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Everyone needs a capable note-taking app to keep things organized. Evernote is the oldest note-taking software out there. The majority uses the software as file-cabinet to keep notes, documents, web clippings, and more. As for Apple users, Apple Notes is the default option for them. With each iteration of iOS and macOS, Apple is adding more features to the Notes app. If you are getting confused about these two apps, then you have come to the right place.

Apple Notes is focusing on simplicity while Evernote weights on organization and features. Each software has its pros and cons. You might find one that suits your needs and requirements.


NoteLedge is an all-in-one multimedia note-taking app that gives you everything you need to take notes and organize mixed-media content. This app comes with versatile editing tools for you to type, write, draw, insert photos, record audio and video, and personalize your notes with stickers, papers and covers. Noted is a fully-integrated audio recording and note-taking app Noise reduction and EQ Remove unwanted background noise, and enhance your recording for clearer playback. Apr 28, 2010  Take notes with recorded audio using the best note taking app in the App Store! AudioNote combines the functionality of a notepad and voice recorder to create a powerful tool that will save you time while improving the quality of your notes. It’s the perfect app for students or business. Jan 06, 2020  Evernote Evernote is a robust note-taking app that has long been recommended for note-taking and document sharing, and best of all, you can use your voice to type. You can share notes, annotate images, and collaborate on notes so that you can be as productive as possible. If you just need a note taker, Evernote's perfect for that.

In this post, we are going to compare Evernote to the Apple Notes on Mac. We will also have a word on mobile apps. The comparison will cover Cross-platform availability, User Interface, Note organization, Note editor, features, pricing, and more. Let’s get started.

Cross-Platform Availability

In this area, you will always find Apple apps at a disadvantage. Apple Notes is only available on iOS, iPad OS, and macOS. Evernote is accessible everywhere, including iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and iPad.

User Interface

Both the apps follow the standard design elements for a notes app. Starting with Apple Notes, it offers all the notebook folders on the left pane, and notes on the right side.

Only one element bothers me in Apple Notes. The formatting bar remains at the top. There is no way to hide it.

Evernote looks and feels better to me. The software uses the dark-themed sidebar with notebooks, tags, trash, and other options. Evernote also lets you choose from multiple note-viewing options such as Card view, Snipped view, Side List view, and more. Unlike Apple Notes, the formatting bar only comes to play when you try to edit the note.

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Notes Organization

Notes organization is essential in note-taking apps. It might make or break the decision for you. After a couple of months, you are going to fill-up the software with hundreds of notes. So, it’s essential to find the relevant note quickly and efficiently. And here is where the notes organization comes in.

Starting with Apple Notes, the software allows you to create multiple notebooks. You can create sub-notebooks inside it. Unfortunately, there is no way to tag a note and find it using the added tag.

Evernote shines when it comes to notes organization. You can create notebooks and even add multiple tags to note for a better organizational structure. Adding tags is one of the best features of Evernote. I hope Apple Notes and OneNote take inspiration from it.

Note Editor

Apple Notes is offering limited options when it comes to editing a note. You can choose from Title, Headings, Subheading, Monospaced, Bullet list, and Numbered list. Users can also integrate photos and documents inside a note.

I like the table add-on. In certain notes, tables make it easy to keep things organized. Sadly, there is no way to highlight words in Apple Notes. I hope Apple adds a native highlighter in future updates.

Evernote feels like a full-fledged document editor with dozens of editing options. You can choose from the various font style, sizes, and even colors. If you are someone who likes formatting notes with different fonts styles, colors, and highlighter, then you can go ahead with Evernote.

I like the direct integration of Google Drive in Evernote. You can add files from Google Drive to Evernote with one step. I hope Apple offers a similar add-on with the iCloud or OneDrive platform.

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Both the Evernote and Apple Notes offer search functions. Evernote is one step ahead as it lets you search within image text too. Apple Notes, on the other hand, enjoys close integration with macOS.

You can simply use ‘Command + Space’ keys, open Spotlight search, and start searching for notes within Apple Notes.

Sharing and Extension

With Apple Notes, you can invite others to make changes to the Notes and folders. Users can also use the default Share menu to send notes via Mail, Airdrop, Messages, and even attach the note to the Reminders app.

Evernote lets you directly share a file through email. You can also invite others to join the notebook and make changes.

Evernote offers a Chrome extension to clip content from the web to Evernote. You can also add web bookmarks using the Evernote extension. I hope Apple follows suit and develop Notes extension for Safari and Chrome browser.

Storage and Price

Note Taking Apps For Mac

Apple Notes uses the iCloud platform to store user data. The company offers 5GB of iCloud storage for free. After that, you have to pay for the additional space on iCloud. The pricing starts at $1 for 50GB.

Voice Recording Note Taking App Mac Free

Evernote relies on its data centers to store the notes and user data. The free version is limited to two devices. The premium plan is priced at $70.

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A Word on Mobile Apps

Both Apple Notes and Evernote offer a native experience on iOS. Evernote is better with the bottom bar, intuitive user interface, dark theme support, and the ability to add voice notes. The formatting options are also the same as the desktop, which is a good thing.

Apple Notes is as functional on the phone as it's on desktop. You can use the spotlight search to search within Apple Notes.

Start Taking Notes

Best Note Taking App For Mac

Both the Apple Notes and Evernote have their pros and cons. Apple Notes offer better OS integration, and it is free to use. Evernote is feature-rich, offers better organization and the web clipper is the best in business. As of now, I’m sticking Evernote. If you are planning to move from Apple Notes to Evernote, then you will appreciate the add-ons that Evernote offers compared to Apple Notes.

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Did You Know

Notion, the productivity app, was founded in 2013.

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Voice Memos User Guide

Voice Recording Note Taking App

With Voice Memos, use your Mac as a recording device. To record voice memos on Mac, use the built-in microphone, a supported headset, or an external mic. You can listen to your voice memos on any device where you’re signed in using the same Apple ID and Voice Memos is turned on in iCloud preferences. See Set up iCloud.

  1. In the Voice Memos app on your Mac, click the Record button (or use the Touch Bar).

  2. To pause, click the Pause button . To continue, click Resume.

  3. When you finish, click Done in the lower-right corner.

Your recording is saved with the name of your location (if “Location-based naming” is selected in preferences) or with the name “New Recording.”

Manually sync notes app on mac iphone. This may be caused by large backup files. To solve these sync issues, you can optimize, or delete existing notebook backups.Optimize OneNote notebook.In OneNote, click File Options.In the Options dialog, click Save & Backup.Click Optimize All Files Now.

After a recording is saved, you can select it to play or make edits, such as renaming or trimming.

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