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Working at home? You often get distracted, right?

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You chat with friends, browse social media websites, play games – you will always find justification for your inactivity. Even I too!

In some instances, you just can’t ignore Instagram or Facebook feed.

Download our free Time Tracking app for Windows and Mac and get started with automated timesheets. Toggl Desktop is a desktop app for leading time tracking tool Toggl. The Desktop app is a great companion for time tracking and productivity as it has advanced features like: - Idle detection - Tracking reminder - Pomodoro timer - Timeline - Autotracker It also supports keyboard shortcuts, has a menubar widget and works great offline.

Jul 15, 2018  This time, however, we are focusing on timer apps for Mac in general. You will find options from categories like Task timer apps, Pomodoro Timer apps, Countdown timer apps, etc. We have also included Reminder timers and some time-tracker timers for freelancers. Read: Top 10 Free macOS Apps to Boost Your Productivity. Best Timer Apps for Mac 1. Mobile apps for time tracking. Time capture for clients, projects, or tasks. Expenses tracking. Mobile stopwatch. Mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. 30 days: Starter: $9/user/month. Team: $12/user/month. Premier: $24/user/month. Enterprise: Get a quote. Feb 25, 2020  The best time card apps integrate with time-saving tools such as payment processing, project management software and more. However, what you most need is a time tracking app that works well on its own (i.e. Without depending on other apps or services).

Moreover, if you have extensive phone contacts, you might use WhatsApp web on your PC to connect with the friends and family all the time!

Nevertheless, no one but you will do a mountain of your everyday work, so what should you do to improve your productivity?

And that too if you need to manage a team of workers efficiently, then?

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Are there software products which can help you be more organized and can monitor the amount of time you spend online?

In very deed, the time monitoring applications are lifesavers for those who work at home like freelancers, bloggers, online tutors, etc.

If you use Mac gadget like me, I have gathered the information about the best time tracking apps that will help you analyze your productivity and improve it.

Let’s get into the details of the tools!

Top Time Monitoring Apps For Mac Device

1. Timing

Timing app is a powerful tool for those who wish to keep everything under control (including working hours). This is a productivity tracking application, which can help you see how much time you spend on different distractions.

This application was developed specifically for the needs of Mac users and enables them to categorize all their activities.

The core objective of the app is to monitor how you spend your working hours at home. Timing provides you with a timeline which shows at what time and how long you did different online activities.

Time Tracking Software Mac

The app is endowed with customized categories, allowing you to drag and drop various activities into projects. As a result, you’ll get a report showing what apps you opened during a day.

Moreover, it will show a detailed report about your productivity. Timing monitors different apps, including standard browsers, Skype, Messengers, MS Office, and Players.


  1. You can download this tool for free.
  2. Timing has a free 7-day trial. You may cancel at any time; no credit card required.

2. Hubstaff

It is a useful time monitor program for those employers who are made to control their workers remotely. Alternatively stated, it allows you to check whether your team puts in the contractual amount of hours per day or not.

Your employees need to install this software on their computers and log time every day. This is a powerful desktop client which can help employers check their remote workers (they can see what their freelancers are doing in a real-time mode).

This time tracking app for Mac can take the screenshots and evaluates the activity levels of your remote employees. Thousands of teams have trusted the Hubstaff app.


  1. Possible to take randomized screenshots with your preferred size
  2. 14 days free trial; no credit card required.

3. Klok

Klok is an excellent online organizer of your work. The app comes in the form of a visual display where you can see your time and the number of current tasks.

You can customize this in accordance with the requirements of your customers and projects. When you embark on a new task, the app will begin a new timer for you.

Employee time tracking app

Besides, Klok also provides users with a sophisticated time sheet, showcasing your productivity. You can export reports and send them to your employers.

When having a look at its “Dashboard Reporting” feature, you can definitely boost your productivity and focus on the critical tasks.


  1. It has cloud sync via mobile
  2. Requires Adobe Air to work
  3. Costs $19.99; you can try the free version

4. Fanurio

This Mac time keeping tool is for the individuals who can’t afford to pay lots of money for software products. Yes, if you are working alone on a tight budget, you may get Fanurio.

On the other hand, If you need to track the time of your team remotely, this application is what you need. It correctly logs the work of each member of your team.

This time tracking app can also meet the requirements of those who wish to find a self-tracking tool. It provides you with several methods of monitoring your online activities.

To launch the application, you can either open a drop-down menu on a menu bar or open a timer. Besides, the program can remember all your work patterns, and then, it will remind you of some activities.


  1. Track time with little efforts
  2. Controls the timer from the Menu bar and dock icon

5. Tyme

This app caters to the needs of those users who prefer simple tracking applications without additional options. The dashboard of this program allows you to see the most recent entries.

The application shows what websites you have visited and applications you used during labor hours. Through the simple interface and colorful statistics of Tyme, the time monitoring task is painless.

It is one of the top time tracking apps for Mac that has a reminder option, which continually notifies you of the necessity to track your working hours. Except for these features, it can also help you keep a check on your business expenditures.


  1. It has multiple time tracking modes
  2. Supports Cloud sync to keep everything up to date

Free Time Tracking Software

Wrapping Up

If you’re an online professional, time management is essential! Otherwise, you will be leaving the money on the table. Similarly, if you need to manage a team online, then it is better to use the time tracking software to enhance the potency of the team members.

When you use your Mac device to carry over the web tasks, you may use any of these time tracking tools to either control your activities online or monitor your remote workers.

They are lifesavers in the situations when you can’t focus on the online activities that keep distracting from your work. I hope you will install any of the time tracking apps for Mac and make your work rewarding.

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Best Free Time Tracking Apps