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Easemon Features. Easemon Employee Monitor for Mac and Windows PC is a centralized employee monitoring solution, invisibly monitors logs keystrokes, emails, instant messages, screenshots, websites visited, applications, etc.There is no faster or more accurate way to monitor employee activities in following aspects than with this Employee Monitoring Software for Mac and Windows PC. Jun 03, 2020  Keyboard Tracer is an easy-to-use tool that records keyboard and monitor keystrokes on your own computer. It can track activities of other people using your keyboard without your permission. More Popular Keystroke Logger Software that you can Try. There is much more keystroke logger software available for free that you can try for any of your Windows, Mac or Android devices. For Windows, a few of the additional popular software are DanuSoft Free Keylogger, Real Free Keylogger, and BlackBox Express. Through MAC monitoring software screen recording feature gets screen recording of your targeted MAC laptop/desktop device for the short interval of time along with the accurate time schedule. TheOneSpy provides you a capacity to know the exact keystroke applied on your targeted MAC device by your kids, teens, employees and loved ones.

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What happens on your keyboard does not stay on your keyboard.

Using an employer-issued computer comes with its own specific set of privacy risks. The struggle to avoid even accidentally clicking on NSFW material as we go about our busy office lives is, for many, all too familiar. And yet, the true threat often lurks undetected behind the scenes: keyloggers recording your every keystroke and sending them away for upper management review.

If you're not very familiar with keyloggers, don't fret, many people aren't. That's kind of the point. A keylogger is a generic term for piece of software that runs in the background of a computer and literally records every single key you press, often along with every mouse click you make. In the aggregate, they can record everything from the content of the emails you write, to your passwords, to any personal chats you have in a corporate Slack or private social media account accessed from your work desk.

Keyloggers are a particularly invasive type of corporate monitoring software designed to keep tabs on employees' actions, but are far from the only kind. PCMag (which, like Mashable, is owned by Ziff Davis), published a review of this type of software earlier this year. Of the ten 'employee monitoring tools' examined, seven offer 'keystroke recording,' and nine allow the employer to take screenshots of a worker's computer screen.

'Once an incognito agent is installed on a machine (sometimes hidden in the Running Processes list under disguised names), the most powerful employee monitoring tools can act as an all-seeing eye,' notes the product review. 'It can see into everything from what apps an employee has open to with whom they're chatting to, what they're saying.'

For anyone who has ever checked a personal email, bank account balance, or the results of a medical test on a work computer, the above described scenario is a nightmare.

Your rights

While your boss monitoring your every move is definitely creepy, it's perfectly legal. According to the head of the National Workrights Institute, Lewis Maltby, you shouldn't expect privacy on work devices.

'Employees have virtually no right to privacy on employer-provided computers,' explained Maltby over email. 'Even highly personal communications that would be protected if they took place over the telephone are not protected if an employer computer is involved.'

And it's not just what you do on a work computer, warns Maltby, but what you do in front of it that should concern you.

'Even worse, employers can remotely turn on the webcam while the laptop is in the employee’s home,' he added.

Thankfully, however, that doesn't mean you're totally at the mercy of an invasive manager or corporate overlord.

Turning the tables

The first step, of course, is determining if your computer is in fact being monitored. This is tricky. According to EFF Cybersecurity Director Eva Galperin, a combined digital and physical inspection technique is required.

'You can use most antivirus products to detect software keyloggers, but there are also keyloggers that plug right into the keyboard,' explained Galperin over email. 'For those, it's best to just familiarize yourself with what the products look like so that you recognize them.'

While this is great advice — especially if you're worried about an abusive partner installing a keylogger on your personal computer — if your company installed such a program on your work device there's a good chance the corporate-installed antivirus won't pick it up.

That doesn't mean you're on your own, however.

Noted security researcher and founder of Objective-See, Patrick Wardle, explained that there are several methods to check for keyloggers on Macs. And, he insisted, you really should.

'I think it's definitely something users should be concerned of — as both malware, or (shady?) IT departments could install such software,' he explained over Twitter direct message.

Keystroke Monitoring Software For Mac

Wardle noted that there are two straightforward approaches concerned individuals can take.

'[People] can check the System Preferences — as certain classes of keyloggers have to be given/approved 'accessibility access' in order to capture keystrokes,' he wrote.

Best mac software for 2013 macbook How to Choose a 2013 MacBookOne thing that makes choosing a laptop a little more than an intellectual exercise is the fact that many manufacturers have the habit of releasing different machines under the same name, sometimes even in the same year.

