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  1. Improve your golf swing by analyzing videos from the most famous golf players. (Jordan Spieth, Rory McIlroy, Luke Donald.). You can add your preferred golf players from the top 100 world ranking list and configure settings like players or full screen in the settings menu. To analyze your swing you can draw lines over the video.
  2. Download Swing Profile golf app onto your iPhone/iPad from Apple App store; Start Swing Profile golf app. Hold up the iPhone steadily with two hands, and use the back camera to capture the golfer in the test video. Start playing the golf practice video or the PGA recording below. Fit the golfer with the grid and then start capture.

Another excellent free option, Hudl Technique Golf is a great slow-motion analysis app. The app allows you to capture your swing frame by frame and then compare against top pros. You can record voice over comments on your swing analysis and watch your swing compared up against a pros, side by side! SWING LIKE A PRO USING MOTIONPRO! Is the ideal swing analysis and motion analysis software for golf. If you want to improve your skills as a player or as a coach then you need video feedback. Are you looking for golf swing software or video analysis software to help you coach or teach golf? Then look no further! The applications for.

Analyzing a Golf Swing

There are many approaches to analyzing the golf swing. By playing the sequence in slow motion and using the drawing tools you will be able to analyze each important aspect of the golf swing. The 'Autoreverse' feature is an especially powerful aid in focusing on the movements within each portion of your swing. Below are some suggestions for swing analysis along with actual images of an amateur golfer.

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  • The Swing Plane
    The bottom line of the swing plane should be drawn from the club head, up the club shaft and through the golfers belt (approximately). The top line should be drawn from the club head through the golfers shoulders, or slightly higher. The golf club should remain within these lines throughout the entire takeaway and downswing, up until impact. It is especially important that the club head be inside these lines as it approaches the ball.


Spine Angle
A line has been added to observe the spine angle. The golfer should maintain his spine parallel to this line as closely as possible throughout the backswing and downswing toward impact, and immediately thereafter. This angle is usually what is lost when you hear people telling you to 'keep your head down'.

Position at 'the top'
The hands should ideally be positioned on, or very close to the top line of the swing plane. This golfer has a tendency to keep his hands too low during the takeaway. The hands need to be closer to the top line. You will also note that he has not kept his initial spine angle as well as he should (i.e. he has 'stood up' slightly).

Knee Flex
The back knee should maintain it's flex throughout the takeaway. Many amateur golfers tend to 'stand up' on their back leg, causing the 'reverse-C' pivot and subsequent loss of power. A green line has been added to draw attention to the knee flex.

Impact Position
Here you will see exactly what it looks like at 'the moment of truth'. This golfer has come 'up' very slightly, losing some of the the spine angle he had at address and at the top of swing position.. not bad.. but not quite perfect. Ideally the yellow line should be centered in the base of the neck, at the top of the spine at this moment. Look closely and you can see the golf ball on it's way!

Face-On Setup Analysis
This view allows you to analyze your hand position, ball position, etc. This golfer has the ball positioned correctly in his stance, just slightly to the front of 'center', although as he progresses he will likely want to move the ball even farther forward (toward the target). Note that the hands are slightly ahead of the ball position as well (middle line).


Top of the Backswing Analysis
You will see the extent to which you are 'swaying' during the takeaway, and how close to 'parallel' you stop the club at the top of the takeaway. This golfer has stood up ever so slightly (compare head position with previous image).

Impact Position
Analyze the 'moment of truth'! The golfers weight should be behind the ball but moving toward the target. A good body turn is evident with the hips and chest pointing slightly toward the target.

Side by side comparison with a pro at the moment of impact as 'exported'
from MotionPro. There is definitely room for improvement

Free Golf Swing Analysis Software For Mac Torrent

With the MotionPro! there are endless possibilities for analyzing your swing. Keep a video library of your swing over time and you will see the changes as you make progress!