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Watermarking is the best way to protect photos. If you are a Mac user, you definitely want to have the best watermark apps to watermark images on Mac.

There are lots of benefits to watermark images (your own created images). First, adding watermark in images will protect your image online. Secondly, all visitors will be able to know that you are the owner of that particular image. Addition to these things, if someone uses your watermarked images on social media platforms, Blog, or websites then you will get image credits.

Although, countless of free watermark software like Photoshop and various watermark online photo editors are available on web to watermark photos online. But if you are looking for a powerful watermark software to watermark photos on MAC then this article going to help you a lot.

In this MAC help guide, i am going to list five best watermark apps to watermark images on Mac. Check below mentioned watermark apps one by one and select the best one for you:

Important Note: You must apply watermark only on your own created images, if you put the watermarks on pirated or copied images (someone’s photos) then it would be the violation of copyright laws which might cause some serious and legal problems for you.


5 Best Watermark Apps for Mac

All these watermarking apps are specially design to watermark images on Mac system and provide users a better watermarking service. Let’s know more about these Mac apps to watermark images:

PhocusPhocus is an free software package designed for Hasselblad cameras. Phocus software provides all the power, performance and advanced tools that photographers desire in an easy-to-use and attractive working environment, making even the largest files simple to handle. The drivers for Shoestring Astronomy FCUSB and USBFocus V3 controllers are bundled with the application. Besides the more common tethering features, Phocus offers scene calibration, moire removal and camera configuration to name a few. There is also Phocus Mobile which integrates an iPad or iPhone into the workflow and Phocus Quick for one touch image preview. Here are additional details for. Pentax remote control software for mac laptop. No LiveView or manual lens drive with older Nikon and all Sony cameras), but it doesn't mean, that such camera can't be used. As far as this application is based on INDIGO framework, it can use many INDIGO or INDI drivers for focusers for astronomical telescopes which can be easily adapted to control manual focus lenses or macro rails.

Editing Software For Windows 10 No Watermark

(1) iWatermark Pro

iWatermark Pro is the most renowned watermarking application for Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad and Android. The app is highly popular among users because of the combination of ease of use and its smooth work functionality.

Some of the most exclusive features of iWatermark Pro are: 6 types of watermarks (text, graphic, QR, signature, metadata, and steganographic watermarks), works with all cameras, resize and rename photo batches, warn thieves, watermark in any language, add special effects, share on multiple social media sites, and several other options too. If you want to professionally watermark photos on Mac then iWatermark Pro is the best watermark app for you.

Get from here:Download iWatermark Pro

(2) Watermark Pro

Watermark Pro is also one of the most popular watermark apps on the Mac App Store. It offers you various watermarking options like Text Watermark, Logo Watermark, QRCode Watermark, Map Watermark, Line Art, Smart Text, Export Module, and many other things too.

With the help of this watermark app, you can easily add watermark, resize, and rename photos in bulk. Watermark PRO is free for your everyday use.

Get from here:Download watermark PRO


(3) PhotoBulk

Free Video Editing Software No Download

PhotoBulk for Mac is an easy to use bulk image editor that is well-known for watermarking, resizing, optimizing, and renaming hundreds or thousands of images in one simple click. It comes with very less price only $5.99. You can try the free version of PhotoBulk watermark app from its official website.

Some of its special features are: Bulk watermark options, text watermark, image watermark, script watermark, bulk resize, JPEG & PNG optimization, bulk rename, bulk conversion, easy settings, real-time preview, and support formats (JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, and TIFF).

Get from here:Download PhotoBulk

(4) uMark

uMark is a very simple photo watermark software that helps you to add visible watermarks on hundreds of images at once. This watermarking software is available for both Mac and Windows system.

uMark watermark software is absolutely free to use and comes with several useful features. Some most important features of uMark watermark app are:

Best Free Editing Software For Mac No Watermark

  • Add Text and Image Watermarks
  • Batch Watermarking
  • Shapes and QR codes
  • Add border and shadow
  • Fully Customizable Watermarks
  • Place watermarks where you want
  • Live Preview during watermarking
  • Add EXIF and other metadata as watermarks
  • Save Watermarks for Later Use
  • Watermark tiling for maximum protection
  • Support multi language (Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish)

Get from here:Download uMark

(5) Impression 2

Impression 2 is another prominent Watermark app for OS X that helps you to automatically add high-quality watermarks to your images without altering the original images.

With the help of this watermark app, you can freely adjust the opacity, color, font and angle of watermark. Even, it also allows you to change the watermark location and resize the photos in single click. System Requirements for Impression 2 Watermark app is: OS X 10.7 (Lion) or 10.8 (Mountain Lion).

Get from here:Download Impression 2

I hope you found some best watermarking applications for your Mac from the above mentioned list. With the help of these Watermark softwares, you can protect your images online from being misused on social media websites, blogs, and websites.

Feel free to share your view with us through comments. Please let us know – Which watermarking app is working extremely well for you from the above explained 5 best watermark apps to Watermark Images on Mac.

Best Free Editing Software For Mac No Watermark

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