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Many a time you want to create a bootable device for your new notebook, Netbook, or laptop. Nowadays, most of the electronic devices come with compactness. This gives rise to a number of notebooks that are manufactured without a CD/DVD drive. In such devices, you have to make use of either a flash drive or a memory card with high capacity. Further here, you can learn to make bootable SD/SDHC cards for your computer.

Some of the most fundamental SD cards or SDHC cards are compatible with almost all the relevant devices. Many of the devices that are compatible with just SD card have to use only SD card for booting. But most of the devices have their higher end compatibility with SDXC and SDHC cards. These cards have more memory space and have a higher speed.

In further proceedings of this text, I will explain the procedure to create a bootable SD card for Mac and Windows OS.

Make Bootable SD/SDHC for Mac

There are a number of simple steps to be followed while creating bootable SDHC cards for your Mac OS. This can be done with the help of external application for your Mac. You can also create a bootable SD card with the help of terminal. The terminal method doesn’t need any external sources. It just requires an SD card for the bootup and Mac operating system.

Before you start, you need to mount the SD or micro SD card on your Mac. If you have a Mac with an SD card slot, use that. If not, you’ll need an SD card adapter like the Anker 8-in-1 card reader. Jun 17, 2020  To complete the partitioning, click on Apply and wait for the system to partition your memory card. Note – If you want to use the memory/SD card for startup, before clicking ‘Apply’ go to ‘Options’ and select “GUID Partition Table”. Memory Card Partition in Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista. Find your SD card: $ diskutil list.or: $ diskutil list external physical. On the right, under IDENTIFIER, you'll see your disk labeled like disk2 or disk3, etc. You can use that label to reference your SD card from now on. I'm going to use disk2 for my example commands, but make sure you use your actual identifier. May 29, 2020  Additionally, if you use Boot Camp to create a Windows partition on your Mac, you will find you can't mount BOOTCAMP Widnows partition with both read-write access either. Up to now, Mac operating systems, including macOS Catalina/Mojave/High Sierra/Sierra and Mac OS X El Capitan, only provide NTFS read support but deny NTFS write support.

Connect the SD/SDHC memory card to the computer.

Go to Utility – you can call utility with the help of finder option of the Launchpad on your computer.

Select on the SD card and click Erase.

In Format, select MSDOS FAT from the dropdown. Enter a name in the ‘Name’ field. This is optional for the user.

Click Erase.

Open the Terminal and go to the location of your system image – enter the appropriate location in command.

Mac Os Partition Format

In order to find all the disk drives in the Mac, type – SUDO DISKUTIL LIST – this will display all the connected disks with the Mac system.

Make sure about the partitions and the identifiers like disk2, disk3, etc. Try to keep the number of partitions to be just one.

To unmount the drive type; SUDO UMOUNT DISK2

To unmount the subpartitions type; SUDO DISKUTIL UMOUNT DISK2p1.

To make the SD card bootable type in; SUDO DD Bs=4m if= of dev/disk2

Once you enter, the command starts executing and the next thing is a bootable SD/SDHC card. This makes the SD card bootable for Mac operating systems.

If you have lost your important data while making the SDHC card bootable. Do not overwrite any information and try to regain all your data from the SD card. Data restoration from SDHC on Mac is easy with some external tools.

Make SD/SDHC card Bootable for Windows

The steps to make a bootable SD/SDHC card on Windows comprise of some similar steps. This involves the complete formatting of the SD card and then uploading the OS files and making the bootable SDHC card.

To make a bootable SDHC/SD memory card for windows, follow the steps;

  • Connect the SD/SDHC card to your computer – make sure the card is empty and you do not have any valuable data in the card.
  • Go to Command prompt – In order to do that, go to start menu and type cmd and enter.
  • Go to diskpart – type diskpart and enter.
  • In the new window, type; list disk – the window should be system32/diskpart.

From the list of the disks that your computer has, look for your SD/SDHC card. you can refer to the memory space of the disks to identify your SD card.

Type; select diskX – the name of the disk you want to use i.e. the SD card.

Type; Clean

Type; Create Partition Primary

Type; Active

Type; Format Fs= NTFS Quick

Type; Assign

Type; Exit

Now, mount your ISO file of windows – Right-click on the image and select mount.


Run the following commands:

G: CD BOOT – G is the iso file drive letter.

BOOTSECT.EXE/NT 60 F – F is the SD card or the drive letter for SD/SDHC card.

Copy all the files from the ISO image to the memory card.

Your SD/SDHC card is now in bootable mode, you can restart your computer and test the bootable SDHC card.

NOTE: While performing any of these steps double-check what you are selecting and what command you are executing. This is because any small mistake can corrupt your SD / SDHC card file system. Sometimes, you could fix corrupt SD card in easy ways, but not always. There are chances that your card would become useless permanently. Hence, handle your card carefully.

