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Installing a new application on Mac is such a simple task and even when you don’t want it anymore, you can finally get rid of it by uninstalling it. This might look simple and easy to note for, but some cases of uninstallation do not remove stubborn apps, or their leftover data as should have been. Their tag along run in the system and takes over your precious space without letting you know.

If this is what you are facing, begin with restarting the system and remove the applications once again. Even after this if the stubbornness remains alive, let’s go ahead!

How To Delete Apps On Mac Using Manual Method?

  • Sep 25, 2019  After closing every app, go to Shut Down. Deselect the option to ‘Reopen windows when logging back in.’ Confirm you want to ‘Shut Down’ your Mac and wait at least 30 seconds before restarting it. Make sure you don’t automatically reopen windows when logging back in. Boot your Mac into Safe Mode to stop background processes.
  • Mar 01, 2011  Empty the trash - shift command delete (and then hit ok) Force emtpy the trash - shift command option delete OR Go to terminal application (applications / utilities / terminal), and type rm -rf /.Trash/. or sudo rm -rf /.Trash/. if the previous does.
  • For apps installed from the Mac App Store (MAS), do this: Open the Launchpad. Click and hold on the app you wish to delete. When you do this you'll see the apps start to wiggle just like they do on iPhones and iPads, and little X buttons will appear on the icons of apps that can be deleted.

Press the Shift key on your Mac and hold it while your Mac boots. Once you see the Apple logo and a progress bar on the screen, you can let go of the Shift key. Open the Mail app now and check if the issue persists. If the issue still persists, the problem may be with the Gmail account which you are using on the Mail app. May 06, 2010  If the files you're deleting are on a hard drive connected to your Mac, and you're getting a message saying something about the files being deleted immediately, you have a problem with your trash folder. The quickest fix is to open the Terminal and paste the following line: rm -rf /.Trash.

The most basic and simple method that you must be using by now is deleting apps by dragging it into the trash. This method has been mentioned for confirmation whether you are following it correctly or not. Plus, don’t forget to take these steps right after restarting the system once again.

Step 1: Close the program which you want to delete.

Step 2: Reach to the Applications folder or click the hard disk icon. In fact, you can search for a particular application by searching it in Finder.

Step 3: Drag the icon to the Trash. Finally, empty the trash to delete apps on mac.

How To Delete Apps On Mac That Won’t Delete?

Because all the programs and apps on mac store themselves in the Application directory, you need to make some extra efforts to remove orphan files from the system.

To begin with, you need to repeat the steps mentioned above or uninstall the application by dragging in the trash & emptying it.

After this, open Library > Preferences. How?

Step 1: Open Finder and choose Go option from the menu.

Step 2: Once the menu unfolds, press the Option key for a few seconds until the Library option appears on the screen. Open the files by searching the name of software using Spotlight and draw them into the trash as soon as found.

And it’s done!

But the question is, do you really wish to follow a long method? And what if you want to uninstall multiple apps at the same time? We do not want you to search for the topic of ‘how to delete apps on mac’ every time, and hence recommending an easy way out.

How To Delete Apps On Mac That Won’t Delete Using A Smart Tool?

Now that you have been looking for a smart and efficient tool to delete apps on mac, we would like to recommend tried, tested and trusted by many, Smart Mac Care! Blackberry desktop software mac not recognizing device windows 10.

Now as the name says, this tool is taking care of your system at one end whereas helping in uninstallation of unwanted applications on another.

Smart Mac Care though contains many advanced features of its own, Uninstaller has major quality of improving the performance and space in Mac by scanning the unused apps and providing an option to delete them.

You do not even need to bring unwanted applications to the software as Smart Mac Care deals with such situations just like that.

If you look for what it can do more, duplicate files remover, disk usage with capacity, memory optimizer, and privacy protection are other unmissable features of the same.

How to Remove Apps Using Smart Mac Care?


Step 1: Install Smart Mac Care by clicking on the ‘Download’ link below.

Download now and save $20 on Smart Mac Care!

Step 2: The application will itself scan through the system to find the status of various parts of the system. Do not worry about the time taken as deep scanning does take some time!

Step 3: Reach the Uninstaller by coming to the panel of Advanced Features as shown in the image above.

Step 4: The scanning has already shown results to which you can select which app needs to be deleted and which ones not by marking on the white box beside. Select ‘Clean Now’ once selected.

This way, you can delete multiple applications, even those you were not aware of and lying in the system idle and eating space.

How To Delete Apps On Mac From Mac App Store?

If you do not want a particular application on the page of the Mac App store even, you have control for the same. Don’t worry, you can update or download it back from iTunes, in case future call its need.

So what you need to do is:

Step 1: Open the Launchpad by pressing F4 or clicking on the ‘Rocket’ icon.

Step 2: Now whatever is opened in front will be taken over by app icons.

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Step 3: Click on the unwanted app for a longer time and all the other icons will show some buzzing. Do not worry, just click on ‘X’ sign above unwanted app and select ‘Delete’ from the next prompt.

App Wont Go Into Trash On Mac Windows 10

And it’s done!

What Are The Advantages Of Deleting Apps On Mac?

Let’s just say that even if you are not an organized person in real life, an organized space of computer system saves you from many problems in the near future. Let’s just look at why you should consider deleting those apps on the Mac that are not in use.

  • Saves space for tomorrow: As you delete unwanted apps today, you are able to save a good space chunk for the future. Here, you can store new apps, movies, videos, and pictures with better space optimization.
  • Performance Improvement: If you think that cluttered disk space doesn’t matter to the working performance, think again. When one part of the machine is not running straight, how could others be? And this is why your computer works better when optimum space is present by deleting unwanted apps on Mac.


All the self-contained applications that an app invites into your system can be easily removed, hence removing even the last trace. From the various methods mentioned above, you can pick any of the manual method. But to be absolutely sure and let the work be done carefreely will definitely want you to try Smart Mac Care.

Now that when you search for information on how to delete apps on mac that won’t delete, don’t stop trying new tools and giving yourself space and performance.

If you have found out the solution you came here for, let us know in the comment section below. Along with that, we welcome your suggestions and feedback as well. At the same time, do not forget to keep an eye on our Facebook & YouTube page for more updates.

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My problem is that I have some files on my desktop that will not go into the trash. The pop-up message says the item is currently being used by another task, even though I have tried closing all applications, restarting, checking my startup to make sure nothing activates. I think these were downloads that were in progress when Internet Explorer crashed, but they are not in the download manager anymore either.
How can i delete these desktop items??? Thaks in advance for any help/suggestions.
I read through a bunch of the archive and most of the advice was how to force trash something already in the trash. If there is a thread out there please point me to it. Thanks again.