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Video mixing software, free download - Adobe Presenter Video Express, YTD Video Downloader, Camfrog Video Chat, and many more programs. Apr 15, 2020  There are 3 key factors that should be considered when choosing live video streaming software for your Mac: price, features, and compatibility. Deciding on the right video streaming software involves consideration of three main elements: price, features, and compatibility. Price: Live streaming software for a mac varies widely in price. Live for Mac stands out as an excellent audio production and recording software that packs all the essential features you'd expect from an application of its kind and comes with a multitude of. You can also record live streaming video on Mac using built-in software like QuickTime Player. Although it is free, there are definitely better recording options around. QuickTime lets you easily capture microphone output, but it can’t record system audio on Macs that comes from the internet, online radio, movies, music videos, or other sources.

  1. Free Video Mixing Software

A software vision mixer is a piece of software which is able to switch between various video sources. In some cases, this software is also able to composite (combine) video from various sources. It essentially acts as a software version of a hardware vision mixer.

VSDC Video Editor is a nice, feature rich video editor plus video mixing software for Windows. You can edit separate videos in it or even make video mix with several media files including videos, images, and audios. To do so, it provides a timeline which makes it easier to merge everything into one video mix.

In contrast to a hardware vision mixer, a software vision mixer allows for a larger number of channels, connection types, and transition effects, and allows for greater flexibility of computer-based content integration, text and graphics overlay, and media programming. Another difference between software and hardware vision mixers is that software mixers are limited by the computer's performance. Software vision mixers are generally less expensive than hardware vision mixers.


Open source[edit]

  • Snowmix (Linux & macOS & FreeBSD)[1]
  • DVSwitch (Linux)[2]
  • FreeJ (Linux & macOS)[3]
  • ScreenStudio (Linux & partially macOS)[4]
  • WebcamStudio (Linux)[5]
  • Live Broadcaster Software (Microsoft Windows, macOS)[6]
  • Open Broadcaster Software (Linux, Microsoft Windows, and macOS)[7]
  • CasparCG (Microsoft Windows)[8]
  • Voctomix (Linux)[9]


  • CamTwist (macOS)[10]
  • FFsplit (Microsoft Windows)[11]
  • Wirecast for YouTube(Microsoft Windows, macOS)[12]


  • avtake CutFour (SD/HD, Microsoft Windows 7 64bit)[13]
  • CamCamX (macOS)[14]
  • D3DGear Broadcaster(Microsoft Windows)[15]
  • ManyCam (macOS and Microsoft Windows)[16]
  • mimoLive (macOS)[17]
  • VidBlaster (Microsoft Windows)[18]
  • vMix (Microsoft Windows)[19]
  • Wirecast (macOS) and (Microsoft Windows)[20]
  • XSplit Broadcaster (Microsoft Windows)[21]
  • Kommander T1(([[]Microsoft Windows]))[22]


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Video Mixing software are the tools that can be used to mix different videos, photos and audio files to form a stunning videos. There are plenty of uses of these video mixer and editor, you can use them to mix different videos and photos of wedding to make one stunning video. Below we will show you the best video mixing software tha you can use for video editing and mixing.

Best Video Mixing Software – Filmora Video Editor

The most concerning thing about using a video mixing software is the easy-to-use for the users, Filmora Video Editor for Mac (or Filmora Video Editor for Windows) provides a great video mixing environment which is not only suitable for the professional video mixers but even the newbies will able to do a task without a problem. It provides basic video editing tools such as join, trim, crop, split, adjust brightness and speed changer to edit the videos in every possible aspect. You can mix a number of photos, videos and audio tracks to create one splendid video. These mixing feature alongside the editing features will allow you create a perfect demonstration video for your projects at your school, university or even work.

Why Choose Filmora Video Editor

Free Video Mixing Software

  • It has got plenty of amazing text style, filters and overlays to change the colors of your videos.
  • Using the 280 motion elements, you can add beautiful effects to the videos.
  • Special effects include face-off, mosaic, Tilt shift, Picture in picture, Split-screen, etc.
  • You can add audio tracks and background music to your video and edit the music.
  • You can also add intros and credits to your video to create a music video or personal videos.

Steps to Edit and Mix different Audio and Video Files with Filmora Video Editor

Step 1 Import Media Files

First of all, get the latest version of Filmora Video Editor for Mac or Windows PC. After downloading the Filmora video mixer and editor, install it on your Mac. Move all the media to the Filmora Video Editor, click on the 'Import Media' button to select the media or using finder to select the media files and drag and drop them in the video mixer and editor.

Step 2 Mix Videos

The next includes moving this media files to the timeline to do the basic editing and perform all the professional level functions on the video. Now, moving one video and audio is pretty much simple and easy job to do, simply click on a video and drag it to the timeline. However, you will have to be careful to move the second video to the timeline.

Best free 2d landscape design software for mac. There are a few online open source or free garden design apps out there but they’re limited in features and only suitable for basic garden sketches. Here’s a selection of the best ones. Gardena Garden Planner. Gardena Garden Planner is probably the best free landscape design software for Mac with a surprisingly slick and well designed.

  • • If the video is move on the same video, it will let you merge two different videos in the perfect way. You can move the both videos to and forth to mix them in a perfect way.
  • • If the video is moved right below the first video in the timeline, you will overlay the first video on the second video and it will give you the picture-in-picture effect. After moving the video in the second video, you will also see a 'green outline' in the preview window, you can adjust the size of this outline to get the size of final video.

Similarly, you can move the audio files but there will be only one track option, so you can cut the audio tracks to move them over each other to get different sound effects.

Step 3 Mix Photos

In order to add different photos, move each photo at one time to the timeline and precisely move it in the photo-line to get the best result. However, if you are joining different photos to make a perfect slide show, you can also add beautiful transitions between your photos. Click on the 'transitions' in the left panel and drag them between different photos or videos.

Step 4 Add Background Music to the Video

After moving and mixing all videos and photos, you can easily set an audio track as background music to the video. Simply move the audio file from the main page to time line, adjust the length of the audio track to the video. Double clicking on the Audio Track will also give you several options for the audio such as

  • • Change the speed of the Audio Track;
  • • Change the volume of Audio;
  • • Activate Fade In or Fade Out;
  • • Change the Pitch of the Audio Track

Step 5 Export the Video

Once you have completed the editing and mixing of the video, click on the 'Export' button to export the media files. You can either export them to your computer or can directly upload them on a social networking website such as 'YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook.'

Video mixer and editor free download - get the trial version now!

You can get more benefits of Filmora Video Editor, it can also be used to mixed different videos during holiday season such as; you can mix different photos and videos of a Halloween party, Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas Eve. The final video will show the whole event coverage depicting each and every aspect of the video. For a perfect output videos, the video mixing software should be able to mix different videos of different formats recorded using a professional camera or camcorders, different audio tracks from voice-over to sound effects and it should also be able to work on different image formats to make a perfect slide show. With all these video mixing features, users should also be able to edit every aspect of their videos. Most of the application on Windows and Mac provide either one feature or only few of them. However, this video mixing software is a complete video editor and mixer to mix any kind of media files without any problem.

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