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Nov 08, 2018  Amazon Alexa has been available on a few Windows 10 laptops, but starting today, anyone with a Windows 10 PC can download the Alexa app from the Microsoft Store. Alexa on your desktop or laptop works much the same way it does on your Echo smart speakers: you ask Alexa what the weather is, tell it to control your smart lights, and play some music from Amazon Music — if you. Download Alexa App. Sign into your Amazon account, or create one. There are a few issues Alexa App for Mac in your program can't do — like playing your music — nonetheless, in the occasion, you've baffled what the computerized collaborator can, presently's your likelihood to endeavor it out.

Note: To download Alexa App for Windows 10, Windows 7, MAC, Chromebook, iPad, iPhone, Kindle and all- Click the download button and install the app on your Echo Plus, Echo Dot, or Echo device. Mar 21, 2018  1. Set Up Amazon Echo and Alexa Properly Step 1. Install the Alexa app and Plug-in Amazon Echo. Install the Alexa app on your Android or iOS device.But, don’t open it yet. Amazon Device Support › Accounts and Alexa › Alexa App › Download the Alexa App To download the Alexa app, visit the app store on your compatible mobile device.

Let’s all face it! Alexa is one of the best available virtual assistants. You sure want to download the Alexa app for windows 10 or any other computer window like 7, 8, 8.1 or Mac OS. We will look at all about Alexa app as well as step by step installation process.

This wise invention from Amazon allows voice interaction opening doors for a wide range of functions. From music playbacks to making to do lists, streaming podcasts and playing audio books. Alexa also controls other smart devices by using itself as a home automation system.


After going through the above, Alexa’s importance should be plain clear. To clarify further the question should be“what can Alexa do?What can you benefit when you download Alexa app for windows 7 or 8 or any of the above.

Yes! Alexa can play music. Of course we all know that. It can control your smart home and deliver relevant information. Now that’s cool. It allows Amazon prime members order products directly from Amazon, way cooler right? There is more.


Once you download Alexa app for windows on your computer, you will see a skill section. Here, they are several skill categories in the app. You will find sections like smart home, travel and transportation, music and audio, food and drink, many more. Currently, with Amazon blueprint you can create your own skill. The Amazon skill store is open to publishing your own skill. Others can use your published skill on their device. You can request Alexa to do anything relating to the above skill categories.

Below is a small list of popular functions you can request of Alexa

You can use Alexa to:

  • Ask web questions
  • Get specific and general news report
  • Play radio programs
  • Stream music and podcasts
  • Play games
  • Play ambient sounds, lullaby or sleep music
  • Make calls to contacts on mobile phones
  • Control smart devices at home with voice commands. Example: smart lights, connected thermostats, connected cars and so on
  • Set alarms and timers
  • Get weather forecasts
  • Make grocery list and more

That is a small list. There are many more functions Alexa can perform. The icing on this cake is the sweet ability to use the app without paying a dime! Yes you can use the app for free, no monthly fees. However you may have to pay for subscriptions on other apps.

Now this leads to downloads. How to download Alexa app for windows 10 and the others? Follow the process below step after step. You will then have the Alexa app installed on your device.


To be reading this, you may have thought “How do I download Alexa app for windows 10?” Here I will show you just how.

To download Alexa app for windows 10 go get it from Microsoft store. Here is the link:

You can also download Alexa app for windows 10 by launching the pre installed app on your Alexa built in PC.


  • Open the Microsoft store and search for Alexa app
  • Go to the app with blue Alexa icon and click get. A progress bar will pop up on the page. Allow download to complete.
  • Once the app is downloaded click launch. This is to start the installation process for installing the app to your computer.
  • When your Alexa app gets installed, next you restart your computer.
  • Once your computer comes back on, go to the windows 10 start menu and run Alexa app.
  • Now click on set up Amazon Alexa.
  • The terms and condition page will open, click on the continue button

“Launch the app on sign in to this computer”

“Allow app sounds” Keep these two options the same.


