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Generally speaking, there are 3 ways to let you play MOV files on PC: install codec package for your Windows Media Player to let it be compatible with MOV files, adopt 3rd-party MOV compatible media player software, and convert MOV file to MP4 or other formats that.

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Android doesn’t support the QuickTime format. So it is a little frustrating when you cannot play QuickTime MOV video on your Android tablet or Smartphone. Under such a situation you either have to convert the MOV file to another format compatible with Android, or use an Android media player that enables playback of .mov format.

So let’s see how to employ these methods to play QuickTime MOV video on Android.


Method 1: Play QuickTime .mov with Android media player

There are many Android media players available that can help you play MOV video with your Android device. You can try one of these media players to play the .mov file. Here we list 2 players that you can use.

  • VLC media player: VLC media player is the most recommended, as it will play almost any video file. Also, the VLC player has recently been improved with some changes; so even if you don't plan on using it to play MOV video, it is still a good idea to have it on Android devices.
  • MX player: This is another app which plays .mov video file. In fact, many Android users use this app; mostly the ones who use set-top boxes, XBMC, etc. It includes some of the best features and has been around for a long time now in the Android video player game.

Method 2: Convert MOV to a format compatible with Android

In spite of many Android media players available to play MOV file, there are times when many of them do not play the video in high quality. Also, some apps can slow the download process on your device. So what can you do under these situations? Here comes the next method: In order to play MOV file on Android phones, you can download a Video Converting tool to convert the MOV file to a format more suitable to be played on Android. There are many Video Converters available, choose the right one to convert the .mov file.

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You have to be careful while using Video Converting tools to convert a .mov file. If you use an unreliable tool, there are chances for the video to get corrupted. If your MOV file got corrupted after conversion, then you can use this tool to fix it. This MOV Repair tool will fix QuickTime MOV not playing after corruption, in just a few steps. It even helps to repair damaged, broken, not opening, inaccessible MOV and MP4 video files in a safe manner.

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