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Investment tracking software enables managing portfolios and accounts with ease. They enable creating, managing and tracking portfolios including brokers, stocks, bonds, assets, etc. They enable tracking the performance of various investments and helps by providing alerts. They provide interaction with bank accounts and enable paying bills on time as well as help in preparing budgets. They allow performing analysis of portfolio allocations easily. To know more about them one can search Google using “investment tracking software download”, “investment tracking software free”, “investment account manager” or “free stock portfolio tracker”.

  1. Easy-to-use portfolio management software for asset managers and individual investors. Works on Windows, Mac, iOS & Android. Portfolios, watchlists, charts, alerts + more. StockMarketEye makes it easy to keep track of multiple investment portfolios and monitor the.
  2. Jul 11, 2020  best portfolio management services by Adit Microsys Pvt. Easy Life is web based portfolio management Software to manage family finances for Indian investors. The user experience is further enhanced with the help of mobile applications on Android and iPhone. View Profile.

Easy-to-use portfolio tracking software for macOS that helps you manage all of your investments in one place and stay on top of the stock market.



Portfolio Tracking Software Mac

InvestPlus provides a comprehensive analysis of assets, liabilities and performs investment tracking. It supports more than fifty broker house bills, manages entire accounting system and allows exporting or printing balance sheets. It provides various reports related to trading.


Sharesight is investment portfolio management software which provides portfolio insights of investments by analyzing the industry trends, market trends and by type of investment. It allows importing the data and tracks them precisely.

Fund Manager

Fund Manager enables tracking funds, stocks, bonds, etc. It provides widespread reports and retrieves prices, transactions from brokers and the internet. It provides an interface for brokers and supports multi-currencies. It enables calculating bonds and managing clients, calculating fees.

Other Investment Tracking Software for Different Platforms

There are a lot of varieties of investment tracking software available for various versions of Windows, Mac Os, and Android. One can go through the below mentioned functions and features of these software which are provided individually for each platform. One should check for pre-requisite information and follow the instructions.

Best Investment Tracking Software for Android – Goodbudget

Goodbudget enables managing money and tracking expenses. It enables synchronization across devices and the web automatically, data backup facilities, splitting transactions related to expenses, adding income, checking envelope and account balances as well as allows transfer of funds.

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Option Portfolio Tracking Software

Best Investment Tracking Software for Mac Os – Investoscope 3

Portfolio Tracking Software For Windows

Investoscope enables tracking multiple portfolios in multiple currencies. It allows updating Smart Watchlist dynamically, provides reports like capital gains, performance, etc.; and allows viewing asset allocations to various investment modes. It also provides technical indicators, grouping of data, etc.

Best Investment Tracking Software for Windows – Quicken 2016 Premier

Quicken provides a comprehensive financial solution by connecting to banks and creating budgets. It provides data security, accessing data from various devices, paying bills on time and enables eliminating duplicate transactions.

Most Popular Investment Tracking Software for 2016 is Stock Market Eye

Free Stock Portfolio Tracking Software


This software helps in managing investments and accounts. It supports multi-currencies and managing groups of portfolios. It helps in building and tracking portfolios and provides portfolio performance reports. It provides watchlists, dynamic stock charts to view performance. You can also see Stock Market Software

Finally, just grab the app from the dock and let it go in the middle of the desktop. Mac application icons. Once in Finder, right click on the app and choose 'Move to trash'. You should see a dissolve cloud and hear a poof-like sound.You can then empty your 'Trash' whenever you wish.

How to install Investment Tracking Software?

Investment tracking software installation comes for various versions. To install them one should follow the installation notes provided in the software website or by going through the installation instruction document which comes along with software download. You can also see Sales Forecasting Software


The installation steps are simple to understand and easy to follow. One should also check for system requirement before downloading the software. For cloud-based software, separate installation instructions are provided by the vendor. One can get assistance from customer care if any issues persist with the installation.

Investment tracking software is the best tool for managing personal as well as business portfolios easily. They help the portfolio management industry by tracking investments of their clients smoothly. They provide a comprehensive analysis of investment holdings and produce detailed reports. They help investors and traders to perform businesses as well as transactions with ease.

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