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Up to50%cash back  Through disk cloning the system’s data and the installed software are preserved which eliminates the need to re-install several programs. Here are some of the best free cloning software for Windows or Mac systems which can prove useful to you in many ways. Top 10 Recommended Cloning Software on Window/Mac. Here are some of the best free.

Best Data Cloning Software Mac

The reliability of hard disk drives reduces over time. If you are not sure about the reliability of your hard disk and have important data on it, the idea of cloning your data to another disk will be the first to strike your mind. Following are few best-picked data cloning software available for you to download.


Easy Disk Clone

Easy disk clone is reliable data cloning software for both home user and business user. This software is available in many versions including the free basic home version. The free version offers features like partition cloning, sector level cloning, hard disk capacity up to 1TB. The paid version has got a long list of features to offer including hardware RAID support, faster speed cloning with file-level cloning. The paid version of the software also has an extended capacity of up to 16 TB.

Hard Disk Clone

This software from AOMEI Backupper is freely available for you to download with basic features of disk cloning from a smaller disk to large or large to small or to SSD. The software also has a paid version which has 30 days trial period. Some features offered by this software include automatic full or incremental backups, cloning system partition, dissimilar hardware restore, bootable rescue disk.

FarStone DriveClone

Far stone drive clone is a fast and reliable drive and windows cloning software. This software has got a long list of features to offer including a hard drive to hard drive cloning, hard drive to SSD cloning, solid state drive cloning, cloned a hard drive is immediately bootable, clone the entire hard drive and windows, UEFI/RAID/GPT cloning. This software also has zero recovery time technology, creating VMware to Hyper-V. You can also choose the partitioning method to be automatic or manual.

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App Cloner for Android

App Cloner is the software specifically designed for Android platform users. You can use app cloner to create multiple copies of your application. The cloned apps work in parallel and work independently of the original applications. If you want to use simultaneous accounts of facebook, twitter or skype, this software is for you. Key features of this software include replacing application launcher icons, save or share cloned apps, disable auto start, using Google maps in cloned apps.


Carbon Copy Cloner for Mac

Carbon Copy Cloner is software specifically built for Mac platform users. It has got an intuitive GUI for you to use easily. The features of this software have got task chaining, editing scheduled tasks, tasks migration, email notification, task history. Creating recovery HD, customized backup options, safety net and menu bar options are some other features available. You can have a 30 day trial of this software before purchasing it.

Macrium Reflect for Windows

Macrium Reflect is the software natively built for Windows platform. This software has got a huge list of features including VSS support for data integrity, drag and drops user interface, GPT support, reorder and resize partitions, differential images, incremental images, comment backups. All these features are available in the free version of the software. Other important features include dynamic disk support, direct disk cloning, rapid data cloning, scheduled backups and backup definitions.

Free Mac Cloning Software

Drive Copy – Most Popular Software

Paragon Drive Copy is the most popular data cloning software available. You can have almost all the functions you will expect from a data cloning software in the feature list of this software. The features include migrating OS to SSD, VMware workstation virtual environment, cloning a hard disk. You can also create recovery environment easily with the paragon recovery builder feature. You can also see Clone Spy

What is Data Cloning Software?

Data cloning software is specifically designed to reduce the effort in cloning the data from one disk to other. Let it be a compact disk or hard disk, every partition and file will be copied, not just copied, but cloned. You can create a clone of your hard disk with the Windows OS, so that if in case it gets damaged or corrupted, you have a backup of your data or all your system. You can also see Clone Cleaner

Best Free Cloning Software

Each software has got its own list of feature to offer. Some software offers free basic version giving you a basic capability of disk cloning with certain size limitations. If you want to have some advanced capabilities, paid software is for you.

Best Data Cloning Software Mac Free

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