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Audio analyzer software is an important tool that helps in understanding the finer details of an audio file so that the different aspects can be identified and utilized. With the use of these software, it is very easy to make conclusions and adjustments.

High Resolution Audio Spectrum Analyzer TrueRTA's audio spectrum analyzer software shows you a detailed picture of what you're hearing in real-time, that is, as it happens. The audio spectrum analyzer shows the changing spectrum of live input signals up to 48kHz (half the maximum sampling frequency). ISpectrum - Macintosh Audio Spectrum Analyzer. ISpectrum is an easy to use audio spectrum analyzer that allows you to view live audio in a standard frequency plot, a stereo oscilloscope view and a waterfall display. You can adjust the display resolution, center frequency and save images to disk. ISpectrum is used by Amateur Radio Operators, Audiofiles, Musicians, Sound Technicians and Educators.


In this post, we will discuss some of the best software in this category that you can download together with their top features to assist you in audio analysis.


TrueRTA is an audio analyzer software that shows to a great detail and with pictures the various properties of an audio file, and this is done in real time. For instance, with the use of this software, it is possible to view the frequency of live music in real time.


Spek is a cross-platform audio analyzer software that offers lots of features. With the use of this software, it is possible to perform ultra-fast signal processing, use multiple threads to further speed up the analysis, auto-fitting time, frequency and spectral density rulers, and it shows the codec name and the audio signal parameters.

Audio RightMark

Audio RightMark also referred to as RMAA, in short, is an audio analyzer software that is able to perform this analysis on a wide range of digital devices. The software features a simplified interface, and this makes it ideal for a wide range of users which is highly desirable.

Other Platform

An audio analyzer software is a relatively heavy software and requires a considerable amount of resources so that it can perform optimally; though this is quickly changing especially considering the fact that the platforma especially are advancing fast, and it is no wonder that there are software even for this platform

Audio Measurement and Analysis Software For Windows

Audio Measurement and Analysis Software is a comprehensive audio analyzer software that runs on the Windows platform and comes with numerous features. Essentially, it is a collection of tools for measurement and analysis of audio in communication as well as acoustical systems. It can deploy a professional or even standard sound card.

Spectre for Mac

Spectre is an audio analyzer software that is dedicated to the Mac platform. The software is a multi-instrument and multi-channel analyzer that offers feedback in real-time. Some of the meters available in this software are VU, oscilloscope, level, spectrograph and spectrogram thus making it a very comprehensive analyzer.

Sound Analyser PRO For Android

Sound Analyser PRO is an audio analyzer software that finds home right on your Android device. The app literally transforms your phone into a spectrum analysis tool as it also comes with a spectrogram. For effective control, the software offers manual and auto controls.

Most Popular Software – WavePad FFT Sound Analyzer

WavePad FFT Sound Analyzer software has emerged as the most preferred tool for the year, and this can be heavily attributed to its rich properties. The tool is also very powerful and comes with some very powerful tools that is the FFT plus the more advanced TFFT.

What is Audio Analyzer Software?

An audio analyzer software is a computer program that has the ability to determine the various aspects of audio. This could be a file in the computer or sounds in the real time. As a result, these soft wares requires sound cards that are very effective and in some cases, professional sound cards are preferred. You may also see Audio Equalizer Software

The soft wares can be dedicated to the particular role, or it can also be composed of other functionalities especially audio editing for the purposes of refining the audio analyzed. As a result, it is important to properly identify your requirements. You may also see Audio Tuner Software

Spectrum Analyzer software, free download


The key to being effective and accurate in any task is to ensure that you have the appropriate tool for the job. We hope you understand the individual features and specifications of audio analyzer software.

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