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Apple Music Radio might not be working for people in various countries for a number of reasons that could include their country not being supported just yet, problems with the latest iOS update, or even server maintenance and planned downtime.

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Feb 01, 2016  I still am torn to be honest. I like the easy integration of AM on all my devices (I know Spotify has a Mac app but I play AM through Apple TV a lot). I like the visual appearance of AM and that there are lots of layers to explore. But there's a lot to be said about Spotify's simpler, more utilitarian app that is much faster and just works. This Rdio Mac app brings several innovations for your Rdio listening, with lossless recording, the ability to identify and remove ads on the fly, and the best feature, the built in ID3 tag system, which allows iMusic to recognize each track it records, and split them all into their own individual file, tagged with the track name, artist, album. Nov 17, 2017  Follow the instructions here to use the Radio app: Radio (Apple Watch Series 3 only) If your iPhone is not connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi, then it may help to check your settings: On iPhone, go to: Settings Mobile / Cellular Data turn on Music. On iPhone, go to: Settings Music Mobile / Cellular Data enable Cellular Data.

Rdio Mac App Not Working Iphone

The initial Apple Music streaming launch covered a massive list of over 100 countries that included India, UK, USA, but not the likes of Turkey and Taiwan at the start of July 2015. Beats 1 Radio released in a more select number of countries and saw a longer list of regions missing out that included Russia, Qatar, Israel, Egypt, the Bahamas, and a few other countries. Again, if you are not in the launch lineup then this might be why the service isn’t working for you today.

Rdio Mac App Not Working Windows 10

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Rdio Mac App Not Working Free

Are you having problems with Apple Music and Beats 1 Radio? If so, what country is streaming not working in on Wednesday July 15, 2020? You will see Product Reviews readers leaving feedback below about current issues, which will help others locate server issues and general problems by country, or even city. If there’s official press releases in regard to Apple Music maintenance and other problems, then we will leave an update.

Mac It has to be formatted for Mac. I also got a portable My Passport 2TB last summer also. I have a new iMac Desktop with Mountain Lion OSX 10.8.4 bought last summer.