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Feb 18, 2020  Best Apps for Students to Help The Study. Now that you know some of the best studying apps for students that you can use, you can study more efficiently without it getting boring. As long as you can control yourself from being distracted by other apps on your smartphone, you can take advantage of all the great apps which are on this list.

Use Focus to improve your productivity and reach your goals.

In this electronic age of mobile phones and social media, it’s easy to get distracted from the task at hand. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started a project just to get distracted by my buzzing phone or notification from an app. It’s infuriating when a job that should take only 20 minutes ends up taking an hour because of the constant influx of interruptions. As is popular to say these days, “There is an app for that,” and the truth is, there are about a dozen apps for time and project management, but many of them trip over their own feet. Developers have run away with the development and made what should be a simple app, into an overcomplicated mess. It’s a conundrum – one that can be solved with Focus, an app for iOS.

Focus centers you around specific tasks you set for yourself and helps you to keep your productivity level and in the foreground. The app assists you in managing your time and goals without a lot of extra time spent on the app itself. Some of the features let you:

  • Work in intervals and reminds you to take breaks regularly (based on the Pomodoro Technique)
  • Organize you tasks in a beautiful and simple way
  • Set and achieve daily task and work session goals to keep you motivated
  • Switch devices by using Handoff and iCloud sync
  • See your current progress in a Today Widget
  • Start, stop or extend your work or pause phases with interactive notifications

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First Impressions
The first thing I noticed when I opened the app was how clean the interface is. It’s designed with borders in shades of blue with black text and mainly a white background. Everything about the design is minimalistic and non-distracting. There are four main menus to the app – tasks, session, activity and settings. All of these menus are located at the bottom of the screen, which makes them very easy to locate when needed. Overall, I was very impressed with the easy navigation and how quick I was able to get started. With an app whose purpose is to improve productivity, I thought this was a smart choice for the design.

When I first go started with Focus, I added a few tasks so that some data was populated. One thing I noted when doing this was that there didn’t seem to be an efficient way to add multiple tasks. For example, you tap on the plus sign to add a new item. The keyboard appears in order for you to type in a description and then you tap ‘done’. When you add tasks into Reminders, you can easily continue with your list by tapping ‘enter’, but that option isn’t available here.

Moving over to the Session options – you are met with a nice looking stopwatch. The default timer is for 25 minutes, but you can change this within the settings menu. The idea here is to work on tasks in time intervals so that you are the most productive you can be. Once you are done, the app also builds in a 5 minute break for you to be able to recharge before starting a new task or continuing on with your current one.

Focus also includes activity statistics. It breaks them down into the sessions and tasks so that you can review your progress and stay on task. It’s a quick at-a-glance view of your stats within the app.

I feel that Focus is a good option to help users be more productive with their tasks. It has a sound theory behind it and it really gives you the option to be able to concentrate on the task at hand. One of the features that I really like – but haven’t had the chance to test out yet – is that the app is compatible with the Apple Watch and the Today Widget.

Focus can be purchased for $4.99 through the iTunes App Store.

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Manuscripts: Academic document manager

Focus App For Windows 10

Manuscripts knows what it means to write a proper paper. Handling footnotes, annotations, references, restructuring, and editing is unbelievably easy. Everything is a click away and, unlike in Word processors, all formatting is intuitive and painless. With Manuscripts it even seems (briefly) like the style guides weren't invented to make you suffer.

Prizmo: Image to text converter

Prizmo is the best for scanning and performing OCR (Optical Character Recognition ) in 23 languages, has powerful editing capability, text-to-speech, iCloud support, and translation into 59 languages.

You can convert printed documents, photocopies of text documents, text on the images, scanned documents, and screenshots – whatever you want – into digital text. It allows to effortlessly extract and share text directly in the camera view, search for or edit your document.

Prizmo has editing tools to correct warping, skewness and other distortions. For multipage documents or multiple text documents, the software offers batch OCR functionality to speed the process.

