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Edraw Max is an easy fashion illustration software with lots of vector symbols for men clothing design.

Designer Pro Apparel Edition for Mac Free to try Weebmeister Medientechnologie Mac OS X 10.3/10.4 Intel/10.4 PPC/10.5 Intel/10.5 PPC/10.6 Version Full Specs Average User Rating. I haven't come across many apps with this type of idea, and I have desperately hunted them, I even once tried some kind of 'Barbie fashion design studio'. And now, I find some kind of fashion sketch portfolio thing featured in the App Store, and 'this app is incompatible with my device' since I.

In a highly competitive society with fashion as an ever evolving aspect of human life, not only women but men also need stylish cloth for both comfort and glamour sometimes. Now, designing men clothes has become super easy with Edraw clothing design software. With this software, creating clothes has never been more fun. If you have the creative flair to create what has never been seen before, then all you need are state-of-the-art tools included in our software.

Edraw Top Features

A Cutting-edge Product from a Leading Company
It is one of the best established providers of software for the Clothing Design used by many leading apparel companies.

Powerful Tools
We provide basic functions as well as out-of-the-box tools for greater accuracy and better cost estimation. These tools help you customize your design with the perfect look and feel you desire.

Ease of Use
Our software wins in the feature of well-thought-out professional design. Its easy-to-use interface is accompanied with intuitive navigation. As a self-teaching program with dynamic help, it is designed to be easy enough for anyone to use with no training, and almost no learning curve.

Vector-based Feature
Included are more than 6000 vector symbols, drawing couldn't be easier! One single click will export your design to PDF, SVG, Word, PowerPoint and Excel in vector format.

Seamless Integration
Edraw is designed with seamless Microsoft Office® integration. That means with one single click, you can insert your drawings or visuals directly into Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint® or Outlook®.

Enabling Business Growth Strategies
If you are a company manager, it can free your time to grow your business and anticipate developments in the market - so you keep one step ahead. With more effective communication and better team collaboration, your company can make faster, more informed and progressive decisions.

Free Help and Support
We offer a wide array of options to help you should you come across problems. The user manual is well organized and highly informative. For more help, you can also look at FAQs or email us. Together with the unlimited free maintenance and update, Edraw is truly the bread & butter of men clothing design.

Easy Clothing Sketch Tools

The designers can easily design sketch with the drawing tools and start clothing design in only a few minutes.

Men Clothing Design Examples

The following vector images are some built-in men suit and T-shirt design.

Man Suit 1Man Suit 2Man Suit 3

Review Our Fashion Design Program

I found Edraw in Google search for fashion clothing software. I surprise myself for so easy and professional software. Your product hits my creative inspiration and makes me go hard at becoming a good fashion designer.

The creators of fashion applications for smartphones paid special attention to the connoisseurs of fashion and style, giving the opportunity at any time to be in the world of shopping, modern fashion trends and news from the podiums.

If you want to constantly keep abreast of the latest developments in the fashion world, know absolutely everything about the latest fashion trends, have access to popular online stores of stylish clothes and accessories, then these applications will certainly help you! Using the offered programs on your smartphone, you can learn about the latest news of the world’s catwalks, buy super novelties among the first.

If you want to constantly keep abreast of the latest developments in the fashion world, know absolutely everything about the latest fashion trends, have access to popular online stores of stylish clothes and accessories, then these applications will certainly help you!

Using the offered programs on your smartphone, you can learn about the latest news of the world’s catwalks, buy super novelties among the first.

The most authoritative Internet portal of the world of fashion works as a mobile application: here there are collections of trends, photos from all world shows, news of brands, various reports and videos, and much more. Conveniently, the thematic collections are immediately divided into female and male – both girls and boys will be more than inspired.

Here you will find a selection of the latest trends, reports from the hottest points of fashion, interviews with famous personalities, and the most valuable thing – is the history of fashion icons of all times. If you want to be in a trend – then this application is for you.

Regular replenishment, as well as cooperation with Fashion Week, so you will always be aware of the current fashion events.

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STYLEBOP Shopping App

The STYLEBOP Shopping App is an analog of an online store that helps you find and pick up products from the latest collections from the best designers of famous fashion houses to get the opportunity to buy stylish clothes and accessories one of the first.

Online shop and review of the world of modern fashion are in one application.

Mobile application Stylebop Shopping App allows you to store your favorite things in your notebook so you do not forget to buy them when you can.

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Fashion Network

Keyboard shortcut to make full screen. Fashion network is a video from all Fashion Weeks in your pocket. Searching and watching videos from shows sometimes takes a lot of time. With this application, you will know which styles were in the collection of Marc Jacobs in 2005, or what colors and textures prevailed on the budget during the Chanel show.

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WWD: Women’s Wear Daily

WWD is the universally recognized “fashion bible”. For over 100 years, the information resource, which launched its own application in 2011, is an authoritative source of news from the world of fashion. Anyone who is interested in the industry in one way or another will find here what they were looking for: news about fashion houses, collections shows, personnel reshuffles, behind-the-scenes videos, and other exclusive content. The application is free to download but you will need a WWD subscriber account to sign in. The annual subscription price is 129-169 dollars.

