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  • How to take a screenshot on a Mac using third-party applications. There are numerous applications available for taking screenshots. You can scour the web or look inside the Mac App Store for any screenshot application that might appeal to you. Click on the App Store located on the MacOS and OS X dock to launch the application. Type the word screenshot in the search box and hit enter.
  • Aug 16, 2017 In addition to a robust screenshot capability, the app can create video from your any part of your Mac’s screen. It can capture both system output and microphone input, which makes it especially well-suited to creating tutorials. You can use it to take static screenshots, and you’ll find an impressive range of functionality.
  • May 06, 2014  In the Microsoft Remote Desktop app on Mac OS X (from the Mac app store), I can't figure out how to take a screenshot. The alternative remote desktop keyboard shortcuts that worked on older versions of remote desktop (like Ctrl+Alt+Plus Key(+)) don't seem to work on this version.
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If you’ve noticed, the app window screenshots you capture on your Mac come with drop shadows. While these make your screenshot look cool, sometimes you may not want them included in your images. Removing the drop shadows from your Mac screenshots is pretty easy and can be done using a command in the Terminal app. Screenshots for Mac or Windows. Capture your screen with our intuitive screenshot tool. Click and drag to capture a specific area with our snipping tool, single-click to capture a window, or press enter to capture your full screen.

Your Mac comes with a native screenshot tool. Simply press Command-Shift-4 and it turns your cursor into a crosshair, which you can drag to select a portion of your screen to capture it. And while it’s useful for beginners, there is also no denying that lacks many useful features such as – photo editor, Email sharing, cloud upload, etc. This is where third-party screenshot apps come in. Imagine accessing your screenshots from any browser, leave aside a clipboard manager that sits a click away. These apps offer features like screen recording, smart annotations, even GIF support and almost all of them are free.

Let’s have a look.

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Best Screenshot Apps For macOS

1. Lightshot

Lightshot is one the most popular screenshot app for Windows, which is also on macOS.

It’s light, easy to use and absolutely free. Lightshot is a heavily loaded package and yet sits quietly on your menu bar. Press the default shortcut sequence ‘shift + cmd + 9‘ for a screenshot. The shortcut can be easily changed to anything you prefer from the app preferences.

One caveat though is privacy. All the screenshot uploaded to the cloud is public. So, when you upload the screenshot to the cloud and share the link with someone, they can change a few digits in the URL to access other screenshots. For example, https://prnt.sc/lk8ap7 is a valid screenshot and if you change the last digit i.e. https://prnt.sc/lk8ap7 or https://prnt.sc/lk8ap9, they also lead to screenshots by other users.


  • Annotations
  • Copy to clipboard
  • Cloud and Social Media direct upload
  • Google image search


  • No Email sharing
  • Uploaded screenshots are public

Download Lightshot Screenshot (free)

2. Monosnap

Monosnap might be one of the most complex apps on the list given the purpose its made for. It not only lets you take a screenshot but also has the ability to record your screen while the webcam footage sits as picture-in-picture mode in the same frame. The app settings let you customize actions before & after screenshot, sharing options, hotkeys, image format and what not.

Taking Screenshots Of App Mac


  • Smart Annotations
  • Cloud and Email upload
  • FTP & WebDAV sharing
  • Screen recording
  • Record gif
  • Blur tool
  • Add multiple screenshots


  • Complicated interface and settings

Download Monosnap (free)

3. Snappy

Snappy mainly focuses on creating an easily accessible clipboard of all the screenshots that you take. You can drag and drop an image on any medium by clicking on the menu bar icon of the app. Alternatively, you can take a silent snap that doesn’t show the screenshot preview but simply copies the URL on the clipboard.

Pro tip: Right click on a snap for editing options. Double click to close a snap, there are no buttons. Pairing phone with messages app mac.


