename (that doesn't exist in file-system) as shown below.
(→ means: renamed to)

  • First pass

file01 → file01_AAAAA
file02 → file02_AAAAB
file03 → file03_AAAAC

  • Second pass

file01_AAAAA → file02
file02_AAAAB → file03
file03_AAAAC → file01

It solves the cycle renaming problem.

If this approach is to be used care should be taken not to exceed any filename length limits during the rename, and also that the temporary names do not clash with any existing files.

List of software[edit]

This is a list of notable batch renaming programs in the form of a comparison table.

Bulk Rename Files Mac

NameLicenseWindowsMac OS XLinuxBSD/FreeBSDUnix-like
Advanced RenamerFree for non-commercial useYesNoNoNoNo
Ant Renamer[1]Free GNU General Public License v3YesNoNoNoNo
AutomatorFree with OS XNoYesNoNoNo
File Rename Utility[2]FreeYesNoNoNoNo
Bulk Rename Utility[3]Free for non-commercial useYesNoNoNoNo
Chrono Namer[4]FreeYesNoNoNoNo
CRAX Commander[5]CommercialNoYesNoNoNo
Easy File Renamer[6]CommercialYesNoNoNoNo
GNOME CommanderFree, GNU General Public LicenseYes
(via Cygwin)
GPRenameFree, GNU General Public License v3NoNoYesYesYes
KRenameFree, GNU General Public License v2NoNoYesYesYes
MétamorphoseFree, GNU General Public License v3YesYesYesYesYes
AlgoLogic Batch File RenamerCommercialYesNoNoNoNo
ImBatch[8]Free for non-commercial useYesNoNoNoNo
Thunar (bulk renamer)[9]Free, GNU General Public License v2+NoNoYesYesYes
Unreal CommanderFreeYesNoNoNoNo
Vi move (vimv)[10]Free, GNU General Public License v3+Yes
(via Cygwin)
Vifm[11]Free, GNU General Public License v2+YesYesYesYesYes
rename[13]Free, GPLNoYesYesYes
rnm[14]Free, GPL-3+NoYesYesYes

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Batch Renaming Software For Mac

Batch Renaming Software For Mac

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