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Windows Live Mail to Mac Mail converter, from Wholeclear Software, is a useful tool that is able to perform the conversion of EML data to EMLX data, while maintaining the data structure during the conversion process.The app can convert all the messages stored in Windows Live Mail to Apple Mail. Windows Live Mail to Apple Mac is simple and easy to use tool which allow you to successfully export Windows Live Mail emails to Apple Mac mail. Now you can quickly export Windows Live Mail email folders including (inbox, drafts, sent items, junk folders, and deleted items) to Apple Mac. Jan 04, 2020  Apple Mail is the default email client available on all Mac computers, and it’s a favorite of many die-hard Apple loyalists. The Mail app offers basic features like the ability to intuitively manage multiple email accounts and organize your inbox as you please. Dec 09, 2018  However, if you are trying to install the Windows 10 Mail Application on your macOS, then unfortunately, the Windows 10 Mail Application is available only if you have Windows 10 operating system on your computer, but you can Use Mail on your Mac and use the Mail app to compose, reply to, and sort email on your Mac. Hope it helps.

Emailing is probably the activity we do the most on our computers. Even if you don't work on a computer during the day, you probably sit down in front of it to check your inbox at the end of the day. If the Mail app that comes with your Mac doesn't provide the features you need, you're in luck. There are dozens of great email apps in the Mac App Store. I've tested many of them and these are my favorites. Each one has a little something special that makes it unique.


Polymail for Mac has a fantastic interface with cute buttons everywhere so you don't have to think about what to do next. It actually looks like it belongs on a mobile device, except that you click the buttons instead of tapping them.

There is a fourth section that appears whenever you select an email, which displays all of the past correspondences you've had with that particular contact or group of contacts. It's great for quickly tracking down something you've talked about in the past.

You can set up new mail with a pre-made template, send calendar invites, get notifications when someone has read your email, and schedule an email to be sent at a later time.

You can also write or respond to emails with rich text formatting. So, if you want to change the font, add bold lettering, bullet point a section, or just slap an emoji in there, it's all available right from the toolbar at the top of your new email. The only thing it's missing is Touch Bar support, which would really make this app shine.

Polymail can be used for free, but you'll need to sign up for a subscription if you want all of the awesome features that make Polymail stand out, like read notifications, send later, and messaging templates. You can add these features for as low as $10 per month. If you are a heavy email user and these features entice you, give the free trial a run to see if it's worth your money.

If you want your computer email experience to look and feel more like a mobile experience, with big, easy-to-find action buttons, Polymail is the one for you.


Spark has this 'Smart Inbox' feature that separates mail into categories: Personal, Notifications, Newsletters, Pinned, and Seen. That is, any email that is from someone in your contacts or otherwise looks like a personal email will be filtered to the top of the inbox list. Below that, in a separate section, emails that look like alerts from companies you deal with, like your gas company or Amazon, that include some kind of alert or notification. Below that, you'll see a section called 'Newsletters' which is exactly that. Below that, there are emails you've flagged or tagged as important in some way. Lastly, emails you've seen, but haven't moved to another folder.

Spark also allows you to snooze an email and come back to take care of it at a later time. This is invaluable when you regularly get emails that you need to respond to but don't have time for until the end of the day. I use it all of the time.

It also has gesture-based actions for getting to inbox zero. You can swipe to the right or left to delete, archive, pin, or, mark an email as unread.

And it has Touch Bar support, which I love.

Best mail apps for mac

Spark is best for people that like to have their inbox organized before they go through and move emails to new folders, address them, or delete them entirely. If that sounds appealing to you, try Spark.

Kiwi for Gmail

If you have one or more Gmail accounts, you should consider switching to Kiwi. This all-in-one triumph brings the look and feel of Gmail for the web to the desktop in the form of an app. With the service's unique Focus Filtered Inbox, you can view your messages based on Date, Importance, Unread, Attachments, and Starred. In doing so, you can prioritize your emails in real-time.

Perhaps the best reason to use Kiwi for Gmail is its G Suite integration. Thanks to the app, you now get to experience Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, as windowed desktop applications. Kiwi is available for Mac and Windows.


New on our list for 2020, Postbox has been designed for professionals, but anyone with more than one email account should continue using it. Available for Mac and Windows, Postbox works with any IMAP or POP account, including Gmail, iCloud, Office 365, and more.