Finally, I hope that this information is going to help you a lot as there are very few devices that have conventional DVD drives. Also, the SDHC cards are evolving faster and faster every day which makes them a primary source of storage for these purposes.

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“I am in dire need to get back some important files that my daughter accidentally deleted from my camera. Which is the best free SD card recovery software that I can use?”

SD cards store pictures, documents, messages, and other types of files. They are mightily efficient. And it breaks the heart to lose data from the SD Card, either by accidental deletion, unintentional formatting, or virus attack. When you don`t have an up-to-date backup, the knowledge of SD card recovery becomes handy, as it gets you prepared for any future data loss. Regardless of the way you lose your data, you`re sure to find a free SD card recovery tool on the web to serve your need.

But first, here is the critical step to recovering your SD card:

Do not add new files to the formatted or deleted SD card. Any file addition overwrites your card and makes it difficult to recover data regardless of the card recovery tool you`ll use.

Price:Live streaming software for a mac varies widely in price. Mac live streaming software.

The second step is to identify the correct free SD card recovery software to help you get your data back. The online platform already contains a sea of data recovery software. Some work pretty well but some need high tech gurus to be able to pull everything through. But of all, there are 5 of the world`s best of SD recovery freeware, that consistently offers best data recovery services.

Part 1: Top 5 SD Card Recovery Software

Top 1: Recoverit (IS)

Experience a comprehensive, highly organized, and free recovery solution for your SD card with this SD recovery software free.

Recoverit (IS) tool is well-knitted with powerful utilities to offer you impressive recovery solutions. This software, while diverse in its data recovery services and ability, it presents some of the most powerful, comprehensive, and quick SD card recovery utilities in the industry. Features that puts Recoverit (IS) ahead of the race:

Recoverit (IS)

A Life Saver to Solve Your Data Loss Problems!

Partition Sd Card Free

  • Recovers 1000+ types of Files: iSkysoft employs sophisticated art technology that scans and recovers over 1000 data format in your SD card, which includes images, audios, videos, documents, graphics, emails, etc.
  • Powerful File Search Tool: Retrieve nearly all your data by executing two scans. The Quick Scan will present you all the recoverable data. Suppose you couldn`t identify the files you desire to recover from the first scan, head over to the Deep Scan feature to dig deep into your SD card for more data.
  • Ability to pause the recovery process: Resume the scanning process suppose anything makes you pause amid the recovery process. The pause utility saves your SD scanning result in case anything interferes with your recovery process for convenient continuation whenever you desire.
  • Window PE feature: Create a WinPE bootable media file that you can use to access your computer to retrieve any lost file
  • Super intuitive User Interface: Easily recover your SD card in mere three clicks. After launching the software, select your SD card, Scan, and recover the data of your desire.
  • Supports plenty of cards like Multimedia cards, Micro SD cards, XD Picture Card, and Compact Flash Cards
3,165,867 people have downloaded it

iSkysoft is a leader in data recovery diversity and technical support. The software is excellently built with a lineup of sophisticated utilities to make it stand as one of world`s top recovery tool.

But is it enough to take the top spot?

Sd Partition Software

We`ll see.

For now, let`s check out the next SD recovery software.

Recuva is a straight forward SD card recovery tool that exhibits strength and stability in the industry of data recovery. For years, CCleaner has offered popular file recovery package, which means they`re more likely to be there when you need to retrieve any lost data from an external drive. What makes Recuva unique is its tremendously powerful capability to retrieve any data loss. It not only recover deleted and recently formatted data, but also can retrieve data from damaged SD cards as well.

And as if that isn`t enough, Recuva employs military standard detection technique to scan and recover your data. And suppose you want to delete a file, beyond recovery point, Recuva utilizes the military-standard deletion technique to get rid of data forever.

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Window 10/8/7/vista and XP

Supported SD Card Type:

  • Multimedia cards
  • Micro SD cards
  • XD Picture Card
  • Compact Flash Cards


  • Supremely user-friendly interface
  • Presents military-standard recovery and deletion
  • Has a portable version that requires no installation to use
  • Lightweight—easy to download and loads fast after installation
  • Has a trial period for 30 days


  • Deep Scan is slow
  • The free version does not come with customer support

This is another micro SD card recovery online, free tool that can salvage your lost data. EaseUS data recovery wizard is a nifty SD recovery tool that rescues lost, deleted, and corrupted files from your SD card readily.

The software offers comprehensive data recovery in a 3-step process, presentingall-in-one data recovery solution getting back almost any type of data format. The best part with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is its ability to search for a particular file type which saves on time.

Better yet, you can pause and resume the recovery process in case of any interruption.

