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A free checkbook software is somewhat like the dashboard of a car. While on a long drive people often glance at the readings for gas, speed, temperature, and miles. This is a natural thing to do. A checkbook software keeps a track of the transactions of people and gives them timely warning when complications arise.

Numerous such applications monitor and show one’s budget, banking, expenses, bills, investments, savings, debts, and retirement plans. And, people can access all the information in one suitable place. People who make it a habit of checking the numbers frequently are more likely to be better off.

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May 23, 2020  A budget tool is provided, which helps in the creation of categories or subcategories as per requirement. This free checkbook software provides support for Windows, Mac, Linux. Visit: AceMoneyLite. This free checkbook software became available for the Mac user in the year 2018 and since then has achieved high credibility.

Many would rather keep an accountant for looking after their finances than do the budgeting themselves. They will find a free checkbook software very helpful. There are quite a few free checkbook software. You are certain to get one that suits your finance requirements and help you monitor your money.

Usually, free checkbook software fall under two categories, namely, money-management and tax-preparation.

Six Best Alternatives to Checkbook Software

Below, we will review six of the best free checkbook software for users of Windows 10 which will save your time and money as well, read on!


Though it’s a free application, GnuCash provides the power of a complete personal finance manager. Users can handle their daily finances easily. They can also track their investments, stocks, retirement plans, and the sort easily. The application is easy and flexible at the same time.


  • With the help of the scheduling module firms can format periodic transactions and send computerized prompts on due dates.
  • Users can use the Income/Expense tool for categorizing flow of cash and generating a profit and loss statement
  • With the portfolio feature, users can monitor stock markets and gather appropriate information online
  • The interface is plain and typically accountant. Those who do online banking can easily find their whereabouts

Download: Click here
File Size: 178 Mb


Best Checkbook Software For Mac 2018

Most people would rather pay a professional or use a costly computer application instead of doing their budgeting. They will find Buddi very helpful. This free application facilitates monitoring expenses, planning budgets and analyzing financial habits.


  • Users can customize budgets in line with their needs — there are default categories that include income, entertainment, auto, and more. There is also an option to create custom budgets. People with not so common income sources that include freelance payments can use this option
  • Users can select an account and a budget category or categories for every transaction that they do
  • The reporting feature let users see all their expenses in a month and compare them to their budget. Thus, they can see if they stayed within or exceeded their budget.

Download:Click here
File Size: 2.2 Mb

You may also consider Microsoft Money which is another personal finance management software developed by Microsoft.

Checkbook Ease

Mint is a boon for those who are doing money management for the first time. Setting it up is simple. The application links all accounts of users to one bank in a minute. Below are some of the features of this application.


  • It’s excellent in breaking down transactions – Users can break down subcategories for easy sorting of their monthly spending. All transaction are clearly labeled.
  • A pie chart system shows users how their income and expenditures break down. Users can adjust these charts for seeing spending for definite accounts, categories, and time- periods. This feature helps users adjust their spending habits.
  • Users can generate budgets for several categories that include custom categories. The application automatically fills them in. With some use, they can automatically track their spending.
  • The Budgets and savings targets that show up as bar graphs help users make instant financial decisions

Download: Click here
File Size: 7.28 Mb

Personal Capital

Personal Capital acts as a monetary aggregator for all accounts of users. This include savings, investments, loan accounts, checking, and credit cards. Users can assemble their whole fiscal life in one platform. The application also accepts retirement plans sponsored by employers.


  • Users can track their spending patterns by looking at their spending categories and individual transactions. The monthly summaries feature help users know where their money is going
  • The application monitors the income and expenses of users from all of their linked financial accounts. Thus, users can set fiscal targets and develop tactics for reaching them.
  • While many people join in employer-subsidized retirement plans not many know their hidden investment fees. This application shows the cost of each fund in a plan. Based on this, uses get alternative provisions into more economical funds.
  • This application helps users stay in line with their retirement objectives. Thus, they can make the necessary changes for situations that include a career change.
  • It helps users track their assets and liabilities for ascertaining their net worth and thus ascertaining their overall financial standing

Download: Click here
File Size: Unknown


This is an accounting software for individual use that is full of features. The features make managing accounts, payees, budgets, and expenses a breeze. The straightforward and intuitive interface suits both novice and veteran users.


  • Users can import the financial data of their banks in OFX, QIF, CSV, QFX, and more formats.
  • The application recognizes duplicate entries and asks users what to do with them. Users can schedule repeated transactions that include utility bills, rent, and more
  • Users can manage several accounts that include bank, cash, credit card, online payments, and more. They can fix preliminary and minimum balances for all accounts. Transfer of money between accounts is possible and there is an option for setting a transaction as a template.
  • There is an option for tagging transactions for analysis at a later date
  • The ‘Remind This’ feature reminds users of outstanding payments and debts
  • Users have access to several potent tools for a better analysis of their spending

Download: Click here
File Size: 16 Mb


Buxfer comes out trumps in systematically presenting finances. Its wide-ranging feature set and integrated mobile app give users everything they need for handling their family and business budget.