  • Click on finish set up
  • The next screen you will see is log in. Here you are to enter your Amazon user Id and password so you can log in to the Alexa app
  • If you do not have an Amazon account, click “create a new Amazon account”. Once you click this, a new page will pop up. You will be required to fill in your name, email address and password. Create a password you can remember, try to use letters and numbers. This way your password is more secure.
  • Now you can click on create Amazon account and your Amazon account will be created. Then, you log in.
  • Once you have logged in, start pairing. Pair your Alexa echo devices which ever one it is. Either Echo dot, Echo spot, Echo look, Echo plus or any other Echo devices.
  • You will see a three line icon by the top-left corner of the computer window. This allows you change settings anytime you wish.

There! Download of Alexa app on your windows 10 complete. Now you can place a command to Alexa and have her plan your day for you.

Now let’s look at how to download Alexa app for Mac.


So I have said all about how to download Alexa app for windows 10.But then, what if your device does not run windows 10 but uses Mac. Well, Alexa app is available for Mac too.

Let’s quickly run through how to download Alexa app for Mac and installation.

The step by step process is listed below:

  • To get Alexa app for Mac, go to iTunes store and download it. Here is the link
  • Once you have downloaded the Alexa app on your Mac, open it and start installation.
  • Now set up the Amazon Alexa app for echo devices. To do this, choose the same network your echo devices are connected on.
  • Once the installation of the Amazon Alexa app on your Mac is completed, you log in.
  • To log in to your Amazon account, provide your username and password on the page. If you do not have an account, do create one. Scroll up to see how to go about this.
  • After logging in, you can start pairing. Pair Alexa and other smart devices in your home with the just downloaded Alexa app.
  • You will see an icon for setting in the app, which is the only place setting, can be adjusted.

Congratulations! Your download and installation of the Alexa app on your Mac OS is finally complete.


Can you really download Alexa app for windows 7? Well yes and no. No, because Alexa app is currently unavailable for windows 7 computers. We all know windows 7 has become an outdated version but using the Alexa app is still possible! How? You can use it without downloading the app. Processes to follow:

  • Go to your computer web browser, type in “Alexa. Amazon. com” on the address bar and click enter
  • The Alexa app webpage will pop up on your Windows 7 computer
  • You will be required to fill in the username and password of your Amazon account. If you do not have an Amazon account, you will need to create one. Scroll up, I have explained how to do this.
  • After filling in your details, you will be logged into the Alexa app webpage. Now you connect your echo device to Alexa but first you have to turn it on. Connect your echo device to a wall socket to turn it on.
  • The ring light on your Alexa device should turn to an orange color
  • Next, check the left side of your windows 7 PC screen for a navigation panel. You will use this in connecting echo devices with Alexa.
  • Select setting then click on set up a new device
  • Now you click on the bar for Amazon echo. Then, you select the language of your echo device.

Now, to get the echo device to set up mode, follow these simple steps

  • Go to WI-FI settings on your computer
  • A list will come up, select your Amazon Alexa device from the list
  • What to do when your Alexa device is not on the list? Easy! Hold down the action button of your device for at most twelve seconds. Your device should appear on the list.

Now, all you have to do is follow the instructions on the screen to complete the echo set up.


To download Alexa app for windows 8.1, there are a few steps to follow. However downloading Alexa app for windows 8 is currently not possible, just like windows 7.