Supported Operating System:

  • Windows 10/8/7/ windows vista
  • Mac OS X, MacOs (10.13/10.14)
  • iOS
  • Android

Supported Card Type:

  • CF Card
  • SDHC card
  • XD
  • MMC
  • MicroSD card


  • Has a version for nearly all systems
  • Free for the first 2GB data recovered
  • Incredibly easy to setup and use
  • The pro version comes secured with a money back guarantee
  • Performs non-destructive data recovery, automatically skipping bad sector avoiding further data damage


  • Doesn`t offer cloud recovery option
  • It scans automatically limiting the control over the process
  • You cannot recover data for free beyond the 2 GB limit

A bit clunky to use, but Photorec provides tons of features that not only recover photos but hundreds of file format as well. It uses carving technique to search your SD card and rescue the whole file as it has no data fragmentation.

Its features translate to an all-around SD card recovery solution. In fact, it is a perfect SD card recovery software for android mobile free download as well.

If you do not mind the text-only user interface, Photorec is a reliable, thorough, and inexpensive piece of SD recovery software you can go for.

Supported Operating System:

  • Dos/Windows 9x/Windows NT 4/ 2000/ XP/ Vista/ 2008/ 7/ 10
  • Linux
  • Mac OS X
  • Free BSD, NetBSD, Open BSD
  • Sun Solaris

Supported Card Type:

  • Compact flash cards
  • Memory Stick
  • Smart Media
  • Microdrive
  • MMC


  • Tremendously powerful data recovery, recovering not only recently lost files but also overwritten files on a specific sector of the memory
  • Presents an option of recovering the free space on your SD card as well as both the free and occupied part of your SD.
  • Supports multiple systems, both Windows and Mac
  • Retrieves nearly all types of files


  • Counter-intuitive user interface. Has text-only screens and menus; no thumbnails

Disk drill has the ability to quickly recover almost any type of file on your SD card. It also scales at the heights of free SD card recovery for Mac operating system.

Besides Mac recovery, this Clever File knits a thorough piece of software to recover SD card for other OS like Windows, iPhone, and Android. The software has an impressive ability to recover and reconstruct hundreds of file types, employing plenty of recovery methods.

Supported Operating System:

Mac Os X Sd Card Partition Software Pdf

  • Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Android
  • iOS

Supported Card Type:

  • MiniSD
  • MicroSD
  • SDHC
  • Compact Flash
  • xD-Picture Card
  • Memory Stick


  • For Mac users, it provides extra, free utilities
  • Offers a free trial
  • Offers quick and thorough data recovery
  • Super friendly user interface
  • Highly organized—it keeps the original name of files and folder for easier identification


  • It cannot scan a specific folder or specific file type
  • It does not have a portable version
  • Free recovery is limited to 500 MB for Windows users
  • Mac users must upgrade to the Pro version to start the recovery

Part 2: Which is the Best Free SD card Data Recovery Software

Let`s look at the comparison table below to help you choose the best free SD card recovery tool. It is a highlight of advantages, limitations, and critical features that speaks sense to your data recovery needs.

SD Card Recovery Software Free Recovery Speed Ease of Use Deep Scan Supported System Overall Score
iSkysoft yes Fast Easy yes Win/Mac/iOS/Android 9.0
Recuva yes Slow Moderate yes Win 7.5
EaseUs Data Recovery yes Average Easy yes Win/Mac/iOS/Android 8.5
Photorec Data yes Average Moderate yes Win/Mac 7.0
Disk Drill yes Slow Moderate yes Win/Mac 7.5

Part 3: How to Recover Lost Data for Free on Window PC

All the software above supports recovery of deleted or lost data from SD cards. However, this guide will walk you through free SD card recovery using Recoverit (IS) tool.

First, download and launch the Recoverit (IS) on your PC to begin the execution of the recovery process.

Step 1 Launch the program.

Plug in your SD card to your Windows system. The home screen will present all your external devices connected to the computer.

Step 2 Scan your data

Select the SD card to scan. Recoverit (IS) will scan your card and then present you with a preview of the files it has located.

Step 3 Preview the Scanned Data and Choose what to Recover

After the scan, iSkysoft will present a preview of the recoverable files. Choose the files you`d wish to recover on your card. Click “Recover” at the bottom end of the screen to recover any data of your desire.

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So if you find all your photo or videos were gone, and your computer was telling you that your SD card is empty, and you had that sinking feeling, Recoverit (IS) offers to restore all your data and peace.

The Bottom Line

Lost data? No cause for alarm. Actually, it is disastrous when it involves precious data that have no up-to-date backup.

While backups are vital, sometimes data gets lost before updating your backup. But it doesn`t mean your data is necessarily lost. Depending on the occasion of data loss, there is a reasonable chance you can recover your SD card. There is quite a software that can rescue your SD for free. More so, you can go full blast with this SD card recovery software free. download full version.

We`ve reviewed the world`s top 5—their features, advantage, and limitation. Although the best SD card recovery freeware varies from person to person, we`ve compared the 5 picks, and iSkysoft stands out, in terms of speed, reliability, and ease of use.