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Before you get started with your booklet designing, it is very important for you designers to choose a useful and powerful booklets maker software. And for the Mac user, if you can download a kind of wonderful booklet software for free, it will make your work easier and more efficient. 10 best booklet makers we will introduce for you below to let your booklet design go well.

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1. FlipHTML5 (strongly recommended)


FlipHTML5 is an amazing and professional interactive flipbook maker which is very helpful for creating remarkable flipbook. You will be amazed that you can create animated page-turning eBooks PDF to flipbook creator like booklets, catalogs, magazines and etc. After you create your booklets, you can also choose to publish your works on the web.

30 best free Mac programs to download. Never used a design app or 3D-modelling tool before, fear not. Crafted it over time to produce one of the most fully featured pieces of free software. The best home and interior design software for Mac can cost as much as $200. And if you’re going to use the application regularly, we recommend getting the best product you can afford. However, if you’re planning on tooling around with a design from time-to-time or simply want to see what your dream home may look like, you don’t have to. Free Garden Planning Software For Mac There are a few online open source or free garden design apps out there but they’re limited in features and only suitable for basic garden sketches. Here’s a selection of the best ones. Jun 19, 2020 Object library - The best home design software packages include libraries of free objects, like furniture and fixtures, that number in the thousands. For more flexibility, look for home design software that supports importing even more objects from SketchUp, Trimble 3D Warehouse, or both. The Best Free Graphic Design Software app downloads for Mac: SketchUp Adobe Illustrator CS6 Sweet Home 3D Microspot DWG Viewer V-Ray for SketchUp Silh.

Start Creating An Awesome Booklet with FlipHTML5

Moreover, FlipHTML5 gets rid of all troubles of compatibility, so you can share you booklets on any browsers and work on any kinds of devices including PC, Mac, PAD and Mobile. What will astonish you that you can create page turning effect on iPhone & iPad. Tons of engaging features will also surprise you, just download freely and a stunning booklet for you.

2. YumPu

YumPu is an outstanding interactive flipbook maker which can let you be capable of create an attractive digital filpbook like catalog, magazine, booklet and so on. If you want to create a booklet, you just need to upload your PDF file to the program, and your PDF will be converted into a fantastic flipping e-booklet. It is very quickly and efficient. Besides, YumPu allows you work on the Mac freely.

3. AnyFlip

AnyFlip is an wonderful interactive flipping book publishing platform for Mac users that allows you to read, upload and shared publications such as magazines, catalogs and brochures. Only in a few minutes, you can convert an interactive, realistic & HTML5 flipbook from still PDF.

4. BookletCreator

Booklet is a useful booklet printing solution for Mac users that allows you to creating online booklet from PDF. You just need to upload the PDF document, and decide the pages of your booklet customize the size of paper, and you will quickly create your engaging online booklet.

5. Lucidpress

Lucidpress is an online brochure publishing platform that allows you to design different kinds of digital flipbooks including booklets, catalogs and so on. It can offer you a beautiful results for your booklets, which will make you look more professional. For Mac users, there are a number of great Mac graphic design apps for you to try.

6. Mag2Go

It is a very good option for Mac users to select Mag2Go for their flipbooks designing that can help to create interesting and professional flipbooks with animation and page turning effect, like catalogs and booklets. Besides, this software is easy to operation, which is very important for a designer.

Best cd dvd label software for mac. CD Label Maker for Mac Swift Publisher is your one-stop application for designing and printing CD labels, multipage booklets, DVD covers, jewel case inserts, spines and more. Apr 08, 2020  The Mac CD/DVD Label Maker is a CD/DVD disc cover designer and dvd label maker that helps you to create mac CD, DVD labels etc., using various built-in disc label formats, clipart, background images, and ready made templates provided. IWinSoft CD/DVD Label Maker for Mac is an easy to use, professional CD and DVD labeler for Mac OS X lets you make great-looking labels for CDs and DVDs, covers, jewel cases, case inserts and so on. Jun 04, 2011  Professional CD DVD Label Maker. If you want to make your own CD, DVD cover, double cover labels, jewel cases, case inserts, spines, and more, or you need custom video and MP3 collections, have a lot of family photos and data for backups, or you would like to create unique gifts, then you have entered the right place.

7. YuDu

YuDU is a another wonder solution for creating interactive digital publication. For Mac Users, you can download this amazing software to easily create attractive digital magazines on your own. Besides, it allows you to establish digital booklets for apps and browsers which give your audiences more options.

8. FlipCreator

Best Design Software For Mac Free App

FlipCreator is a great online flipbook software allowing Mac users to create their high-quality and professional page-flipping eBooks including booklets, catalogs, magazines and etc. When using FlipCreator, you are also allowed to publish your digital works on the website to attract your readers.

These flipbook makers is very sophisticated and powerful as well as allows Mac users to download for free. However, FlipHTML5 as a professional PDF to flipbook creator will be the best option for you designers to make a distinctive booklet. It can help to save your time and make you look and feel like a design genius.