PDFpen: Robust PDF editing

Is anyone still buying hard copies of textbooks these days? When it comes to cramming, PDF is way more convenient (weighs less at least). And with PDFpen, you also get the freedom to tweak your docs in any way imaginable – from editing text to merging multiple PDFs into one test prep package. Redaction functionality is a nice perk as well: if you’re often tempted to check solutions to exercises in your textbook, PDFpen covers them up, so that you concentrate on tasks.

MarginNote: A non-boring way to read and learn

Out of all the apps for studying and completing assignments, MarginNote is the most fun. Whenever your relationship with a textbook gets complicated, the app is there to save the day. The ultimate e-reading expert, MarginNote adapts to your study habits: you can choose your perfect annotation mode, outline and mindmap, or turn notes into flashcards. No more humdrum courses – as soon as you start using MarginNote, your study plan will be nothing short of awesome.

MathKey: Translating words into math expressions

If you’re dealing with math documents and reports, you’ll want to get your hands on MathKey. The app converts your handwriting to LaTeX, MathML, or a perfectly formatted image. Write an equation with your mouse or TrackPad and hit the Convert button – it’s that easy. You can also apply various colors to formulas and images.

Be Focused: Smart timer for productive work

Be Focused is a work timer that uses psychology to keep you on task. If know yourself to be easily distracted, this app is your jam. It's created for the ultimate work-break balance, which is essential if you want to stay sane through the semester. Set daily goals and move towards them at a steady pace, controlled by the fun interface with a classic 'pomodoro' timer.

Instant Translate: Quick translator with 100 languages

If Google's Translate kind of bums you out with its inaccuracy, try Mate (Instant Translate). It's way more powerful and can correctly translate phrases and sentences with its new feature 'Phrasebook.' It even has speech translation if you're in a hurry and typing seems tedious. 104 languages, a history of translations, and an easy access from the menu bar.

Studies: Storage for info, schedules, and memos

When you take on the next project, it all starts with notes. You probably have a pack of subject-related notes stashed somewhere on your Mac and it's a pain to find the ones you need when you need them. Studies solves this issue with elegance: it gives you separate and comfortable niches for each subject, there's a space for images and screenshots alongside text notes, and a schedule with statistics data on classes. So good.

MoneyWiz: Personal finance manager to track your expenses

You should be thinking about your next scientific breakthrough, not heating bills. Let MoneyWiz take care of money matters for you: a single setup and a single input of all your regular bills, and you'll never forget to pay anything. MoneyWiz will send you reminders, plan your monthly budget, even predict your future expenses for the nearest period (if you feel like looking into that).

Ulysses: Professional writing app

Even if your plans go as far as dissertation, Ulysses is where you should write it. This app is favored by writers and bloggers, it's distraction-free and highly reliable. It allows you to focus on writing, quickly export finished work as a PDF or an ebook, and enjoy the process way more than with the usual doc-like services.


Aeon Timeline: Project management app

Focus Study Apps For Mac

When you feel overwhelmed by the number of important items in the project, by the subtasks and milestones, open Aeon Timeline and put all of it in there. Aeon gives you a bird's-eye view of the whole project and lets you easily orient among its parts. You'll never miss anything important and your beautiful research will form easily, chapter by chapter.

Findings: Experiment and research notebook

If your academic endeavours include conducting experiments and keeping protocols, Findings is simply indispensable. It's a whole toolset of notes and indicators that allows you to keep track of anything and measure everything. From Physics to Sociology, it covers all processes and nuances. Cross-sectional, longitude, with multiple sampling and fifty variables? Ez pz.

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TaskPaper: To-do list to have tasks at hand

Deep down you know that your memory did not undergo that tedious evolutionary process to cope with dry cleaning and groceries. Your mind is made for higher levels. That's why when it comes to routine, to-do lists are life saviors and should be used at all times. And TaskPaper is a perfect example: it has the simplicity of a sticker note, the search of a smart engine, and the cleanest interface.

XMind: Mind map for idea generation

Focus 10 App

Whenever you feel bubbling with ideas, use XMind. It's a brainstorming and idea-gathering tool. Visualise every possible solution or see how many studies refer to a specific topic. It's a fast and clear way to approach a complex subject and understand the big picture. And when it comes to drawing conclusions, mindmapping is a magic well of insights.

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