How to download Alexa app for windows 8.1

In the Preview app on your Mac, if the Markup toolbar isn’t showing, click the Show Markup Toolbar button, then click the Rectangular Selection button. Select the portion of the page you want to keep. Click the Crop button in the Markup toolbar (or use the Touch Bar). Note: To undo the crop immediately, choose Edit Undo Crop. Jun 16, 2014  Cropping a Picture with Preview in Mac OS X Open the image file you want to crop into the Preview app in Mac OS X Click the “Editor Toolbar” button, it’s located on the right side of the general image toolbar and looks like a toolbox or a little pencil. Aug 20, 2018  1. Open the image you wish to crop. By default, it will be opened in Preview. If not, right-click on the image, then select “Open with” → Preview. Click the “Markup” button to reveal the editing tools. Now choose “Rectangular Selection”, it’s usually set by default in the selection tool. Click Tools Crop afterward and preview will crop the selection, cutting out everything else in the image. As with any edit, click File Save to save your changes. Select Tools Adjust Size to bring up the Resize dialog, which will allow you to resize the image. Crop in preview mac app.

  • Sign in to your windows 8.1 PC via your Microsoft account.
  • Hit the start menu of your windows 8.1 computer.
  • Go to the search bar on the right side on the screen.
  • Type in Alexa app and click enter to search.
  • The Alexa app option will pop up on the Microsoft store, now download it.
  • Once the download is complete, perform all the steps required.
  • When the Alexa app installation is done, log in to the Alexa app using your Amazon account.

Here are some common issues that users are facing while using Alexa App, Amazon Echo Devices or Other Smart home devices with Echo and Alexa.

  • Alexa App Error
  • Login Error in Alexa App
  • Alexa Wi-Fi connectivity issues
  • Facing problem in linking Alexa to Spotify
  • Echo Error 10:2:17:5:1
  • Unable to Configure Device language
  • Alexa couldn’t find my other devices
  • Getting Echo errors 6:1:103:10:3
  • Echo 7:1:10:12:2 Error
  • My Echo is getting 15:1:26:0:2 Error

Still unable to fix the issue, Submit your query in our Forum Section for Instant Help

What’s the use of a smart speaker if it doesn’t respond to your queries? One would prefer to get a simple Bluetooth speaker instead. To the disappointment of many Amazon Echo users, Alexa does not respond to their voice commands. When they issue a command, Alexa hears it but doesn’t say anything back. If your Alexa also seems to be on mute, this post will tell you why Alexa is not talking back to you and how to fix Alexa won’t respond issue.

Some Amazon Echo (Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo Show, etc.) users who had faced this problem suggest that the Alexa takes the command but doesn’t work on it. For others, Alexa performs the command without replying to the user or confirming the action to them.

Let’s understand why Alexa is giving you the silent treatment and various ways to make it talk back.

1. Faulty Changes

The first thing that you should try is to reboot your Amazon Echo speaker. Often, we make a certain change in the Alexa app and it doesn’t apply immediately. Thus, causing issues. For instance, a user had changed their Wi-Fi password causing issues to Alexa. A simple reboot applied the changes and brought back the voice of Amazon Echo. To restart your Echo, unplug the device for 10-15 seconds. Then replug it.

2. Low Volume

As implausible as it may sound, the low volume might also be the reason for Alexa not talking back. Use the physical buttons on the Echo speaker to increase the volume. Alternatively, issue the commands like, ‘Alexa, volume 5’ or ‘Alexa, increase the volume.’ For the unaware, Alexa has ten levels of volume. So you can go up to volume 10.

You can also take a look at the current volume from the Alexa app settings. For that, open the Alexa app and tap on Devices. Tap on your device under Echo & Alexa.

Change the volume under Audio.

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3. Changed Wake Word for Alexa

The wake word is the name used for calling Alexa. By default, it’s Alexa, but you can change it to Computer, Echo, or Amazon. If Alexa isn’t listening to you at all, you might have changed its wake word. App bar on mac is very small business.

For instance, one of my colleagues had changed the wake word to Computer and later reset the Echo. Since resetting Echo clears its customization, Alexa didn’t respond to the previous wake word – Computer and that left him clueless for a while.

So check the currently set wake word. For that, open the Alexa app. Go to your Echo speaker from Devices > Echo & Alexa > (Your Echo device). Scroll down and tap on Wake Word. Select the correct wake word.

