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There are a lot of people I talk with that love Apple hardware, but also love Google services (especially Gmail). One of the downsides to using Gmail in a Chrome or Safari window is you miss out on a lot of benefits of using a native email app. Using an app like Kiwi for Gmail, you can get the benefits of using the Gmail interface (along with Google Drive and its apps) with Mac hardware.

  1. Gmail For Mac App
  • Gmail for Mac is perfect for quickly accessing your Gmail account without ever needing to open a web browser. The app is fully feature packed and built for speed.
  • Mailplane is the Mac desktop app that we use everyday to manage our Gmail inbox. We like it because it mimics all the features that you get on Gmail in the browser while providing a desktop app to manage your gmail separately from the (always cluttered) browser experience. You get access to all your Gmail settings such as labels, keyboard.

Jul 07, 2020  Google has updated its Gmail app for iPad to add long-awaited Split View support, meaning the app can now be used in Apple's multitasking split screen mode alongside another app.

Epson software mac os x yosemite 10 11 4. In previous versions of Kiwi, you got the best of both worlds. Gmail could be set as your default email client, used as a macOS share extension, use global keyboard shortcuts, and have one-click access to Google Drive. If you use Gmail on macOS, you need an app like Kiwi.


Today, Kiwi for Gmail is rolling out a new feature to help users stay on top of their email and keep it from being overwhelming. They are launching a “Focus Filtered Inbox” for Gmail. Instead of relying on Google’s built-in views, Kiwi’s new inbox is built around a new “Today View” and Google’s AI for important flags for messages.

Part of the problem with previous approaches is that they force users into these fixed views of their inbox. If you archive an email, suddenly you can’t find it. If you only see email Google marks important, you constantly know you’re missing things and need to go digging in the ‘unimportant’ email. – Eric Shashoua, CEO and Founder of Kiwi for Gmail

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The Focus Filtered Inbox allows users to pick a view based on Date, Importance, Unread, Attachments and Starred. You can combine filters based on exactly what you want to see. This new inbox is easily available from the sidebar, so it’s only one click. You can create views to show emails with attachments, show just the emails from today (or the past 3 days), show only unread items.

If you are a Gmail user on macOS, check out Kiwi for Gmail on the Mac App Store. It costs $9.99 (on sale for $4.99). If you happen to use a PC, they have a Windows version as well.

Gmail For Mac App

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