Postbox offers one of the fastest email search engines available, which is ideally suited when you need to find files, images, and other attachments. With the app's built-in Quick Bar, you can move a message, copy a message, switch folders, tag a message, Gmail label a message, or switch folders with just a few keystrokes.

Looking for more? Postbox comes with 24 (counting) themes, and much more.

Your favorite?

What's going to be your next email client for Mac?

Updated February 2020: Guide updated to reflect price changes and more.

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Delete Mail App On Mac

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Best Mail Apps for Mac – Find Best Free Email Apps for Mac:

An Email Client is a software or app that allows the user to send and receive their emails without visiting its website. When you have the Best Mail App on your Mac PC, you can manage your email account(s) right from your desktop.

Email Client App is a necessary application for every individual and business organization. With a Mac PC or MacBook, you will get Apple Mail App which is one of the best mail apps. However, it has less customization and that’s why people look for the alternatives of Apple Mail App. Here we will discuss about Best Mail Apps for Mac and compare several email client apps.


  • 2 Best Free Mail Apps for Mac
  • 3 Best Paid Mail Apps for Mac

Best Mail App for Mac

The List of best mail app for Mac includes three email client categories i.e. default mail app, free mail apps and paid mail apps. Here we provide the list of best mail apps for Mac as under:



Best Mail App for MacFree or PaidPrice Information
Apple Mail App (Default App on Mac)Free with Mac SystemFree for Lifetime
01Spark Mail AppFree

Premium Version Available

Not Applicable

$6.39 per Active User per month

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02ThunderbirdFreeNot Applicable

Pro Version Available

Not Applicable

$8 per month

04SeaMonkeyFreeNot Applicable
05eM ClientFree

Pro Version Available

Not Applicable

Refer eM Client Site

06Opera Mail (Discontinued by Opera)FreeNot Applicable
08Outlook (part of Office 365 Package)PaidHome: $9.99 per month

Personal: $6.99 per month

Apple Mail – The Best Mail App for Mac

Apple Mail App comes as default and built-in app on Mac PC and MacBook. It has many amazing features and it works perfectly on Mac computer. Apple Inc. provides Mail App for free to all the Mac and iOS devices users. You can add all your email accounts into Mail App and check your emails at one place. Whether it is iCloud, School or Work, all emails will come into Mail App on your Mac.

Apple Mail App Features and Benefits:

Apple Mail App has many amazing features that makes email task easier. Here we provide key features and benefits of Apple Mail App as follows:

  • Add Personal, Business, School, Work and Other Email Accounts.
  • Access all your emails without signing in to websites.
  • Send, Receive and Reply to Emails.
  • Attach Media and Document Files to share with your Friends.
  • Use Markup with your Attachments.
  • Create Folders and Sort Email to Organize them the way you want.
  • Search Box provided in Mail to help you find any email by sender name, subject or attachment.
  • Mac OS gives ease to use Emojis and Symbols in Mail App.
  • Compatible with Mac Continuity Feature.

Limitations of Apple Mail App:

Apple Mail App is great for day to day use and most Mac users prefer Mail over other apps. But Mail App also has some limitations which make you think about its alternatives.

  • It does not provide Smart Folder feature that works on the basis of user’s action.
  • It does not provide free form labels and flexible message templates.

Thus, Apple Mail is great in its own way and advisable for Mac users who don’t need much customization in their email client app.

Best Free Mail Apps for Mac

01. Spark Mail App

Spark is an email app developed by Readdle. It is one of the smartest email client for Mac. Spark Mail App is compatible to use with iCloud. You just need to turn on two-factor authentication to connect Spark with iCloud on Mac. The Spark Mail provides Snooze Email option that works as a reminder for you to reply an important email at a specific time. You can use Spark Mail App for free and use its 5 GB Online Storage.

Spark Mail App

Spark Mail App Features and Benefits

  • It is easy to use and has simple setup & configuration.
  • Smart Inbox shows you what you want and cleans up the rest.
  • It has Smart Search that allows you to find any email with natural language search option.
  • It offers 2 Active Collaborators, 5 Email Templates per team and 10 Email Delegation per team.
  • It provides Standard Link Sharing and Standard Support to Spark Mail App Users.
  • 5 GB Storage Space is more than enough for Single User or Team of Two Persons.
  • FastCompany says: “It is the combination of polish, simplicity and depth.”
  • It has won Editor’s Choice Award and Rated by Apple.