Under 'System Preferences' on a Mac, go to 'Security & Privacy' and select 'Accessibility.' If you see any weird programs that you don't recognize, you should take the time to investigate them (and maybe deny said programs access to control of your computer).

'Of course,' cautioned Wardle, 'legit apps can show up here too .. for example the virtualization software I use.'

Wardle's second suggested detection method involves a little more legwork on your part but also requires less guesswork. Specifically, that would be 'a free open-source keylogger detector for macOS' that he created.

So, what to do if you discover a work-installed keylogger on your computer? Assuming your IT department put it there, your best bet is to never again use your work computer for anything personal. Like, ever.

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Keystroke Monitoring Software For Mac

Be aware that everything you type, as well as screenshots of your monitor, could one day end up printed out and placed in front of you during a contentious meeting with HR — or in the personal collection of an unscrupulous IT head.

'Employers take [work laptops] back when an employee quits or is fired,' explained National Workrights Institute head Maltby, 'and IT techs frequently look at everything that’s on them, including sensitive personal matters.'

So when you're at the office and the need arises for personal communication, stick to your personal smartphone. When at home, use your own computer and leave that work laptop in the drawer. And, if you're fortunate enough to be in a position to do so, consider getting a job where you're not spied on 24/7.

If you want to keep an eye on your children, friend, family or employee’s activities on the computer? Then Keystroke logger software is the solution that is going to help you do this conveniently without letting anyone know about it. This software can easily be run by completely being invisible thus not bet noticed by the majority of the users. There is a large number of keystroke logger software available online in both freeware as well as shareware versions. After going through a large number of such software we have prepared a top list to help you have the best keystroke logger software for your needs.


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1. Actual Key Logger

Actual Keylogger is one of the top keystroke logger software tools that helps you monitor activities of your computer users effectively. It can track websites visited, windows closed, keystrokes pressed along with screenshots of your windows and generate monitoring reports in text and HTML format. It generates encrypted log files for all the recorded activities.

2. Refog

Refog is an important and highly useful free keystroke logger software that enables you to keep track of all the messaging and chatting activities on your system. It effectively decodes all the recorded activities and generates reports along with screenshots captured. It can run timelessly and is a maintenance free software. It’s human readable activity reports can help you stay updated on the various activities being done on your system.

3. Keylogger

Keylogger is another top keystroke recording software that lets you record the entire activities being performed on your computer thus helping you ineffective system monitoring. It can effectively record all the chats, conversations, outgoing and incoming emails, windows opened/closed, sites visited and much more. It runs on invisible mode thus the computer user will not come to know that anyone if monitoring him/her.

4. Revealer Keylogger

Revealer Keylogger is one of the powerful algorithms that has the capability to record anything you have typed on your system including your passwords and irrespective of what type of application you are using. It makes screenshots of your system thus recording current activities. It offers you a solid feature of remote monitoring so that you can see the recorded activities from another system.

5. All In One Keylogger

All In One Keylogger is a powerful system surveillance software that records and registers all you system activities into an encrypted log. After recording all your system activities it allows you to receive the logs to the desired FTP, LAN or mail. Thus, you can easily stay aware of what is going on your system in your absence. Try this amazing keylogger software and protect your family from internet dangers.

6. Spyrix Free Keylogger

Spyrix is another useful keystrokes logger tool that enables remote monitoring of your PC. It records keystrokes, passwords, screenshots and windows running on your system and provide full reports about the entire activities being performed. It is totally undetectable and easily lets you perform remote monitoring from a secure web account on through another PC. So try this excellent free keylogger software and keep track of online activities of your children, employees, friends or family conveniently.

7. Keylogger Free

Keylogger is a keystroke logger freeware that records texts, keystrokes, chats, websites visited and apps used on your system. It can completely run secretly on your system without any alerts to the user. You just need to run it in the hidden mode and it will not leave any trace on desktop, tray or even in task manager. This tool automatically generates complete logs of all the activities and lets you set the speed of log generation.

8. SoftActivity Keylogger

SoftActivity is a user-friendly computer monitoring software that helps you to track all the websites visited, keys pressed, email, instant messages and chats that are being performed on your system by other users. This program is supported by Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP. Try this efficient software and keep track of all the activities of your children, employees and family on your system.

9. Elite Keylogger for Windows

Elite Keylogger is easy to use and advance keystroke logger software tool that enables you to ensure that your loved ones are safe online. Using this software you can track various websites visited, usernames and passwords typed, capture emails and chats and record screenshots of your system screens. It automatically forwards all the system tracking reports and details to your email. So try this advance software and protect your children from online dangers.