FlipHTML5– Best Booklet Maker Software for Mac

Animated flipbook example

Start Creating An Awesome Booklet with FlipHTML5

Logo designing software offer a large variety of pre-designed and highly customizable logos spread across multiple categories. Various attributes of the logo can be customized to suit individual’s requirements. These software save your time, efforts and hassles by providing you pre-designed logos and high-end editing tools.


There are many free logo designing softwares available on the web. Here are Top 10 free logo design software:

1. GraphicSprings: Your ultimate logo master

This free logo graphic design software offers pre-designed logos belonging to various categories with high-end editing tools for maximum customization. You can create impressive logos in 1 minute or even less.

  • A vast array of free impressive Logo Designs
  • High-End editing tools for personalizing multiple attributes of logos
  • Unlimited Downloads at no extra cost
  • Friendly Customer Service & Support offering prompt assistance
  • The logos can be saved in multiple file formats Like PNG, JPG, etc.

2. LogoYes: Free High-End logo designing software for perfect professional approach

LogoYes is free logo design software making it extremely easy to create and personalize the logo in a jiffy.

  • Extensive size alteration without losing the details of the design
  • The logos look equally nice in black and white as well as colored
  • Easy access to 20,000+ elements to customize the logo to meet specific brand requirements
  • The final logo will have a perfect professional touch
  • Easy 3-step approach: Find industry, choose symbol and customize.

3. LogoGarden: A One Stop Destination for all our logo designing needs

This free logo graphic design software has an extensive collection of thousands of pre-designed logos that can be extensively mould using some simple customization tools. The USP of the software is its pick-n-click tools that cut the complexity of the designing a logo:

  • Thousands of attractive logo designs for a wider array of options
  • Pick-n-click tools offer complete flexibility to change various attributes of a logo
  • Trusted by 1,554,447 entrepreneurs
  • Well researched attributes and specifications to suit specific industry

4. AAALogo: Extensive editing for maximum personalization

This logo graphic software is a freeware equipped with a large collection of high resolution images. That is easy to personalize using powerful tools

  • A one stop destination for free logo designs, business graphics, banners, buttons and other relevant designing graphics
  • No prior knowledge and creativity required
  • Most of the designing process like blending, adjusting and resizing is automated
  • Option of “Create by Scratch” also available for more personalized approach
  • This intuitive program eliminates the need to go through any manual

Best Interior Design Software For Mac Free

5. SoThink: Create impressive logos in a jiffy


This freeware logo design software combines creativity and convenience with a wide variety of logo effects. Mix and match tools further make it easy to design specific logos…

  • 2000+ preset colors to apply to your design
  • Smart Paint Tools to apply duplicate logo elements and styles for multiple logo designs
  • One click application to apply rich effect styles from bevel, gradient, shadow, etc
  • Various hand drawing tools to suit the basic users
  • Easy to search resources using various keywords

6. FatPaint: intelligent software for creating impressive logos

If you are not equipped with creative skills and want to design an impressive logo for free, then this software will go a long way in helping you create the one. It has many strong tools to help you get the best logos with minimal efforts.

  • Looks equally great in print and publishing
  • Friendly and modern user interface
  • Intelligent software
  • Drag and drop
  • Mix and match
  • Fits any industry of interest
  • Represent your company and brand distinctly

7. Designimo: The creative force behind perfect logo

Designimo is a robust free logo designing software that is especially designed for users with limited creative abilities. Its rich features wide array of customization options give you unlimited possibilities of creating a perfect logo.

Free Home Design Software Mac

  • Thousands of well researched free logo designs available
  • Contemporary designs available
  • No special software to be installed
  • High resolution images that look equally perfect on online and offline resources
  • Logo files with Transparent background also available also available
  • Equally compatible with multiple browser
  • You can also trademark your logo

8. Flaming Text: Distinct Logo Designs with perfect look

Flaming text is a high end free logo designing software having advanced tools to enhance the looks of your logo to meet the desired standards. The software can be used on a browser without downloading

Home Design Software For Mac

  • Largest selection of high quality free logos
  • No need of installation
  • Easy customizable logos to reflect your brand
  • ImageBot, a powerful svg-based graphics editor offers endless possibilities to enhance various attributes like design, size, resolution etc.
  • All the logos are well selected and optimization tools further ensures the professional look

9. Online logo maker: Great software with maximum flexibility

This lightweight free logo designing software with clear interface provides various tools to resize rotate and transform your logo. Special fonts that fit well with logo without affecting its signature style.

Best Design Software For Mac Free Youtube

  • It is fully functional and clean interface that eliminates all the complexities
  • More than 100,000 satisfied users across the globe
  • 1000+ free logo symbols to select across various industries, categories and interest
  • Zero knowledge required to start
  • Enhanced options for advance effects
  • User friendly software
  • Extensively tried, tested and customized

All the above mentioned software present maximum flexibility and vast possibilities to customize the logo. You can choose the one that suits you depending upon your specific needs, industry and brand value.

Best House Design Software For Mac Free

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