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  1. App That Empties Other In Mac Scratch Disk Download

The Scratch Disk only comes in use when the app is running and the moment you quit the application, the scratch disk is emptied. For more tech solutions you can subscribe to our newsletter. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

July 12, 2019 App That Empties Other In Mac Scratch Disk

App That Empties Other In Mac Scratch Disk Download

    It has no doubt that Adobe Photoshop is best image editing software available in the market. But, Sometimes, Users get irritated by some common errors on it. Now, You will get some ideas to fix scratch disks are full error which is a widespread problem in Photoshop CC editions.

    Before going through the troubleshooting guide, let’s know about this error. Usually, This issue appears when a user tries to launch Photoshop or do any tasks in Photoshop. When a user encounters this problem, he/she sees the following error message on a small window.

    Could not complete your request because the scratch disks are full.

    Reasons Behind Scratch Disks are Full:

    Adobe Photoshop is a resource hungry software. Notably, The CC editions need a lot of RAM, CPU, and Disk Space for smooth performance. When RAM usage is high, Photoshop uses hard disk space to perform various tasks. But, When Photoshop can’t use enough hard disk space, it may show you the “scratch disks are full” message. In high-end PCs or Macs, this error is rare. However, You can quickly get relieved from this trouble if you tweak a few things.

    Fix Scratch Disks are Full Error in Photoshop:

    This error may appear while launching Photoshop or doing specific tasks in Photoshop. But, The solutions are similar. However, Here are methods to relieve from scratch disks are full error.

    1. Clear Photoshop Cache:

    This type of problems indicates something like you don’t have enough disk space that photoshop requires to use to complete specific tasks. In this case, You can purge photoshop cache. Sometimes, It works great to fix “scratch disks are full” error. If you don’t know how you can clean the caches, here are the things to do. At first, Open Photoshop. Then, Go to Edit > Purge and choose All. You also can choose options according to your preference.

    2. Free up Scratch Disk Drive:

    When the scratch disk drive doesn’t have enough free storage, you may get this error. So, You will need to clean that disk drive to get rid of the problem. If you are not sure which drive is acting as the scratch disk for Adobe Photoshop, you can do following things.

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    Preferences > Scratch Disks at Adobe Photoshop” width=”954″ height=”720″>

    At first open Photoshop. Then, Click on Edit from the menu and navigate to Preferences > Scratch Disk.

    Now, You will see and be sure which one is your scratch disk. You will see a tick sign before that particular disk drive.

    However, After being sure which one is the appropriate drive, remove unnecessary files, programs, etc. from there. You can use Windows Disk Cleanup to do it conveniently. After opening start menu, type “disk cleanup” to find this tool. Then use it properly.

    3. Delete Temporary Files:

    Although Disk Cleanup tool deletes most temporary folders, you still may need to delete some files manually. Sometimes, Temp folder of your PC may become full of Photoshop related junk files. It is another reason behind the problem we are talking about. So, You can go to that “Temp” folder and delete manually. To go to that folder, you can use RUN command.

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    Press Win + R on the keyboard. It will open RUN. Then, Type the following command and click on OK.


    It will open the appropriate folder. Now, Find all adobe photoshop related files and folders. Then, Delete them manually. Usually, The temporary file names associated with Photoshop start with ~PST. However, You will quickly understand which are correct files to delete. If you wish, You can remove everything from this folder. It should not have any problem. It may fix scratch disks are full in Photoshop.

    4. Increase Photoshop RAM Usage Limit:

    By default, Photoshop uses 60% of your RAM. If you have set to use a lower amount of RAM for Photoshop, it can create problems. However, You can increase the RAM usage limit of you have plenty of RAM. It can fix scratch disks are full error. To do it, Go to Edit > Preferences > Performance on Adobe Photoshop. Then, Increase RAM usage limit by dragging the switch or typing your preferred amount in the appropriate box. Then, Click on OK. Now, Relaunch Photoshop.

    From now, It will use more RAM. As a result, It won’t need to use scratch disks more frequently. So, You may no longer face this error.

    5. Change Scratch Disk Location:

    If you want, you can change the scratch disk drive. Doing these it can fix scratch disks are full error. Anyway, To make this change, do following things.

    • Navigate to Edit > Preferences > Scratch Disk in Adobe Photoshop.
    • Now, Check the drive you prefer and uncheck which one you don’t want to use anymore.
    • Save the settings by clicking on OK.

    It should fix your problem. Though It has a minimal possibility to work, you may try to repair common hard disk issues to get rid of scratch disks are full error in Adobe Photoshop.