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Jun 29, 2020  Gmail is an easy to use email app that saves you time and keeps your messages safe. Get your messages instantly via push notifications, read and respond online & offline, and find any message quickly. With the Gmail app you get:. An organized inbox - Social and promotional messages are sorted into categories so you can read messages from friends and family first.

In February 2018, Google added a new app to its existing list of Android Go apps. The new app is a toned down version of our beloved Gmail app. Like other Go apps by Google, this app also has Go added as the suffix to its name: Gmail Go.

But, is it really a toned down version of the original app? If so, what features are missing and what's new? That's what we intend to find out in this post by comparing Gmail and Gmail Go in detail.

The new lightweight app is part of the Go gang that includes apps like YouTube Go, Google Go, Gboard Go and even Assistant Go. Usually, the Go apps have some unique features exclusive to them.

For instance, Google Go shows trending searches and has a different design from the standard app. Similarly, YouTube Go lets you see the total amount of data required to play each video.

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While you get some unique features in the Go apps, you also stand to lose certain features. Since it is a stripped down version of the main app, these apps lack gestures and have a minimalistic design.

However, that’s not the case with the Gmail Go app. It’s different from the rest of the Google Go apps in many ways. But very similar to the main Gmail app.

Confused? Let's dive in right away.

Gmail and Gmail Go Similarities

Interestingly, unlike other Go apps, the Gmail Go app is very similar to the standard app. You get all the major features of the main app in the Go variant. Be it the support for multiple accounts, notifications, attachment, formatting option or smart replies, Gmail Go has everything. You even get separate tabs for the Promotions, Social and Updates labels.

Moreover, one major feature that is missing in almost all the Go apps is available in the Gmail Go app: Gestures. Yes, Gmail Go even supports gestures.

Tip: If you want to get iPhone-like gestures on your Android device, check this.

There are very few differences between the Gmail and Gmail Go app. And, these are as following:

App Size

One of the major differences between the two apps is of size. While Gmail Go weighs 9-10MB, the standard Gmail app is clocked at 20-25MB. Interestingly, even with that small size, Google has incorporated all the major features in the Go app. One seriously wonders that why can’t the main app be of the same size?


Another area where Gmail Go differs from the rest of the Go apps is its availability. While all the other Go apps can be downloaded on any device from the Play Store, Gmail Go is limited to the Android Go devices. Google doesn't let you install it on other Android devices.

It comes preinstalled on devices running Android Go. You can then update it from the Play Store.

On the other hand, the standard Gmail app comes preinstalled on all the other normal devices. If, however, it’s not available on your phone, you can easily download it from the Play Store.

Download GmailDownload Gmail GoMac

In case, you want to check Gmail Go on your current phone running Android Oreo, you will have to sideload the APK. Download the APK file from here and follow these instructions to install it on your device.

User Interface

Again, there isn’t much difference in the two apps when it comes to design. If you keep both the apps side by side, you would have a hard time differentiating.

However, when you open the navigation drawer, you will find a slight difference. In the main app, you have the cover picture and profile photo of the account at the top. But, that’s not the case with the Gmail Go app. Here you will find the email address only and an option to switch between multiple accounts.

Email Sync

Since the Go apps are designed to reduce data usage, Gmail Go has limited the sync period. By default, all the Gmail accounts in the Go app have the email sync setting set to 7 days. You can, however, increase or decrease the sync setting manually.

Manage Account

The only setting that seems to be missing from the Gmail Go app is the My Account setting found under each email account.

In the main app, you can change your Gmail password and other account settings right inside your app. However, you won’t be able to do the same on the Go app.

What Are They .. Twins?

It would be safe to say that these two apps are pretty much like twins. Apart from size, speed, and a few differences mentioned above, everything is kinda same.

If you are an Android Go user, you will not miss the main Gmail app, unlike other Lite and Go apps. Try it out!

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Till 2017, Google had registered more than 2 billion monthly active devices on Android.

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Google’s Gmail is the undisputed king of email on desktop and mobile. Over the years, the company has added the functions with AI touch to it. The Gmail app recently underwent a huge redesign on both platforms.

While the overall response is positive, many users are raising concerns over the excessive use of the white theme. And with the growing integration of ads, this is the right time to look for an alternative email client app on Android platform.

