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My last article is near to manage running frozen windows using Force Quit App on Mac running with MacOS Big Sur [macOS 11], Catalina,macOS Mojave,macOS Sierra, EI Capitan or Yosemite. First, we have to check why an app is a freeze? How many applications and processes running on our Mac in the background or on-screen? That you can see by View running all Apps on Mac. Also, learn alternate ways to fix your problem on close frozen windows from MacOS.

How to Force Quit a Frozen App in Mac Using Keyboard Shortcuts To Force Quit a App. The best way to force quit the apps on Mac is to use the keyboard shortcuts. Apple has offered the keyboard shortcuts for almost all the functions. To force quit the apps, press Command (⌘)+ Option (⌥)+ Escape button on your keyboard. You must press these. Nov 11, 2016  Why force quit might not work in the first place. A lot of the time, this can happen when an app isn’t well built. When this happens, all kinds of havoc can be wreaked on your hardware that makes it tough for your Mac to process the tools necessary to force quit an app. Memory leaks can be a big source of these kinds of issues. Sep 22, 2017  Alternatively, you can use a force quit Mac shortcut to close an unresponsive app. Do the following: Press and hold the following keys: Command + Option + Esc. Select the program you want to quit from the dialogue box. Click Force Quit. This method of force quit command Mac is especially useful if your mouse cursor is lagging a bit. May 31, 2017  3. Force Quit app on Mac From the Dock. To use this method you need to hold down Option and right click on the app you wish to forcefully shut from the Dock Doing this will immediately bring up an option saying ‘Force Quit’. Select the button to close the app immediately without any further confirmation. Quitting an App Forcefully From. The chosen app or apps will be forcibly closed on your Mac. Force Quit Current App With A Keyboard Shortcut. The above method lets you force quit any of the running apps on your Mac. But if you would like to only force quit the app you are currently in, you can do so without opening the force quit dialog box on your Mac.

A single app that can affect your Mac’s performance and other running Mac Programmes. So you will feel your Mac slow performance overall. Don’t be panic/ hesitate, First, follow my simple guide given below. The primary reason is the incompatible App version or lower MacOS Version. Check that in the App Store App > Update tab.

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Tricks to Force Quit App on Mac which is frozen, Hanged and Crashed Apps on Mac

First, I covered the simple method to Force Quit App on Mac then hard.

Method 1: Force Quit App Using Dock

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Open up an app icon that is shown in the dock with a white dot just below the app. It’s easy to identify if multiple browser or windows opened from the same app. do Right-click on an app icon in dock > Choose Quit or Force Quit.

Now, let’s look at alternative tricks to Force Quit App on macOS Mojave and earlier operating systems of Apple Mac Computer.

Method 2: Get all running Apps to Force Quit App on Mac

  • Go to the Apple icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Next, Force Quit. Get Force Quit Applications windows on screen then
  • Select App > Force Quit
  • (Force Quit App on Macos Mojave Shortcut keys: Command + ALT + ESCAPE) && Command + ALT + SHIFT + ESCAPE

Method 3: Force Quit App on Mac via Activity Monitor tool

Just like windows users (Command + Alt + Delete for Task manager), OS X Users also use Activity monitor and close running but the frozen app on-screen forcefully.

  • Open Finder on Mac.
  • Find Applications folder from side panel > Utilities Folder.
  • Under the Utilities > Activity Monitor
  • Click on CPU tab to see all running applications with detailed technical information.

Find the app from name > Select it > Click on the cross close button at the top right side in the same windows > Click on Force Quit.

Also, Check App Process and Threads inside the process tab,

That’s it. You’re done!

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Force App Shut Down Mac

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