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I know its probably been asked before, but I can't seem to find an answer. I downloaded 10.6.4, and its only partially downloaded, but it thinks its completely downloaded. So it won't install. I'm stuck with 10.6.2. Now I know I can go to Apple's site and download the combo update, but where are the files that software update downloads located? I want to delete the corrupted file, and have software update download it again, and install it. So in short, where are the files that software update downloads located? I want to delete them and try again.
I was told the following on another forum:
+There is a way: while downloading go to /private/var/+
+If you want to save some updates:+
+1 - run 'softwareupdate --list' and you will end up with something like -+
+Software Update Tool+
+Copyright 2002-2010 Apple+
+Software Update found the following new or updated software:+
+* GBExtraContent-1.0+
+GarageBand Instruments and Apple Loops (1.0), 1170290K [recommended]+
+2 - extract the filename from the above details and run 'softwareupdate --download GBExtraContent-1.0'. I am downloading the additional garageband loops and I wish to store it locally as every time i re-build my laptop I have to download this again.just saves me a bit of time.+
+3 - Open activity monitor+
+4 - Double click on the Process Name 'softwareupdate'+
+5 - Click on 'Open Files and ports'+
+6 - Look for the filename that start with '/private/var/'. This will be the name and location of the file you are downloading.+
+7 - open the location in the finder by selecting the 'go to folder option' in your finder SHIFT-COMMAND-G and copy the file when its finished downloading.+
However this seems way to complicated. I just want to known what folder the downloads are stored in, so I can delete them and start over. Like something simple. EG: Macintosh HD > Library > and so on. Can someone give me the path starting with the hard drive, like in the example I made. Its really urgent, so I need an answer ASAP. Sorry to be annoying.
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Mac Os X Software Update Corrupted

Mac Os X Software Update Corrupted Version

Sep 22, 2007  Hallo, My PC Win98SE/Mac Powerbook G3 (OS9.2 and 10.2.8)-System connected via router runs smooth for a while. The following is for 10.2.8. The G3 occasionally does not wake up from sleep modus. So I have to remove the plug and start in OS9.2, change startvolume to. May 08, 2017  Click the “App Store” button and you’ll see the automatic update settings right at the top of the window. The first two options are about checking for and downloading updates—not installing them. The top option, “Automatically check for updates,” controls whether your Mac regularly checks for new versions or not.