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Apr 11, 2010  Question: Q: Software Update says 'no new updates' when programs tell me there are When I open iTunes and iPhoto (and some others) I'm told that there are new versions/updates available. When asked whether I want to download them now, I click YES and it takes me to Software Update. There is no software update on my mac system preferences.

Antenna Calculator is an app that takes the trouble out of calculating antenna lengths. Let this app do all the hard calculations for you at the touch of a button. Enter the desired TX or RX.

The following table list notable software packages that are nominal EM (electromagnetic) simulators; Icons missing on apps after mac hard drive update mac.

Free Antenna Modeling Software Mac Download

NameLicenseWindowsLinux3DGUIConvergence detectorMesherAlgorithmArea of application
NECopen sourceYesYesYesIn some distributionsYesmanualMoMAntenna modeling, especially in Amateur Radio. Widely used as the basis for many GUI-based programs on many platforms (including popular distributions such as 4nec2 and EZnec on Windows, xnec2c on Linux, and cocoaNEC for Mac OS X). Version 2 is open source, but Versions 3 and 4 are commercially licensed.
MomentumcommercialYesYesPartialYesYesequidistantMoMFor passive planar elements development, integrated into Agilent EEsofAdvanced Design System.
HFSScommercialYesYesYesYesYesAutomatic adaptiveFEMFDTD PO Hybrid FEBI MoM Eigen ModeFor antenna/filter/IC packages, Radome,RFIC,LTCC,MMIC,Antenna Placement,Wave guides, EMI,FSS,Metamaterial,Composite Material, RCS-Mono and Bi development.
XFdtdcommercialYesYesYesYesYesAutomatic Project OptimizedFDTDRF and microwave antennas, components, and systems, including mobile devices. MRI coils, radar, waveguides, SAR validation.
AWR AxiemcommercialYesYesYesYesYesAutomatic, HybridMoMPCBs, Multi-Layer PCBs, LTCC, HTCC, On-Chip Passives, Printed Antennas. Integrated into Microwave Office
AWR AnalystcommercialYesYesYesYesYesAutomatic and AdaptiveFEM3D structurers(including 3D Antennas), Waveguides, 3D filters, PCBs, Multi-Layer PCBs, LTCC, HTCC, On-Chip Passives, Printed Antennas. Integrated into Microwave Office
JCMsuitecommercialYesYesYesYesYesAutomatic, error-controlledFEMNano- and micro-photonic applications (light scattering,[1] waveguide modes,[2] optical resonances[3]).
COMSOL MultiphysicscommercialYesYesYesYesYesAutomaticFEM, Boundary element method, Ray TracingGeneral Purpose
FEKOcommercialYesYesYesYesYesAutomatic or manual; adaptiveFor antenna analysis, antenna placement, windscreen antennas, microstrip circuits, waveguide structures, radomes, EMI, cable coupling, FSS, metamaterials, periodic structures, RFID
Elmer FEMopen source (GPL)YesYesYesYesYesmanual, or can import other mesh formatsFEMGeneral Purpose, includes 2D and 3D magnetics solvers, both static and harmonic. 3D solver is based on the Whitney AV formulation of Maxwell's equations.


Free Antenna Software

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