Limitations of Spark Mail App

  • Big Business Team requires more space. So they have to buy Spark Mail Premium which charges $6.39 per active user per month.
  • It does not show email count label on folder after the number of emails crosses 1000 mark.

02. Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free open source email client. It is developed by Mozilla Foundation for Mac OS, FreeBSD, Windows and Linux Operating System. It comes as a pre-installed mail app on Ubuntu computer system. Thunderbird can be used as an email client, chat client, feed reader and news client. It is available in 56 popular languages of the world.

Mozilla Thunderbird Features and Benefits

  • Easy to Start and Quick Setup with Your name, Email address and Password.
  • It has Star symbol in received email messages. Press One Click on Star to add the sender to your Address Book. Give Two Clicks to enter more info about this contact.
  • It offers Personalized Email Address, you can sign up and create your own new email for family or business. For example: “[email protected]”
  • It comes with attachment reminder. It reminds you when you mention attach or file word in message and attempt to send email without adding the attachment.
  • Tabbed Email feature makes it look like Firefox Browser and provides easy switching between two emails/tabs.

Limitations of Mozilla Thunderbird

In 2012, Mozilla Foundation dropped the priority to develop Thunderbird. Now it provides Thunderbird updates for extended support releases as well as security and maintenance. Here we provide some other limitations of Thunderbird as under:

  • Its design and looks are very basic.
  • It is a good option for people who are looking for a free, simple email client for Mac. It’s not for those who want advanced features and smart email management.

03. Mailspring

Mailspring is an open source and extensible email client app for Mac. It is popular for its unified inbox and advance level features. The Mailspring Mail App provides easy and quick translation in your draft. Whether the email language is Russian, Spanish, Chinese or any other, Mailspring will instantly translate it to English. As a result, Mailspring saves your time and gives everything you need in an email client app.


Mailspring Features and Benefits

  • Its Unified Inbox allows to you to check & view new email messages of all accounts into one inbox.
  • It allows you to add multiple email accounts with IMAP and Office 365.
  • You can search an email by sender name, subject or message content with help of Mailspring Advanced Search feature.
  • You can create a custom signature that is added to every email you send or reply to your contacts.
  • It automatically detects the language you type and also checks spellings for that language.

Limitations of Mailspring

Mailspring offers more smart features, but they are available with pro version only. Mailspring Pro is chargeable at $8 per month.

  • Read Receipts and Live Tracking Features are provided only to Mailspring Pro Users.
  • You cannot use Mailspring Mail App (Email Client) without creating a Mailspring ID/Account.
Best mail apps for mac

04. SeaMonkey

SeaMonkey is a free internet application suite of Mozilla Foundation. It is developed by the SeaMonkey Council to provide various services in one software. The SeaMonkey is an all-in-one project that includes Web-browser, Advanced Email Client, IRC Chat, HTML Editing and Newsgroup & Feed Client. So you can complete all your tasks with just one app called the SeaMonkey Project.

SeaMonkey Features and Benefits

  • It is available in 26 different languages for Linux, Windows and Mac OS.
  • Multiple Accounts Support provide all your email account at one place i.e. SeaMonkey App.
  • It has Sync option that allows you to keep browsing history, passwords and bookmarks in sync across different computer devices.
  • Tabbed browsing lets you work on more than one task at a time and it also has Undo Close Tab if you’ve mistakenly closed a tab.
  • With help of Add-on Management, you can use a lot of extensions and also create your own extensions for yourself and provide them to other SeaMonkey users.
  • Junk Mail Control keeps you safe from spammers.
  • Use customizable tags and mail views to manage your email priorities.

Limitations of SeaMonkey

  • The SeaMonkey App has slow starting speed. It takes more time in setting up compared to other email clients.
  • It latest version SeaMonkey 2.49.4 is available in 20 languages only. It means, 6 languages are removed with new update.