You will be able to watch all the editions in excellent quality, in one place and at any time!

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Speak Chic

To be able to competently pronounce brand names – a requirement concerning all shoppers, image-makers, and fashion editors without exception. However, there are a lot of stamps and no one is immune from error. Speak Chic comes to the rescue: in the application memory – transcriptions of names of three hundred brands.

Here you can read the phonetic transcription of the name and listen to the audio with its pronunciation. There are both popular brands like Hermès and Yves Saint Laurent, as well as lesser-known brands – for example, Solange Azagury-Partridge. Also, Speak Chic tells a brief history of each brand. With this application, you can go shopping with a clear conscience.

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Fashion-Instagram – that’s how you could describe this application in another way.

The application allows you to comment on all published wardrobe items and press the “I like” button. Among the users are sisters Olsen, Harley Viera Newton, Whitney Port, and Brad Goresky.

Look at the images and objects of style, like, comment, share!

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Fashion Trendtracker

Every day new things appear on the catwalks, trends change, and fashion gurus gather for shows and parties. How to keep track of all this? We know: using Trendstop Fashion Trendtracker.

The latest news and fashion trends. The content of the application is selected by leading experts in the field of fashion trends forecasting in the fashion industry.

What attracts:

  1. Trends and fashion novelties. Every day is the newest, the latest.
  2. Photos and videos from shows, events, and parties.

Developers of Fashion Trendtracker probably knew: who is interested in the world of high fashion, he likes to talk about trends and designers. In the application, there is a function “Share” – you can tell a fashion novelty to friends in social networks.

The latest global trends, photo galleries from street style from all over the world, video screenings, daily news of fashion – the team of site made sure to let you know about the latest trends first. The app interface is easy to use. There’s a map with shops

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Silk Knots

Do you know how to tie a silk handkerchief? Even if you answered “yes”, download this application anyway – it will pleasantly surprise you. The French fashion house Hermès has released the Silk Knot application – a master class on tying silk shawls, and its designers know how to handle this accessory just like no one else. You will learn dozens of ways to tie a scarf, learn how to turn it into a tie, belt and even top, and, of course, will admire the latest collection of the famous fashion house.

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One of the most popular applications is not only among ordinary users but also stylists and fashion editors. With its help, you can find the appropriate application of each thing in the wardrobe. In the closet, a beautiful hat lay around and you do not know what to wear with it? Cloth will quickly come up with what kind of outfit it will be appropriate. With the application it’s easy to work: just take pictures of clothes, shoes, and accessories separately and sort the pictures by tags.

Recently, developers have pleased users with a new feature: now Cloth can read weather data outside the window and advise outfits for walking in the rain, in the cold, heat, etc.

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A convenient and stylish application from Chanel, with which you can watch materials from the latest shows, as well as be up to date with news and events.

The next major update of the Chanel Fashion application includes new photo and video materials from the latest Chanel shows. In the section Chanel News you can get acquainted with the news from the world of fashion and exclusive behind-the-scenes videos. Also, in the appendix, there are contact details of all official Chanel stores.

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The application was created intern Vogue and columnist Lucky – agree, this is a serious application. With its help, you can supervise your wardrobe – keep track of the tops and skirts that a person already has, and plan future purchases – Stylebook is connected to the ShopStyle service, which works with 7 000 retailers. In the application, sources of inspiration are available for the formation of a wardrobe – shooting and street-style, as well as interviews on the relevant topic with fashion industry professionals.

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POPSUGAR Fashion Week

A new application from the popular insider of the fashion industry POPSUGAR, which was created specifically to track trends, formed on the weeks of fashion. The content of the application is replenished with fresh entries almost every minute, illustrating all the latest podium trends. Here you can find interviews with the world’s leading designers, as well as photographs, dialogs with popular models, and even a little backstage information.

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Moda Operandi

New York startup Moda Operandi is going to increase coverage of premium clothing brands through a new application and online store, the main audience of which will be technically savvy fashioners from around the world.

Moda Operandi is created to view and order new designer items right during the fashion shows. The application allows you to connect to the broadcast of the show, wherever you are. The selected items will be automatically saved to your cart, and then you can make an order.

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LOU Lookbook

Curators of the LOU project conduct an expert assessment of fashion trends and share with users the most interesting content. The application interface allows you not only to celebrate your favorite products but also to buy items from the latest designer collections. For full-scale shopping, there is also the function of notifying about seasonal discounts.

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Mac App Store


This is a shopping app that allows you to select items and cast them into your wish list. The choice of products in Grabble is wide and unique, it includes thousands of designers and millions of products that have been chosen by professional stylists of the application. The most pleasant thing is the function of tracking the thing – you will always be aware of who else, except you, is going to buy the product, when it will be discounted and so on. Also, in the Inspiration section, you can find interesting articles and collections from stylists.

Home Design Apps For Mac

Of course, these are not all applications that deserve attention and this list can be continued almost endlessly. Write, what applications do you use for fashion-thematics? Let’s make the most comprehensive list together 🙂