10. Ardamax Keylogger

Ardamax keylogger is another keystroke logger software tool that helps you in recording various activities performed on your system and send to you through log files. Powerful log viewer with this software enables you to see all those log files and see what’s happening on your system in your absence. This tool helps to log various web addresses visited, keys pressed and screenshots of the system activities. Try this amazing software tool for your tracking needs.

11. Golden Keylogger

Golden Keylogger has basically been built to protect your child and loved family members from harmful, suspicious and dangerous content on the web rather than with the motive of spy on people. So if you want to give a protection to your child and keeping a track of his/her activities on the PC then this is the best option for you. It keeps you aware of what you child is doing on PC, messages sent, email conversations, windows opened, applications and more thus giving you a perfect way to keep your children safe.

What is Keystroke Logger Software?

Developing latest and advanced skills in your children is very well can be done by computers and the internet as children can play games, learn new things, can have latest things to study and more. But this technology also has the danger for your child for being indulged in suspicious activities, pornography or being influenced by suspicious people on the web. Nevertheless, highly effective keystroke logger software program are here to help you. This software lets you monitor every activity of you kid on the PC from keys pressed, emails and chats to instant messaging, windows opened, sites visited and more. This tool not only help parents to control activities of their kids rather are also utilized for employers to keep an eye on tracking their employees’ activities regularly. This software forward all the recorded logs to your through LAN/FTP/mail or any other means as per the feature of the particular software. It can run undetectably on your system thus offering you a great way to track system activities.

How to Install Keystroke Logger Software?

There is a large number of keystroke logger software available online for free that you can try to monitor activities performed on your system. You can also consider using listed above as these are among top programs that offer multiple additional features. Download keystroke logger software for your system and before you start installation open the setup and read the installation manual completely. This manual will let you know about all the functionalities of this software along with prerequisites of installations. You will get step by step easy guide to install the software. Once you have installed you can start tracking your system immediately.

Key Benefits of Keystroke Logger Software

Easy tracking of system – Keystroke logger software let you put your system under tracking quite conveniently. By installing these programs you can keep track of messages, chats, emails, websites visited and windows opened on your system. These are highly effective in keeping an eye on your kids’ activities, employee activities or any other person using your PC.

Undetectable Solution – this software have the capability to keep working and sending you tacking information without being detected by the user. These cannot be traced either in the tray or in the task manager. So a user can never know that he/she is being tracked by the system.

Remote Monitoring – Some if this software allows you to monitor the activities performed on your system on the other system through their remote monitoring functionality.

Screenshot Capturing – Keystroke logging software also facilitate you with proper screenshots to let you know about what windows have been opened on your system.

Best Free Keystroke Logger Software – Local Keylogger Pro

This keystroke monitoring software tool records complete activities of all the users of a system thus creating a system usage history every time anyone uses the system. It lets you see the real time system screenshots, keystrokes, keys pressed, emails, visited websites, used programs, and apps. It generates a complete report in the log files that you can easily read and find out what’s going on behind you.

Best Free Keystroke Monitoring Software for Android- SpyTools

SpyTools is a great keystroke logger app for android that acts as a spy for you to track the activities being performed by others on the android devices. This app consists of SpyMIC, SpyCAM, SpyVideo, SpyFILE and SpyGPS that helps you activate secret voice recording, a sequence of pictures, secret videos and track device location secretly. Thus, this app offers you a great way to track your child, family, friend or anyone through their android device.

Best Keystroke Logger for Mac – Perfect Keylogger Lite

Perfect Keylogger Lite is an ideal keystroke logger software for Mac that is basically a free parental software with which you can track the activities of your kids on your Mac system. Recorded activities include chats, visited websites, keystrokes, and screenshots. This software is available in multiple languages so you can conveniently take advantage of tracking your system in your own language.

More Popular Keystroke Logger Software that you can Try

There is much more keystroke logger software available for free that you can try for any of your Windows, Mac or Android devices. For Windows, a few of the additional popular software are DanuSoft Free Keylogger, Real Free Keylogger, and BlackBox Express. For your android devices, you can try HelloSpy, MobiStealth, mSpy Keylogger and StealthGenie. For Mac system, some of the popular keylogger software include AceSpy Mac, Spector Pro, and SniperSpy.

Best Free Keystroke Logger software for 2016 – KidLogger

KidLogger is the best keystroke logger software program for 2016 that lets you monitor your computer and mobile for keeping an eye on what others are doing online. It helps you capture the window screenshots, record keystrokes, chats, messages, emails and more thus giving you thorough information of others activities. So download this program and ensure the safety of your children and loved ones.

Keystroke Monitoring Software

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