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Radio playout software, free download - AudioEnhance Digital Playout System 2012 Plus, Playout Fitness, Nexus Radio, and many more programs. Free radio automation software download. Popular multimedia software, virus free.

  1. Free Playout Software
  2. Broadcast Playout Software

NEW bundles, now with 12G support!

  • Up to 8 HD channels or 2 UHD all-in-one box capture solution
  • Audio LTC (or reference) input
  • Up to 32 channels of audio
  • No transfer time needed (files are readily available)
  • Edit-while-ingest
  • Ideal for multicam Live productions
  • Multiple ingest and playout channels
  • Apple ProRes, Avid DNxHD, XDCAM, and other codecs
  • Multiple codecs & destinations

The first instant replay software on the Mac

  • For video production or as an adjudication system for referees
  • While recording, immediately playback an action that just happened
  • Select the camera for output via SDI and playback at variable speed
  • Playlist editor to assemble the highlights of your recording
  • Import media in your playlist to playout just about any media file
  • Hardware controllers available (SKAARHOJ XC8, SuttlePRO, Stream Deck)

Open playout solution for the Mac

  • Supports most file wrappers (QuickTime, MXF, ts)
  • Supports most video codecs (Apple ProRes®, Avid DNxHD®, DVCPRO HD, H.264, MPEG-2, XDCAM EX®, XDCAM HD®,..)
  • Output to SDI or NDI®
  • Still image playback
  • Supports clips with alpha channel
  • Control playback from production switcher

Open and powerful playout solution for the Mac

  • Dynamic Graphics Overlay (with OnTheAir CG) or still logo
  • Mix-and-match 4K and HD contents in high quality
  • Support for Closed Captioning CEA-708 and CEA-608
  • Support for audio only files
  • Output to SDI or NDI®
  • 4K Playout
  • Actions like secondary events to control CG, routers, ..
  • Direct link to MovieRecorder for streaming

For live or 24/7 operations

Free Playout Software

  • Redundancy and automatic restart
  • Output to NDI®
  • Master - Slave mode
  • Media management (clip validation and notifications)
  • Remote control with a REST API
  • Advanced scheduling with OnTheAir Manager
  • Plug-Ins enable integration with video routers, GPI, CG

Ideal for live shows with Cue Mode and A/B Roll

  • Free application - install on any number of workstations
  • Can control multiple OnTheAir Nodes over TCP/IP
  • A/B roll (one client)
  • Cue mode for live playout
  • Access to clip attributes for secondary events
  • Clip trimming & information (Codec, fps, etc.)
  • GPI trigger
  • Control the play out from an iPad

Unique calendar and playlist-based user interface

  • Unique calendar and playlist-based user interface Unlimited levels of nested playlists
  • Categories for automated programming (color, default attribute, logo, graphic, etc…)
  • Easy integration with traffic systems
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG) generation (Optional)
  • Emergency Alert System (EAS) support (Optional)

Open and intuitive user interface

  • Easy-to-use character generator
  • Publish Items for use by the OnTheAir Video and OnTheAir Node attributes
  • Output to SDI or NDI®
  • Built-in RSS feed
  • Crawls (either to left or to right)
  • Use an additional video input as background
  • Play animated image sequences or videos
  • Remotely controllable

This software has been discontinued.

Movie trailer apps for mac. It is not available for purchase anymore and support is limited.

Support for the US Emergency Alert System on the Mac

  • Easy configuration to
  • Mute audio and overlay graphics during Alert
  • Compatible with TFT-911 and Sage Digital ENDEC
  • Other devices compatibility can be added

Easy integration with other applications

Broadcast Playout Software

  • Control many matrix video switchers through RS232
  • Control Blackmagic-Design Videohub or AJA Kumo through Ethernet
  • AppleScriptable
  • Can be controlled directly from OnTheAir Video or OnTheAir Node for automatic switching