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Microsoft Visual Studio for Mac Free Download: Microsoft Visual Studio for Mac is one of the most exciting code editing programming applications for your Mac PC. Microsoft Visual Studio for Macbook is an amazing programming application, which developed with IDE and the app that offers you some well-organized space by using this programming tool you can able to develop some mobile and desktop applications. The environment of the programming application gets integrated with Xamarin tools, and it offers you some possibilities to build and test your apps in the cloud. The application that helps you by making the things much easier, the Microsoft Visual Studio for Mac app developed with an amazing installer, where the tool that allows you to select the components that you want to install. Moreover, it provides all the possibilities to configure the installation location, with that the deployment and the download process gets handled on its own. Worth mention, that the installation procedures of the application id depend upon your system it may take some time, with that you have to make sure that your system has the considerable amount of space available for installing the application. To help for your start, the programming application has got tested with some of the predefined templates for iOS, tvOS, Android, .NET Core, tvOS, Android or Mac applications. The app has an additional feature that is; it can able to create multiplatform apps such as Xamarin forms, iOS, Android utilities, iOS and Mac games.

  1. Develop Mac Osx Apps On Windows Visual Studio Windows 10

May 12, 2017  In this article, we’ll learn start to finish about Visual Studio for Mac tools and debugging and how to start with console projects. So first, read my last article to know more about the installation process. When you are done with the installation, just go to your Mac Launchpad to show all applications or open Visual Studio from Application Finder.

In the Microsoft Visual Studio for Mac OS X app environment, allows you to work on the source code, debug the code and it gets integrated with Git repository. Then the IDE of the app that enables you to take some advantage of the IntelliSense suggestion system, with that it gets packed with the MSBuild engine. The important point to note that all the projects of the app can be tested in the Xamarin Test Cloud, with that IDE also offers support for Azure and .NET Core connectivity. Moreover, here you will get extended to the Visual Studio capabilities just by installing different plug-ins. The programming tools that offer you the versatile workspace, which is used here for developing your codes. So download Microsoft Visual Studio on your Mac PC and experience the features of the application.

  1. Mar 25, 2019  Mobile Apps can be developed with Visual Studio. Thanks to Xamarin, Visual Studio now lets you share code over multiple platforms such as iOS, Android and now, macOS. Ability to make Web Apps. As Visual Studio supports ASP.NET, developers can easily code the front-end of websites and use Visual Studio to directly upload the code to the cloud.
  2. You can develop apps for iOS using Visual Studio and Xamarin on Windows 10 but you still need a Mac on your LAN to run Xcode. A refurbished Mac mini ($500) will do the job.

Microsoft Visual Studio for Mac – Specifications

Application Name: Microsoft Visual Studio
Developer: Microsoft
Version: 2017
Categories: Developer
Languages: Many Languages
File size: 426.9 MB

Features of Microsoft Visual Studio Mac


The salient features of Microsoft Visual Studio Mac Download are listed below

Fuzzy Matching: Microsoft Visual Studio application designed with some enhanced new feature called Fuzzy Matching, which is used here for showing the typing name or the misspelling in the result based on the fuzzy match.

Reference Window Changing: In the Main method, you will write as (Customer cust = new Customer();) and just place the cursor in the word Customer then press the Shift+F12 it will show the reference Window, which can be changed according to “Find Symbol Results”.

Develop mac osx apps on windows visual studio windows 10

Reference Filtering: When you get the reference to the class or property, where you will give all the referenced issues without any option to filter those things. Now you can able to filter all the benefits in the references Window.

Grouping: The Grouping is the unique feature of the application, with the “Group By” feature you can able to modify all the references that displayed. Moreover, the app will offer some advantages that shown below, which is used here for the immediate navigation to the reference.

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Search: The search box of the application located on the top right corner of the text Window, with the help of this feature you can able to search the “references” results.

Sorting: Now the programming app that allows you to click the results that post headers from Code, File, Line, Col and Project and it has become your reference result recorded by these columns.

Colorization: Here you can able to mark your references that shown in different colours, which is used here to guide you in a clear understanding of the recommendations.

Download Microsoft Visual Studio for Mac

Develop Mac Osx Apps On Windows Visual Studio Windows 10

Microsoft Visual Studio app is compatible with the Mac version of 10.0 and later.

Click here to Download Microsoft Visual Studio for Mac using Official site.

Techniques to Download Microsoft Visual Studio on Your Mac PC

Technique One: The first technique to download Microsoft Visual Studio Mac apps on your Mac PC, you have to make a click on above given “Download Link” if once you click the link, it will get download and installed automatically in our PC.

Technique Two: The second method to download Microsoft Visual Studio Mac on your Mac, and you can able to use this method for all Apple device. In this method, you can get the app from its home site. Once you enter into the site, you can able to see many options on the screen, in the page, you can see four different Blue Download Button in that select yours and click to get the app on your MacPC. Once you click the button, it will get download and installed automatically on your Mac PC.

Screenshots of Microsoft Visual Studio

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