05. eM Client

eM Client is a user-friendly mail app for Mac PC and Windows computer. It is developed as an alternative of existing email client apps. For single device user, eM Client is available for free. However, single user can enjoy more features by upgrading to eM Client Pro. As you buy eM Client for more devices, you will get more discount in its purchase price.

eM Client Mail App

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eM Client Features and Benefits

Best Mail Apps For Mac

  • It is a combination of email client, calendar, tasks, contact and chat service.
  • It supports all email technologies i.e. SMTP, Exchange, IMAP, POP3, Office 365 and many more.
  • Experience a Cleaner Inbox with Conversation View that merges your messages into groups.
  • PGP Encryption makes your sent emails secure over internet.
  • Delayed Send option allows you to schedule emails for upcoming hours/days when you are busy with other work.
  • eM Client Pro Version is available with One Time Fee, there is not annual/monthly subscription or rent to use it. It also offers Unconditional 30 Day Money-back Guarantee.

Limitations of eM Client

  • eM Client does not provide “Auto Reply Message” feature in basic package.
  • It does not have enough options to manage IMAP Folders compared to other email clients.
  • Sometimes it show syncing errors that may delay of receiving new email messages.

Reset Mail App On Mac

06. Opera Mail

Opera Mail is a lightweight and customizable email client. It was an integrated part of Opera Browser App up to 2013. Thereafter, Opera Software make the browser and email client separate from each other. The Opera Mail 1.0 was launched in 2013 for Mac OS, Windows and other operating systems.

Important Note

Opera Mail 1.0 was launched in 2013 and the last stable update was released in February 2016. It has been more than three years and the Opera Mail has not received any update for bug fixes, feature improvements or security. Moreover, the Opera Mail is no longer available to download on Opera Software Website. That’s why we don’t recommend Opera Mail until the company provides a new update. If you still want to download/install Opera Mail then use it at your own risk.

Best Paid Mail Apps for Mac

01. Airmail

Airmail is a great looking email client for Mac and iOS devices. It is originally based on the earlier email service called Sparrow Client. The Airmail App is written in Objective-C, C++ and it is available in more than 30 languages. In 2013, Apple Inc. mentioned that Airmail is great in looks but it has some annoying quirks (features). But the Airmail has improved its email client so much that Airmail 3 has won Apple Design Award in 2017.

Airmail App Features and Benefits

Default Mail App On Mac

  • It supports everything you need i.e. iCloud, Gmail, Google Apps, MS Exchange, Yahoo!, AOL, POP3, IMAP, and
  • It is designed for powerful performance and consistent email service to iPhone and Mac Users.
  • It has quick and easy to use interface with various modern features for customization.
  • Airmail provides Spotlight support and Improved Search to help you find your email(s) in seconds.
  • It offers unified inbox, import from Apple Mail, iCloud account sync and attachment upload.
  • It has Handoff support that allows you to switch your email task among your Mac, iPhone and other iOS devices.

Limitations of Airmail

  • Airmail is a paid mail app for Mac and iOS devices. Its purchase price is $26.99.
  • Airmail 3 does not allow the user to turn off auto creation of labels.

02. Outlook

Outlook is a good alternative of Apple Mail App. You need Office 365 or similar software to manage document and presentation files. If you are already using Office 365 then Outlook is a part of that program. It is developed by Microsoft Corporation and it’s available for Windows, Android, iOS, Mac and many other devices.

Outlook Mail App for Mac

Mac Mail App For Windows

Outlook Features and Benefits

  • It has Focused Inbox that allows you to add important emails in that category and pay more attention on them.
  • In the email body where you type message, you can mention the name of a person, event or anything important. For example: My humble invite to @JakeWoris for Next Meeting at Howe’s Hotel.
  • It has Quick Swipe Actions for Archive, Delete and Schedule Emails.
  • With advance level search feature, you can find emails, file, contacts and everything else in one click.
  • Turn On Delivery Receipt and Read Receipt features to know when your email is delivered and when the recipient has read it.
  • All events and travel trips details are automatically added to your calendar.

Limitations of Outlook

  • Outlook is paid email client. You have to pay for using it on Mac.
  • You must buy & subscribe for Office 365, only then you can download & install Outlook on your Mac PC.

Final Opinion:

All the information given above about Best Mail Apps for Mac is true and fair. Various email client apps mentioned here work great on Mac. You should select the mail app on the basis of your use. If you don’t have much use then choose a free mail app otherwise buy a paid mail app and enjoy smart email features on your Mac.