Note: The wake word is device-specific. If you have multiple Echo devices, you will need to verify them individually.

4. Attachment to External Device

If your Echo device supports attaching an external device such as a speaker or a headphone, you should plug it in once fully and then remove it. Sometimes, your Echo thinks it’s still connected to the external device due to improper removal of the device. So you don’t hear anything from the Echo. Hence, attach and remove the aux cable of any external speaker or a headphone from your Echo.

5. Brief Mode

Typically, when you ask or tell Alexa to do something, it responds with a confirmation command. If you use Alexa often, the verbal feedback can be disturbing at times. To make Alexa a little less talkative, Amazon has a special feature for its voice assistant known as Brief mode. When enabled, you will hear a simple beep or chime sound after commands where she is supposed to do something.

This mode could also be the reason why Alexa isn’t talking to you. To fix it, you will need to disable the Brief mode. For that, open the Alexa app and tap on the three-bar icon at the top. Choose Settings.

Scroll down in Settings and tap on Voice Responses. Turn off the toggle next to Brief mode.

Pro Tip: Install echo app for alexaYou should also try disabling Whisper mode in Voice Responses setting. Alexa might be hearing your voice as a whisper due to noise at your place. And as a result, she would be responding back in a whisper (or low voice) which wouldn’t be audible to you. So one might think that Alexa isn’t talking.

6. Follow-Up Mode

Coupled with Brief mode, the Follow-up mode on Alexa might also result in no voice from Alexa. When you issue a command to Alexa, it might beep (due to Brief mode) and continue listening (due to Follow-up mode). As a result, you might think, Alexa isn’t responding. But in reality, she is doing her job well. You can try disabling Follow-up mode too and see if Alexa works as intended for you.

To enable or disable Follow-up mode, launch the Alexa app. Go to Devices followed by Echo & Alexa > Your Echo device. Tap on Follow-up mode. Disable it.

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7. Incompatible Recently Installed Skill

At times, Alexa skills might not work as expected, and that could make Alexa go silent. Did you add a new skill to Alexa recently? Remove the recently added skill and check if Alexa responds back after that.

To add or remove skills, open the Alexa app, and tap on the three-bar icon at the top. Choose Skills & Games from the menu. Go to Your Skills.

Tap on the skill you want to disable. Hit the Disable skill button.

Note: Check out 13 essential Alexa skills for every Amazon Echo user.

8. Paired Bluetooth Devices

Alexa not talking back can also happen if your Echo is connected to a Bluetooth device. The audio would be routing through a Bluetooth device, especially a headphone. So check the paired devices and verify that no device is attempting to connect.

To check for the paired Bluetooth devices in the app, launch the Alexa app. Then go to Devices > Echo & Alexa > (Problematic Echo device). In your Echo device settings, tap on Bluetooth Devices. Make sure no device is trying to connect.

Pro Tip: You can also say, ‘Alexa, Disconnect Bluetooth’ to disconnect from any device.

9. Incompatible Default Music Service for Alexa

If you are trying to play music from a specific music provider and Alexa isn’t responding or playing the music, you need to make the said app a default provider. Find out how to make a music service provider as default in Alexa.

Users facing this issue were able to play the music directly through the music app such as Spotify, but when they asked Alexa to do the same, it didn’t respond. Find out how to fix Alexa not playing music from Amazon Music and Alexa having problems with Spotify.

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Stop the Silent Treatment

If Alexa still doesn’t talk back or you need to reboot it repeatedly, your internet speed could be an issue. You can also try to reset your Echo device if the issue continues. Once you have reset it, follow our guide on how to setup Echo like a pro and various tips to fix Echo setup issues.

Next up:Alexa can be used to call people and for drop-ins. Find out how the two features differ from one another in our next post.

The above article may contain affiliate links which help support Guiding Tech. However, it does not affect our editorial integrity. The content remains unbiased and authentic.Read NextAmazon Alexa Calls vs Drop In: How Do They DifferAlso See

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