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Sep 27, 2018  Over the summer, Microsoft announced plans to move all Skype users on older versions of the app - version 7, specifically - to the significantly redesigned version 8. Due to significant user.

Skype Helper App Update On Mac Computer

Over the summer, Microsoft announced plans to move all Skype users on older versions of the app - version 7, specifically - to the significantly redesigned version 8. Due to significant user backlash, the company ended up postponing those plans indefinitely, but it seems they weren't forgotten. In a new blog post today, Skype's Ellen Kilbourne has shared new details regarding the upgrade to the latest version of the app.

For starters, there are new dates for when users will be required to update, and it may be sooner than some were expecting. Though the rollout will be gradual, desktop users will start being asked to move to Skype 8 starting on November 1, while those using older mobile apps will need to so starting on the 15th that same month. From those dates, Microsoft will ask all users to make the jump over the next few months, though a set date wasn't given for when the update will reach everyone.

Those using Skype from the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 will start receiving the update to version 14, which is based on version 8 but features better integration with some system features.

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Microsoft seems to be taking in feedback from its users, however, and it's working to bring back some features to Skype 8 so as to keep it on par with previous versions while adding new features as well. Among the many changes, there are the improvements to online states which were detailed last week, as well as the SMS Connect feature that recently started rolling out to Skype Insiders.

The team is also working on performance improvements and many other features including advanced webcam settings, app/window sharing (in addition to full-screen sharing, expanded search results for contacts and messages, and the ability to hide conversations. Here's the full list of upcoming changes:

Being worked onWhat's next
  • Performance improvements
  • Keyboard shortcuts guide
  • Show Skype version on sign-in screen
  • Even more performance improvements
  • Resizable left pane on desktop
  • Swipe actions in Recents on mobile
  • Secondary ringing device
  • Advanced webcam settings
  • Session volume control via Mac loudspeaker
  • Do Not Disturb support for incoming calls
  • Active speaker handling in large calls
  • Easily switch between cameras
  • App/Window sharing
  • Find within the current conversation
  • Change font size on desktop
  • Share Skype contact
  • Global conversation search >20 results
  • Customize “Enter” to send a message or add a line
  • Save-as for mp3 files
  • Hide conversations in the chat list
  • Disable URL previews
  • Find in current conversation >30 results
  • SMS connect
  • Control for contacts-only Skype-to-Skype calling
  • User status is Active when the user is in-app or on PC
  • Add phone number as a contact
  • Global people search >20 results
  • Remember username on failed credential migration
  • Add a phone number to an existing contact
  • More control over availability status
  • Control for contacts-only Skype Number calling
  • Mac address book sync
Windows 10 Store app
  • Improve copy-paste to dialpad
  • App icon in system tray
  • Split view

Of course, it remains to be seen if these changes are enough to convince users that the new version of Skype is better, but they should be welcomed by most nonetheless. With a little over a month to go before the forced update begins, one can only hope that Microsoft can deliver on its promise to make it as good as older versions of the app.

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