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Before digital photography, the contact sheet format was how photographers initially evaluated their shots. If you want to print a picture package or a contact sheet, you must print from the Organizer (Windows) or choose a command (Picture Package or Contact Sheet) from the File menu in the Photo Editor on the Mac, where these options are available. Feb 12, 2014  PhotoMechanic (available for both OS X and Windows 8) can produce either a.PDF proof sheet, or can directly output to a printer in a layout virtually identical to the iPhoto screenshot above. The application offers a huge array of sorting variables, plus a user-definable number of rows and columns. Press Command-A, Command-Option-Y, click the Index Sheet button, then press Command-Shift-3. Just that easily, and you've made a contact sheet from the Quick Look display - you'll find it on your Desktop, in a file named Picture 1. With a very little bit of coding, you can turn this into a simple script, too. See All Software See All. 3D + Animation. If you're on a Mac, making a contact sheet is done differently than on Windows.Although you can start making contact sheet in the Organizer on the Mac, allcontact sheets are created from a feature in Elements Editor on the Mac,so I usually start there. And choose Contact Sheet II. Creating and printing a Contact Sheet or a Picture Package is different on theMac than it is on Windows in Elements.On the Mac it's done in the Editor.I am going to start in my Editor and make a Contact Sheet by going up to theFile menu and going down to Contact Sheet II, and in this way I can create aContact Sheet without having to open a bunch of files first as I would have to.

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Sep 24, 2018 — Managing a huge gallery and organizing photos is a tricky business, even if you’re generally tidy, so it’s always a good idea to use some help. Especially when there’s software out there designed specifically to deal with an overload of pictures.


The only trouble with professional photo organizing software is that, much like any photo equipment, it’s painfully expensive. In this article we’ll suggest tools that tame your giant photo gallery without leaving a hole in your pocket.

Best photo organizing software for Mac, as of 2018

Gemini 2: The duplicate photo finder

The first thing you need to do to organize photos is remove the extras. There’s a high chance you’ve got plenty of duplicates and similar images — 15 shots from slightly different angles, for instance. You usually only use one of those, so there’s really no point in keeping them all.

The easiest way to get rid of those files is to get a duplicate photo finder, such as Gemini 2. It can scan your whole gallery, locate duplicates and point out similars. It usually takes a few minutes to clean your whole photo collection, so download Gemini and give it a quick test drive.

Photos: Mac’s native photo organizer app

Here’s the biggest secret to good photo organization: master Photos. You might be thinking: seriously, a native Apple app is any good? And you’d be surprised how much it is.

Since macOS Sierra, Photos has been getting makeovers and new features. In macOS Mojave, the app lets you organize content just by dragging-and-dropping it, and with Smart Albums, you can instantly group photos by date, camera, and even the person in them. At this point, it’s just a really good piece of photo management software.

Mylio: A free photo manager app

If you’ve been meaning to consolidate your photos in one place for years, Mylio will help you do just that. When you first start using the app, it offers to look for your photos on the current device, on an external drive, and even on your Facebook.

Once all the photos you’ve taken in your lifetime are imported, Mylio organizes into a variety of views. The coolest one is Calendar, showing you photo collections on an actual calendar. That way, you’ll quickly find the photos from your son’s first birthday, even if you forgot how you named the folder. Plus, Mylio offers a free mobile app, so you can access your photo library wherever you are.

Final word on photo management on Mac

There are basically two things you need to remember to bring order into your photographing life:

  1. Before you get to organization and management, be sure to unclutter your photo library. The easiest way to do it is with a duplicate finder, such as Gemini 2. Otherwise you'll be rummaging around in thousands of photos you don't even need.
  2. Photos, the native Apple photo manager can accomplish everything you need to make organizing photos into groups and categories easy.
  3. Third-party tools can provide you with added functionality that’s missing in native macOS tools, like calendar view or managing photos right in the Finder.

Now that you know all the secrets to photo organization, Mac photography shouldn’t be that hard or that expensive. Not when you’ve got the right tricks up your sleeve.

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Command-Shift-4 then Space Bar would give you the same minus the menubar and other junk on your desktop and/or second monitor.

What menu bar? What other junk? This is Quicklook, not just viewing folder contents as icons.

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Menu bars may not be an issue here, but floating windows (e.g. my Activity Monitor processor history) show up in the cmd-shft-3 screen capture, whereas they do not if I follow the cmd-shft-4 + spc procedure.

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This hint, while not something I need to do myself, is yet another example of how successful QuickLook is. Personally I find it to be the best new feature of Leopard.
Time Machine is a close second; what it does is very important, but I have only called upon it a few times in the past year-and-a-half of using it -- whereas I use QuickLook constantly, every day, and my usage has only increased over time, as several other apps (e.g. Transmission, LaunchBar, OmniOutliner) have now implemented it too.

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Could you explain how LaunchBar has implemented QL?
I agree with you about it being the #1 best new feature in Leopard..

Password in mac keychain access app isn't correctional. Once that’s done, you’ll return to the previous window showing all the details including the password in plain text. Thankfully, access is prevented unless you’re the administrator!7.