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Download the Best USB Bootable Software
Two Ways to Create a Bootable USB
First and Foremost - Create a Portable Windows USB Disk
Guide - Create a WinPE-based USB Disk

Sep 08, 2015  Rufus Portable 2.3 has been released. Rufus Portable is a USB formatting utility which also can create a bootable USB drive using a bootable ISO image. This release updates to the latest version and improves portability but may require re-selecting your preferred language. This app requires admin rights. It's packaged in Format so it can easily integrate with. Doesn't matter the small size of the Rufus download bootable USB utility, this will supply you everything that you want. Rufus download for Windows, Mac is faster than all the similar software such as Windows 7 USB download tool, Universal USB Installer or UNetbootin which use to create bootable drive from ISO.Rufus won't ask you for installation process, so you can run the program. Create Windows 7 Bootable USB on Mac #1: DD Command in Terminal. Mac is built on Unix kernel fundamentally so all tasks being done in GUI interface can be done via plain text command. This also applies to create Windows 7 bootable USB on Mac. However, there are several commands combined in order to do this successfully.

Download the Best USB Bootable Software

EaseUS Todo Backup is recommended here as the best USB bootable software, plus an essential bootable USB creation tool for personal users and companies. It's all-in-one software that integrates both bootable USB and ISO image together, which facilitates users to create portable Windows 7/8/10 that greatly reduce worry in case of an unexpected system failure, crash and similar disasters that cause a complete shutdown.

With EaseUS Windows backup software, customers can gain the following benefits:

Software NamePrimary FunctionsCompetitive Advantages
EaseUS Todo Backup

1. Backup and recovery for disk/partition, data, files, folders, operating system, mail, exchange, etc.

2. My mac cannot configure software for my printer. Disk/partition clone, OS migration to HDD/SSD.

3. Transfer system to dissimilar hardware.

4. Create USB portable Windows.

5. Create Linux/WinPE-based bootable USB stick.

1. A great combination of creating a bootable Windows USB drive and a bootable backup drive.

2. A complete 30-day free trial after the download for the first time.

3. An official, lightweight, easy-to-use and effective bootable USB creation tool that allows even less experienced users to have a try.

4. Automatically detect the USB drive and help format the drive to the required FAT32 file system.

Two Ways to Create a Bootable USB

With the help of the EaseUS Windows backup software, you are able to create a bootable USB drive in two ways.

  • Easily create a portable Windows USB that contains system and user files.
  • Simply create a WinPE-based bootable USB stick that can only boot into EaseUS Todo Backup.

Follow the step-by-step guide below, and make your own bootable USB drive with the amazing bootable USB creator.

First and Foremost - Create a Portable Windows USB Disk

Creating a portable USB is your very first choice. All you need to do is download the useful system cloning tool and clone the operating system to your portable device.

During the system cloning process, you can create a portable USB drive. You can boot Windows from the USB drive anytime if you're trying to restore a crashed system even the computer did not install EaseUS Todo Backup software.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup. Expand the menu and click 'System Clone' in the lower position.

Step 2. On the 'System clone' window, the software will choose the system partition and boot partition by default. Just Choose the USB drive as the destination disk.

Click on 'Advanced options' and then 'Create Portable Windows USB drive'. Click 'OK'.

Click 'Proceed'. The software will start immediately cloning the default partitions of your desktop/laptop to the USB drive. After the cloning process is over, you can safely plug the USB drive out.

Step 3. To boot the cloned system from the USB drive on other Windows devices, just connect the drive to the device. After the connection, wait for the computer configuring system settings and you will finally arrive at the desktop screen that's exactly the same with that of the cloned system.

Put the 'username' and 'password' of the cloned system. You should now successfully enter the cloned system.

Guide - Create a WinPE-Based USB Disk

If you don't want to clone your system to the external device, just want to export the data on the computer, you are advised to create an emergency disk with EaseUS Todo Backup.

By this means, you are only allowed to boot into EaseUS Todo Backup even when your computer or laptop cannot boot as usual. Once you boot into this backup software, you can back up data to an external device or copy files without Windows. Let's see how to create this WinPE disk.

1. Prepare a USB drive which can be written and read.

2. Launch and install EaseUS Todo Backup on the Computer B

3. Open the tool and click Tools - Create Emergency Disk.

4. Select 'Create WinPE emergency disk'.

5. Select a bootable media type: here we choose USB drive.

6. Click Proceed to create a bootable disk.

For the users who aim to install or reinstall Windows, you will need to easily create a bootable Windows USB drive on your personal computer. It is extremely simple to create a bootable USB drive for Windows 10 as compared to Windows 7/8/8.1/Vista/XP. In this post, we will share the top 3 Windows 10 USB bootable software with you.

Windows 10 Media Creation Tool

Download Refuse Bootable Software For Mac

By using Windows 10 Media Creation Tool, you need a USB flash drive which is at least 4 GB, a hard drive that is between 6 GB to 12 GB free space, any Windows version from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and accessible Internet connection.

Free Download Windows 10 Media Creation Tool for 32 bit >>
Free Download Windows 10 Media Creation Tool for 64 bit >>

The user guide is:

  • 1. Free download, install and open Windows Installation Media Creation Tool. Plug USB flash drive to your Windows 10 computer.
  • 2. Choose target language, edition and architecture. Then click Next button.
  • 3. In the next window, click “USB flash drive”, then click “Next” again.
  • 4. Select your removable drive and click “Next” button again.
  • 5. Follow the rest operation to burn a bootable USB flash drive.


UNetbootin enables you to create Windows/Mac/Linux bootable Live USB drives for Ubuntu and other distributions without burning any CD/DVD. You can either download an ISO file, or use an ISO file you have already downloaded. If your USB drive doesn’t show up, you may reformat it as FAT32.

The simple steps are:

  • 1. Free download this software and launch it.
  • 2. Select an ISO file to download and a target USB drive.
  • 3. Select “USB Drive” mode and begin to boot from USB drive.


As a free utility, Rufus helps its users to format and create bootable USB flash drives, such as USB keys, pen drives and memory sticks, etc. You will need it when you create USB installation media from bootable ISO, when you need to work on a system that doesn’t have an operating system installed.

The easy steps are:

  • 1. Free download Rufus, click and open rufus.exe.
  • 2. As long as you see the software interface pop up, plug in your USB flash drive.
  • 3. Then click the “Create a bootable USB drive option” and select an ISO image.
  • 4. Click the button next to dropdown list and select Windows ISO that you want to install.
  • 5. Tap on “Start” and wait for Rufus to create the bootable USB drive.

Extra Tips: Windows Password Key

As the World’s leading Windows password recovery tool, Windows Password Key does well in removing or resetting password of Windows computer login account. Moreover, the user guide is similar with Windows 10 USB installation. Just burn the software to a USB drive and finally change password with it. Consequently, if you lose Windows password, don’t forget this tool!

That’s pretty much! Now you have a Windows 10 bootable USB drive in the help of the Windows USB bootable software, so just plug the drive in your Windows device and be sure that your BIOS is all setup and you should simply install Windows 10 with the bootable USB drive that you just created.

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