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Jun 18, 2020 Any Mac user must know about FlipHTML5, it’s so far the best free publisher program for Mac. It has unique features and offers the best services. FlipHTML5’s publishing technology is strong and can be used under a diverse situation like adding multimedia to the digital publication, offering free online services and others. Compare the best Desktop Publishing software for Mac of 2020 for your business. Find the highest rated Desktop Publishing software for Mac pricing, reviews, free demos, trials, and more. The best desktop publishing software is easy to use and provides lots of beautiful templates and graphics for you to use. These programs should be useful for professional level projects or at-home creations. You'll want to make sure the program you choose has all of the features and tools you need. When we asked Kym Ridl if she had any advice. Aug 10, 2019  PageStream is a great desktop publishing tool. This InDesign alternative was launched initially under the tag “Publishing Partner,” which made its way in the market in 1986. PageStream works exactly like InDesign on Mac systems. Users can easily manage the work using the interesting features of this software.

  1. Best Mac App For Desktop Publishing
  2. Best Mac Software For Desktop Publishing

Looking for the best desktop publishing software program can be somewhat tricky, as no single software program can be used for every task. It is safe to say that most desktop publishers are symbiotic, this means that they rely on each other to produce excellent results.
However, before going what best publishing software is, you need to understand what type of job you want to be done and the features you want in particular software. When you are looking for the best desktop publishing software, the following are taken into consideration:
>Specific software features
>Overall performance
>Ease of use
>Availability of the software
> Part 1: Go Through 7 Best Desktop Publishing Software in 2018
> Part 2: Enjoy a Book Made by FlipHTML5

Best Mac App For Desktop Publishing

Part 1: Go Through 7 Best Desktop Publishing Software in 2018


1. FlipHTML5 (Most recommended)

Are you running out of time? Do you need desktop publishing software that will help you create a masterpiece? In today modern digital publishing world, we all want to create realistic and interactive digital publication. FlipHTML5 is the type of desktop publishing software which will not only convert PDF but also images into interactive HTML5 flipbooks within minutes.

Features of FlipHTML5
FlipHTML5 comes with a number of features. However, we can’t list them all but we decide to list some of the best features the software offers.
>Easy conversion of PDF to interactive online publications
>Animation editor
>Multimedia support
>Friendly with all devices
>Plenty of themes and templates to choose from
>Free cloud storage platform
>Easy to use
>Mobile friendly
>It has “FlipHTML5” logo on the free version of FlipHTML5.

Start Creating an Awesome Book with FlipHTML5

2. Adobe InDesign

Introduced into the Adobe Systems in 1999, it is a top-notch desktop publishing software for Windows and Mac. It can be used to publish several projects including books, newspaper, magazines, and journals. It comes with many features which include multilingual support advanced OpenType fonts and transparency effects management.
Adobe InDesign allows you to focus on a single document while also enables you to handle different page size. It also comes with easy-to-use tools, which allows you to create interactive documents and multimedia proposals which you can add audio and video elements.
If you are looking to create digital publications like digital magazines, you can efficiently use EPUB and SWF formats. With Adobe InDesign you can also manage XML, style sheets, and another markup coding. The latest version of Adobe InDesign allows for liquid layouts which can adjust to different devices and content.
>Easy to learn as they have many tutorials one can use to learn about of the software
>Incorporation of TypeKit which gives you more than 500 fonts to choose
>Due to its complexity, it is not suitable for beginners
>It occupies a lot of computer space as it is a “heavy software.”

3. Microsoft Publisher

Text effects software for mac. Created in 1991, Microsoft Publisher is the most common desktop publishing software. From beginners to professional, Microsoft publisher is an easy to use software which differs from Microsoft word as it also incorporates the use of graphic designs.
You can work from a blank sheet or already existing templates. It also comes with a range of editing tools which can add, change or remove color, fonts among others. It also allows incorporation to OneDrive to make your work easier to save and edit.
>It can be hard for beginners to use
>Limited graphics designs tools
>Does not come with many templates as other software
>Impossible to import Photoshop PSD files

4. LibreOffice Draw

Regarded the latest publishing software as it came into existence in 2010. It is mainly used for drawing and composition used to create mostly posters, flyers and brochures. Although it is simple to use, it comes with a wide variety of features allowing you to achieve good graphics results. With LibreOffice Draw you can work from scratch or use pre-existing templates.
Images, shapes, and texts can be easily be placed in different layers. You can quickly reorganize different objects, bringing an object to the background or foreground. Using the program tools you can create different technical drawings.
You can also import images such as BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and WMF, and export files in Flash format. LibreOffice Draw also allows you to edit PDF files. You can work from pre-existing templates or from a blank template.
>When it comes to creating intricate technical drawings, you may encounter some limitations.

5. Xara Page & Layout Designer

Best Mac Software For Desktop Publishing

Considered one of the best desktop publishing software, Xara Page & Layout Designer comes with beautiful templates which also come with a sleek program interface. For both professional and home users, the software is a good choice when it comes to publishing. Although, it does not come with a wide range of templates like other programs, the templates available are well designed.
>Easy to navigate and use
>Allows for importation from Microsoft Word and Photoshop PSD files
>Numerous tutorials from the company
>Limited templates
>Art assets available are not as many as compared to other software

6. Scribus

Developed in 2003, Scribus was initially based on Qt library. Over the years, the software has been designed into a wide variety of platforms including Unix, Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, among others. The software also comes in a wide language range including Italian. It also comes with pre-existing templates.
>It is easy to use even for beginners
>Versatile can be used by both professionals and beginners
>A lot of graphic inaccuracy especially design shown online design.
>It is very strict as compared to other publishing software.

7. QuarkXpress

Developed by Quark Inc in 1987 for Windows and Mac OS. In the 80’s and the 1990’s, QuarkXpress was considered the king of desktop publishing. In recent times, although QuarkXpress is no longer the king of desktop publishing, it stills a powerhouse in the desktop publishing world.
>Easy to use
>Impressive design tools
>Can be easily integrated into other systems
>Layout automation
>It is pricey
>Loss of some menu

With all these desktop publishing software, you cannot fail to pick one that best suits your need. If you have always wanted to publish a book then look no further, all your questions are answered by just going through the features of the software. If you also want added information, you can log into their websites for more information.

Part 2: Enjoy a Book Made by FlipHTML5

Start Creating an Awesome Book with FlipHTML5