Microsoft has been steadily improving the Outlook functionalities with the integration of its services coupled with a nice UI and ad-free experience. It’s right up there with Google on app experience and major functions.

In this post, we are comparing the Gmail to Outlook Android to see which email app is more suitable for your usage habits. Both apps excel on basics but differ in various aspects. Let’s dive in.

Download Gmail for Android
Download Outlook for Android

User Interface

Last year, Google unveiled the Material Theme 2.0, which is built upon the original Material Design UI. The new guidelines follow the bottom bar tabs and use lots of white across the UI.

The newly redesigned Gmail app resembles the given formula with a big colorful ‘+’ icon at the bottom and a hamburger menu. You can add more than one account, and the company has smartly added a way to switch between those from the search bar.

Outlook takes cues from the Gmail app to provide with the bottom bar menu as well as the hamburger menu. The options such as composing an email, mailbox, search, and calendar rest at the bottom.

The ability to switch accounts and the other mail options are buried in the hamburger menu.

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Composing Mail

Composing email is as essential as handling them. Tap on ‘+’ and the Gmail app brings up the compose box. You can add a subject, attach files from Google Drive or phone storage and you are good to go.

Bamboo cth 470 software mac

One can also schedule the mail. Tap on the three-dot menu and select schedule mail option and the time to send the mail.

Outlook’s compose option is much simple compared to Gmail. Tap on compose button, and you can add a subject, receipt’s email id and send the mail in a breeze. You can add images, attach files, and confirm your availability from the bottom menu.

As expected, you can add your signature at the end of every email from the settings menu.

Email Organization

Email organization is the most important parameter when choosing an email app. Often you receive tons of unnecessary emails and organizing them regularly can be a pain.

This is where Outlook shines over Gmail. Microsoft offers something called ‘Focused Inbox’ functionality, which filters the most relevant messages and notifies the users about them. The unnecessary ones are silently pushed back in ‘Other Inbox’ header.

Of course, this practice is handled by the algorithm behind the scene. But if you need a particular sender’s mail to land in ‘Focused Inbox’ header, then you can change that as well. Tap on the three-dot menu and send all the future emails in the Focused Inbox menu.

Gmail takes a different approach on this front. The app categories them in Social, Primary, Promotions, and Updates section. The incoming emails are organized into these groups based on their relevance.

I like Microsoft’s approach here, it’s better suitable to my usage, and Focused Inbox is the prime reason for me to choose Outlook over Gmail.

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An email app is incomplete without a calendar integration. And thankfully, both the apps provide calendar integration. Well, sort of. Gmail only includes a shortcut to the Google Calendar app. Tap on the hamburger menu and select Calendar from the bottom list to go to the calendar menu.

Microsoft’s efforts are more serious than Google. In a classic Microsoft move, the company purchased the popular Sunrise Calendar. Since then, it is integrating Sunrise calendar options in the Outlook calendar.

You can create events, add reminders, and switch between month/day view. The app also offers integration of popular sports and TV schedule in the calendar.

I added the Indian Cricket Team’s schedule, and it worked like magic. The team’s whole schedule integrated swiftly to my calendar with date, time, and venue details.

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Extra Functions

Gmail has integrated Smart Reply function to offer predefined automated replies in the app. When replaying an email, the app suggests the next keywords, and I have to say, it’s been fairly accurate in my limited time of usage.

Both apps support swiping gestures. You can swipe left/right to quick read/unread or schedule an email. Thankfully you can customize them as per your habits from the Settings menu.

Sadly, none of them provides any built-in biometric protection by default. Interestingly, the Outlook for iOS does provide Face ID option, but the Android version lacks the option.

Should You Switch?

The answer is straightforward here. If you are someone receiving tons of email every day and has a difficult time organizing them, then go with Outlook. But when it comes to replying the emails on the go, the Gmail is the way to go.

Next Up: Spark recently released on the Android platform. Read the post below to see how it fared against Gmail when compared against each other.

The above article may contain affiliate links which help support Guiding Tech. However, it does not affect our editorial integrity. The content remains unbiased and authentic.Read Next

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Microsoft Windows 1.0 was first released in November 1985.

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