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Most people associate skills like woodworking with working by hand, and making sketches with paper and pencil. That isn’t necessarily the case nowadays. Now, it is possible to make woodworking designs with the help of software. The software can help you come up with designs that you can make by hand or with the help of machinery.

Finding the best of woodworking design software doesn’t have to be a painstaking process. Here you’ll find helpful information on the top 3 woodworking design software that’s available. Check out the list and compare to get the best design software to fit your needs. WoodBin Woodworking 1. At WoodBin Woodworking you can find some of. GizmoLab's Design Intuition - woodworking CAD software for Windows or Mac operating systems. Powerful 3D cabinet/closet design software with built-in touchscreen mode for mobile use with best production practices including direct to cut list. 3D Analyzer Software - Link between 3D drawing/modeling packages and CAM software.

Aug 27, 2008  The only software I have ever used for designing were Microsoft Paint and Microsoft Word in sketch mode. It seems to do what I need it to, which is lay out the furniture and such. In microsoft paint, you can count the pixels. On the bottom right they tell you how many pixels you are drawing. Some software solutions have a CAM integrated – others don’t. Does it support drawings and cutlists? For traditional furniture it is important to have a good drawing and ideally a cutlist that helps you to cut everything to the right dimension. Is the software free? All the software I.


Furniture Design Softwarecan help woodworkers with all parts of woodworking. Some programs help design models of the furniture to be made, others can help develop a cutlist to help organize one’s work. Some software are even advanced to develop 3D models of what a piece of woodwork should look like.

SketchList 3D

ArtCAM Standard





Some types of furniture design software also include Cupboard Design Softwareand other related software to help design not just furniture but also cupboards and cabinets for one’s house. These software may be designed to help with the work of woodworking, but there are other tasks for which they can be used.

  • Home construction – With software like these, you have the option of designing your home and furniture as you like. You won’t necessarily have to buy whatever furniture happens to be on sale, when you could use this software to design your own furniture. Cabinet design software also makes it easier to decide on the placement of your cabinets within your home, so you can better keep the house in order.
  • Art – And for the benefit of woodworkers who work for art or leisure, this software can make some of their ideas more easy to achieve. That is not to say that woodworkers who work for a living cannot use these, but those who want to make more difficult designs can have an easier time of it because now everything need not necessarily be done by sketch or by hand.


CutList Plus

DoorCut For Windows

Woodworking For Android

SketchUp – Most Popular Software

Another useful tool to have for woodworking is 3D Modeling Software; this software is useful both for woodworking and other fields because of its ability to produce 3D models of things. In the case of woodworking, it is possible to produce a model of what it is one wants to make, giving the person an idea of what the finished product should look like. Mac os apps gone free. Aside from knowing what the finished product should look like, having a 3D model also gives the worker an idea of the finished piece’s dimensions. That software can be used with programs that help a worker come up with a cutlist, which can tell a worker what kind of wood and how much he will need.

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Woodworking and other related skills need not be skills that can only be done by hand. Technology in general makes tasks like these much simpler, which makes those skills more accessible for ordinary people. There’s more use to this software than for making things, they can also make it possible for people to learn new skills if they want.

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I’m fairly new to woodworking and enjoying making and designing cabinetry. Is there a software program that will help me with this? Currently I’m drawing my designs to scale on drafting paper, then figuring out a cutting list. I’ve looked into SketchUp, but it seems to have a steep learning curve. Any suggestions for any Mac (Apple) programs? Also, is there a list on a website of the dimensions for all the parts (cuts) for standard-size cabinets? – Dennis Sullivan

Best Woodworking Drawing Software For Mac Pro

Rob Johnstone: While I am not an expert on design software, I think SketchUp is likely your best bet. I think there are some dedicated kitchen design software programs, but I’ve heard that they are pretty limiting (and, in truth, I have not used them). On the flip side, your learning curve for SketchUp could be offset by the rich amount of instructional material available. Also, there are free online libraries where you can grab other people’s drawings of hinges, doors, drawer slide hardware and so forth, and use them in your own designs. They are real timesavers. I found a couple of websites that have some reasonable dimensions for kitchen cabinetry, but I would personally recommend getting a book by Danny Proulx: Build Your Own Kitchen Cabinets. There you can find dimensions and advice. It is not a new book, but as a primer for designing kitchen cabinetry, it is very good.

Tim Inman: I’m an old guy and I love to use drafting tools and paper. I “think” better that way. I’m also a tech guy and I use computers a lot. So, I’m not anti-software. My personal experience, though, is this: unless you are going to do a lot of drafting via software, you’ll spend hours trying to figure out how to manipulate the programs and neglect the design essentials. For now, as you learn woodworking and seek to enhance your skills in that world, I would forego the additional learning curve of software mastery. Others will surely disagree. But pencils and paper and rulers and compasses are still viable tools in my world. There is so much to learn and know about good design. I heartily encourage you to spend your time studying the classic pieces and maybe even trying to reproduce them from available working drawings before you branch out into computer software. Software engineers are seldom furniture designers. They seem to me to be so “geeky” about how their software works they overlook the ultimate task it is seeking to accomplish — namely, the easy and efficient communication of good plans for good works.

Best Woodworking Drawing Software For Mac Software

Chris Marshall: While I agree with Tim that there’s nothing wrong with tried-and-true drafting tools and paper (they still work, after all!), I do think learning a woodworker-friendly software like SketchUp does make sense. Once you’ve got the basic skills down, the ability to render your drawings in three dimensions, rotate them, pull them apart, create cross-sections and build cut lists does save time. And, the basic version of SketchUp is free! It’s also easy to make changes to a drawing and print it out again, or even save old drawings and re-use components in future drawings — that’s tough to do if you’re drawing everything by hand and from scratch. So, if time is on your side, and you are patient, I suggest trying to learn SketchUp. Given the huge popularity of SketchUp, there are so many resources and user forums to help you. These days, I think it’s safe to say that SketchUp has become the woodworking choice for a CAD program.

Best Free Mac Drawing Program

And since Rob mentioned a cabinetry book, I’ll suggest another one I’ve found very useful in the past: Bob Lang’s The Complete Kitchen Cabinetmaker. Bob is a no-nonsense guy and an excellent woodworker with a background in cabinetry. The book is a straightforward and helpful read, covering all aspects of cabinet design and construction, plus style variations to consider. It’s definitely a good one to add to your library.