  • The application is perfect for budgeting. Users can pick categories and their spending limits. Users can tag all transactions by categories. The application mechanically records where the cash goes and analyses the users’ over and under-spending areas. Users can “rollover” the balance of any unspent budget into the following month. Users can see the money left in all their categories. They can set a text message alert when they spend more than their budget. They can put in reminders for important items that include rent.
  • The application has three report types, namely Income, Expenditures, and Net Worth. Users can compare their expenditure in previous and present months.
  • Users can sync their bank with the program for automatically downloading all transactions from their bank to the program. The application is compatible with all bank and credit cards worldwide. The sync does not require the storing of online banking password on the application and thus is secure.

Download: Click here
File Size: 7.43 MB


If you are not happy with the free checkbook software then it’s high time that you start using similar software which are given above. Hopefully, you will be able to make some savings. At least, you will be able to see where your money is going.

Checkbook Software Mac

Ever kept track of time, How, hours complete to make a day? Are days complete to make a week? Are weeks complete to make months? Months form up a year? And yes, the cycle continues. Not only time, but technology is also advancing day-by-day, and so are the people! But things could be more easier when you have access to a free checkbook software!

Want to travel? Take a car, train, airplane; Want to talk? Use a landline, mobiles (which have become an essential article for humans); Want to save or pay? Use cash, checkbooks, online transfer, and much more. Remember the old times when people used to walk long distances, and there was no availability of phones, etc.? Only the Riches had that privilege. Though the definition of being rich was not only earning money but also maintaining a constancy at handling the financial reservoir.

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  • 1 The 7 Best Ever Free Checkbook Software for a Hassle-free Life

The 7 Best Ever Free Checkbook Software for a Hassle-free Life

Well, it’s 2020 now, a new year with new resolutions and promises to handle events better. Let us take a peep at the 7 Free Checkbook Software which will make the handling of your finance easy:


Along with a free checkbook software, it is an accounting software that supports Mac, Windows, Linux, and flavors of Unix. It helps in keeping track of cash, credits, and investments. The comfortability with it is its consideration of assets, liabilities, income, and expenses incurred in accounts. Thus, a transaction is a transfer between two accounts (the sender and the receiver). It makes debiting and crediting much easier.

Besides the checkbook style, it allows split transactions, multiple accounts in a single window, summaries (via reports or graphs), account reconciliation makes it worth a try.

Visit : Gnucash

Checkbook ease

The User Interface (UI) is what makes it more appealable and easier to use in this free checkbook software. Some useful features are the availability of scheduled transactions (with reminder facility), Checkbook balance, checkbook numbering, download transactions, plan a budget with multiple budget categories, prior bank statements, password protection, and secure backup and restore of data.

It is compatible with all systems like Windows, Mac, Linux.

Visit : Checkbook ease


Also known as ‘Intuit mint’. Once you download this free checkbook software, you use this for transactions, the billing process, planning and analyzing budgets, have reminders set for goals, pending sales, have handy reports, and more.

The presence of automatic categorization is accurate, provides suggestions for budgets based on the previous spending history, set a goal for each account, get reports for net income, debts, assets, and net worth. There is data security at the bank level, tax tools, alerts via e-mail or messages, and provide support for Windows, Mac, iOS.

Visit : Mint


Its UI at homepage might look quite simple, but it stands at its best when it comes to handling financial works. It is quite easy to install and available software that flows through the creation of accounts (sample file available for ease of use) and working with the transactions. You may view the transactions on the calendar, and a new checkbook transaction asks payee, amount to be transferred, and further details.

But, you must download the statement for each transaction separately. A budget tool is provided, which helps in the creation of categories or subcategories as per requirement. This free checkbook software provides support for Windows, Mac, Linux.

Visit : AceMoneyLite


This free checkbook software became available for the Mac user in the year 2018 and since then has achieved high credibility. An alternative to bank this too is a full-featured software for account management. It includes easy set up of accounts, a facility of end-to-end encryption where the data is secure at both the sender and the server site.

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Keep track of cash availability, funds, budgets from month-to-month. The summary view helps in viewing the income, expense, net worth, running balances, return on investments, and much more. This detailed information makes it easier to handle the checking accounts.

Visit : Activity


This free checkbook software supports well a Linux user, a comprehensive software with a familiar UI, making it easy to use platform. The traditional availability of headings: Edit, File, View, Transaction, Account, Tools in a row makes it easier to handle the information.

The list of checking accounts, payees for each transaction, registered entries of spending aid in the easy gathering of relevant information. There is a provision to a subcategory, but it still lacks some user-friendly options.

Visit : KMyMoney

Quicken For Mac


Termed from the full form ‘You Need a Budget,’ this personal free checkbook software helps you to plan the financial reserves monthly. The account reconciliation, checkbook balancing program, investment planning, and analyzing are some of the tasks which are tough to tackle. However, it can be quickly resolved by YNAB.

The sender and the receiver, the withdrawal limit s as to acquire the desired transaction amount, are all easily handled by the YNAB. Thus, it provides a secure account linking to the bank and integration of the required information.Â

Visit : YNAB


Checkbook Programs Free Mac

So Gear-up and get ready to use these free checkbook software, making your life easy to spend, tension-free, and analyze other aspects of life.

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