  • Multiple snap clipboard
  • Snap Library
  • Annotations
  • Cloud, Imgur and Email sharing support
  • Direct URL copy
  • Webpage preview snap via URL
  • Customizable hotkeys


  • None

Download Snappy (free)

4. Apowersoft Screenshot

Apowersoft Screenshot also packages a color picker tool and a cross-hair tool to know the size of a frame on your screen. The screenshot feature also holds a number of editing options which pop-up on your screen after you select the frame of your shot.


  • Annotations with the blur tool
  • Single entry clipboard
  • Cloud and Social media sharing
  • Color Picker


  • No Email sharing support

Download Apowersoft Screenshot (free)

5. Super Screenshot Lite

Don’t go by the name unless you are a 24*7 Trello user. Apart from a specific integration with your Trello account, the app offers only some basic tools. In fact, when you click the screenshot button on the menu bar the whole screen gets snapped and then you have to crop your area out if you need to.


  • Trello integration
  • Annotations


  • No Cloud and Email Sharing
  • No Social Media uploads
  • No Clipboard or URL manager

Download Super Screenshot Lite (free)

6. Nimbus Capture

Nimbus Capture comes with some special mark-up tools like number stamps for easy step-by-step guide screenshots. The app also has screen recording options which can focus on the desired section of your screen. Creating a Nimbus account lets you manage your uploaded screenshots.


  • Annotations with the blur tool
  • Number stamp mark-up
  • Screen Recording
  • Copy URL
  • Nimbus cloud upload


  • No Email and social media sharing support
  • No Personal cloud sharing

Find Screenshot On Mac

Download Nimbus Capture (free)

7. Xnip


Xnip offers a shadow effect around your screenshot just like the native screenshot feature on macOS, plus it works in selection mode as well. Just press ‘option’ key on your keyboard to toggle the feature while you are finishing your selection.


  • Smart annotations & selection tools
  • Number stamps with captioned comments
  • Single shot clipboard


  • No Cloud and Email support
  • No Social media support

Download Xnip (free, $2 yearly for pro version)

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8. Jumpshare

Jumpshare has something that no app on the list offers, GIF support. You can take a screenshot, a screen recording, and a GIF as well. The app requires you to log in via Google account and also supports workspace mode wherein you can add people to a shared portal. The plus version of the app offers more space and file size support but it’ll work without it.


  • Annotations and blur tool
  • Screen recording
  • GIF support
  • Cloud support
  • Workplace mode
  • Easy URL copy


  • Expensive pro version

Download Jumpshare (free, $99 for plus version)

9. Snagit

Snagit is a commercial level software that provides almost all basic tools of photo editing and annotating apart from being a screenshot tool. Setting up the app could be a hideous process when compared to other apps on the list but the extra ton of features will make up for it. The app comes for a heavy price considering there are no upgrades but does give you a 15-day trial so you can test it before you spend.


Taking Screenshots Of App Mac 2017

  • Smart annotations with stamps and dialogue boxes.
  • Photo editing tools
  • Direct file sharing with all available sources
  • Customizable interface

How To Screenshot On Mac Pc


  • Expensive

Download Snagit (15 days free trial, $57)

10. Standardized Screenshots

Standardized Screenshots is not your regular screenshot app, rather a chrome extension. It takes a snapshot of the current window, adds a macOS-ish title bar and adds a shadow.

Using it is easy, just click the extension to snap a screenshot. It generates a preview which you can click to download the actual screenshot with frame and drop shadow included. There is, however, one small caveat that it doesn’t capture screenshots of some websites due to Chrome’s restrictions. Other than that, it works flawlessly. It really saves time when you have to capture screenshots every day for TechWiser.

Install Standardized Screenshots

Best Screenshot Apps For macOS

MacBook’s native screenshot feature is better than any of those on Windows. The quality it provides is very clean and the default shadow effects bring out the snap quite well. If you already didn’t know, you can also snap the touch bar on the MacBook Pro natively, just press Cmd+Shift+6. But if screenshots are something you use every day one of the apps on the list must fit your requirement. Like, Snappy for a better clipboard manager, Monosnap for better annotations and sharing options or maybe Jumpshare for GIF support. Take your pick and let me know the experience in the comments below.