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Tempo brings the ‘smart’ to the calendar app.

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Last month, I wrote a review on Event Book, an appointment management app for iOS. Since that time, I have been using it exclusively on my iPhones (I have one for work and one for personal use). As I mentioned in that review, Event Book has an elegant layout and works seamlessly with iOS Calendar. I have been very happy with Event Book and didn’t plan on switching programs until I found Tempo.

Oct 08, 2011  Tempo Advance. Read the Review: iTunes Review. Description: Perfect for iPhone, iTouch or iPad, Tempo advance offers you so many features it’s insane. Aside from your typical digital metronome features like subdivision of beats, accentuation, count-ins, range of tempos, and volume controls for beats, this app offers unique. May 15, 2017  Tune Tempo - Speed Detector Pro is an app for measuring the tempo of any audio file. Calculate BMP by tapping on the 'Make the beat' button during 10 seconds. Repeat the attempt to make sure your beat matching was correct. Oct 23, 2014  During orchestral rehearsals Mr Ferguson used an iPad app called Tempo Advance which allowed him to program the tempos for all the songs into a playlist and just work through them directly. Technology has definitely allowed for the streamlining of the writing process of this show, resulting in a remarkable nine month period between the. Tempo Magic adjusts the music straight from your iPod app - no lengthy uploads or importing required. Just pick your playlist and go. Continuous play? Tempo Magic Pro features Gapless Playback for gapless albums and playlists so the beat never stops. Skip to any point in your playlist without stopping the music. Apr 27, 2014  Tempo Magic Pro could stand to be a touch cheaper, but aside from that I would very strongly recommend this iPhone and iPad app. Be sure to check it out! Tempo Magic - Change Pace of your Music for Group X, Running, Cycling, and Fitness.

Tempo bills itself as a ‘smart calendar’ for iPhone. It was developed by SRI, the company behind Siri’s development. The ‘smart calendar’ compiles information from your iOS Calendar, email account, contacts as well as location services. It puts all of these resources together so that users ‘get more out of their day.’ Additionally, Tempo can also estimate driving time and even send a pre-populated email or text that states, “running late.”

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While I have only tested this app, I have been very happy with it. Besides the enhanced calendar appointments, the agenda view features a cover photo, which you can select from your own library or use the Tempo photo of the day. This screen includes the daily weather based on your location and any events that are scheduled for that day.

Tempo App Pc

My favorite feature of Tempo is the integration of the email program of your choice. By syncing your email account to Tempo, the app analyzes the emails and associates them with any calendar events or meetings you have scheduled.

I recommend this app to anyone who has to juggle multiple appointments, email accounts or contacts.