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  1. Get Elmedia Player to make your video slow motion on Mac. You'll be pleasantly surprised by how many features this player offers and how many file types
    it supports.

    Here’s how you can put this slow motion video player for Mac to work:

    1. Download and install free Elmedia Player.

  2. 2. Open the app and then open the video you need to play in slow motion. You can do it in several ways:

    • - Drag-and-drop video to the open app or onto its icon in the Dock.
    • - Right-click the video in Finder and in context menu select ‘Open With’ option and choose Elmedia Player.
    • - In Elmedia menu use ‘File’ -> ‘Open..’ option.

  3. 3. Play the video in Elmedia Player.

    4. To decrease the speed select Playback -> Decrease Speed or press ⌘[ on the keyboard. Click the hotkey or a menu option until the desired slow speed is reached.

    Note: The slow motion option offered by Elmedia doesn't alter the video speed permanently, however it is quite sufficient for viewing videos and is easy to perform.

Aug 14, 2019  Slow Motion Video Player For PC is a very funny app which allow you to record any activities and make it slow. You can also record your speech and make it slow to enjoy. Here, you can also make magic fast motion video. You can also record an object falling from a certain point and record it in slow motion. Slow Motion by DynaPel Systems Inc. Is an application that allows you to create slow motion videos from your library. It's a pity that there is no version of Slow Motion for Mac, but you can use other applications with the same functionality. The following list contains some alternatives to Slow Motion for Mac.

'What is the best slow motion video editor? How to make slow motion video?'

Many friends asked me these questions. Slow motion is really a cool technique which can make your videos more funny and attractive. It is easy to directly put a video in slow motion on iPhone and Android.

Video slow motion app for macbook pro

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When it comes to slow motion video maker on PC and Windows PC, the things are gonna be complicated, because some functional slow motion software like AE are not friendly to most people without special skills. That's why I write this article, I will show you an easy to use slow motion video editor which can make a video slow motion or speed up.

Now, let's start to edit video with slow motion effect!

The Effectively Slow Motion Video Editor for Mac and Windows - Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor (or Filmora Video Editor for Mac) is the highly recommended slow motion video maker.It is easy to use, featured enriched and fast video editor available for both Windows PC and Mac. With the help of this video editor you can easily edit video with fast or slow motion effect. Except for this, this video editing software also provides you multiple video editing tools to make your videos more attractive.

Slow motion video app iphone

What Makes This Slow Motion Video Editor Outstanding:

  • You don't have to go through the complex options to make slow motion videos but a bar is appeared in the power tools while editing the videos.
  • You can simply click on the meter at a specific point to set the speed of video being editing.
  • What's more, when you make slow motion videos, there is a simple solution to solve audio quality problem, you can simply detach the audio file from the video file, moreover, a new audio file can also be added.
  • In addition to slow motion feature, you can easily trim, combine, rotate and add other cool effects to your video.

[Guide] How to Make Slow Motion Video on Filmora Video Editor

Step 1: Launch the Slow Motion Video Editor

Download the latest version of Filmora Video Editor on your computer. After successful installation, Double click on the program and run it, here you will be asked to select the screen size for your project and mode, and you can select the 'New Project' option to enter the main editing interface.

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Slow Motion Video App Windows

Step 2: Import Video to the Video Editor

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Video Slow Motion App For Macair

Now you will see the main screen of the software, there are plenty of options, but first of all you will need to import the video which you want to convert into a slow motion video. Click on 'Import Media Files Here', you can also import the media by drop or drag method. Simply select the video that you want to convert in a folder and click and hold to drag it to the program.

Step 3: Edit Video with Slow Motion Effect

After the successful import, your video will be shown in the media Tab. Now, drag this video file to the timeline, double click on the video in the timeline, it will open the settings to change the speed of the video.

Now, here you can change the brightness, contrast, hue, saturation and speed of the video. The speed option is in the form of a bar which can be selected from tortoise to rabbit icon, move the cursor to the left side and it will slow down the video, however, moving it to the right side will increase the speed of the video. You can set it to any place you want.

Futher Video Editing Tips:

Crop Videos:That's it! You will see increased in the length of the video, now, you can apply different effects on the video or if the screen size is too wide, you can crop out a portion of the screen to make the perfect video. Click on 'Crop & Zoom' icon and select the output screen size of the video. There are plenty of other options for editing the video such as mosaic, Face off and Tilt effect, Click on 'Power Tool' icon on the toolbar to reveal those options.

Rotate Videos: The amazing features this slow motion video editor doesn't end here, if you have recorded the video in the wrong direction, you can simply change the direction of video using 'Rotate and Flip' option. Or if you want to focus on a particular point in the video, you can crop the video and leave out the remaining part of the video. Moreover, the introduction and credits of the videos can also be added at the start and end of the video respectively and there are tons of frames available.

Step 4: Export Video with Slow Motion

Once you have made the perfect slow motion video, you can click on the 'EXPORT' button to export the video to your PC or upload directly to YouTube or Vimeo. Now, Select the option which suits you best and click on 'EXPORT'. That's it! You have successfully made the slow motion video using the software.

Want to learn more on how to edit videos with Filmora Video Editor, please read the article below:

Free Slow Motion App

1. Fast Motion Effect: How to Make a Video in Fast Motion

2. Special Video Effects: How to Download and Apply Video Effects with Ease

Android Slow Motion Video App

3. Edit Videos:How to Edit Videos Easily


Last but not the least, the edited videos can easily be shared on popular video sharing website YouTube and can also be exported to the media library of your computer or iPhone, Android mobile devices. The best part about exporting the videos is that there are plenty of settings available for exporting videos, from frame rate to output format, you can even change the audio quality and audio format for the final videos.

Now, I think you will not ask about how to make slow motion video any more. You worth own Filmora Video Editor, with it, you can adjust the speed of your video to show more interesting and vivid effects. Download it now, starting to create a stunning slow motion video.

Slow Motion App For Pc

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