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(Solved) - Windows Support Software for Mac

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Download Windows Support Software For Mac Windows 7

I have a 13' MacBook Pro 2.3 GHz with 320 GB HDD, 4 GB RAM and Mac OS X Lion. Recently I installed Windows 7 Ultimate on my MBP with Boot Camp. After installing, I tried to download the windows support software for mac, but it is not downloading, and is showing an error. So, is there any way to overcome this problem? I can't even Right-Click without the support software! If you suggest so, then I could use an external link, if there is any. Also, can I install Win8 Consumer Preview on my MBP?

Oh, and also, can I rename the windows partition (which is currently named 'Untitled') as I am not able to rename it by <right-click+get info>?

'windows support software for mac'
What's that? And what's the error?
You do not need a software, you just need bootcamp drivers from the OS X install disc or a restore disc. If not, you can consult an Apple store (that's the best option).

Windows 8 CP? Use a Virtual Machine. Parallels Desktop or VMWare Fusion..

You can rename the Windows partition from WITHIN windows, but it is not generally recommended (AFAIK)

windows support software is the software required for using the mac keyboard and magic mouse features on the windows installed with boot camp, or atleast thats what I saw on the boot camp window. But how can I install the bootcamp drivers from the install disk? Also, I have the snow leopard install disk. Does that make any difference?


That's even better. Put the Snow Leopard install disc, and go to the bootcamp folder, and install the drivers (the installer would be bootcamp.exe, probably).

I did as you said, but I didn't find anything related to bootcamp on the disk. But I thought if I would downgrade to Snow Leopard using the install disk, install windows 7 and the drivers, and then upgrade it back to Lion, it would solve the problem. So I installed Snow Leopard on my Mac, but now it is not even booting up! I tried to repair the disk from the install disk and the recovery disk, but that doesn't solve anything. It just hangs forever when booting up!

Moreover, the install disk and the recovery disk are showing that the MBP is still on Lion - the install disk is still showing the 'install Snow Leopard' dialogue box while the recovery disk is showing the option 'Set up and restore Lion' (or something like that, I can't remember), while when choosing the startup disk, it shows 'Macintosh HD Mac OS X 10.6.7'!

'But I thought if I would downgrade to Snow Leopard using the install disk, install windows 7 and the drivers, and then upgrade it back to Lion, it would solve the problem.'

You could've just ASKED before doing so! Ah, things are complicated now..

You definitely need to go meet `an Apple genius (to an Apple store) to solve this, as I may help you here but there's a risk of losing your data on the MBP.

Anyway, tell me one thing. I asked you to look for the bootcamp folder/application in the install disc. But I didn't mention that you need to look for it while you're in Windows. Did you do so while you were in Windows or in Mac?

Yup. I checked it on both the OS, Mac and Windows. But I didn't find anything relating to bootcamp on the install disk. I even checked the 'readme' file, but I didn't find anything. Can you please just brief me once that what would I have to do, I would like to know what I'll have to do to if I want to do it myself..
Do I have to remove the hard drive and repair it (or whatever I have to do) from another system? I'm sorry for not asking you about the downgrading..

No problemo. Well, If I were you, I'd just do a complete reinstall, format and reinstall (if I had no data on the HDD). If you have data on the HDD, take it to an Apple store if you can. If not, then you can clean-install Snow Leopard like this:

Ah, and I found out what Windows Support Software is. My bad :( Should've guided you correctly in the first place, sorry!
(watch from 1:20 onwards)

Now what YOU can do:
EITHER clean install Snow Leopard, and upgrade to Lion (don't worry you won't need to repurchase it)
OR you can visit an Apple store.. <--- better

So, is there no other way for saving the data except for going to the Apple Store?

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Can't we even see the data, so as to think about it once??

The problem is - there is no apple store in my locality..

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I solved the problem! I just reinstalled the Mac OS X Lion with the install dvd I had burnt when I downloaded it, and it worked perfectly fine! It was suggested by the apple advisor on the phone. Thanks!

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