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Mar 11, 2020  Wondershare is an all-in-one video converter program that works on both the Mac and Windows PC to deliver a comprehensive VOB to MP4 process as an online or offline version. You will not just have access to conversion capabilities but also the chance to tweak the video in order to get a preferred MP4 file. Mar 09, 2017  Thanks to an impressive array of quality PC hardware options, and some less-than-inspiring product launches and updates from Apple, now is a great time to make the switch from Mac. Those PC Study Bible ® customers who have already upgraded their current PC version software prior to converting to this Version 5.2 MAC Study Bible ® will be able to upgrade to the new MAC platform OneTouch ® series software using their previously issued PC.

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DVDs are not new to us and if you did not know, the video, audio, and subtitle data are stored in VOB format in order to be usable on a DVD player. There are areas that the DVD format ticks but it is the perks that it may have that make it not the best-suited format in certain aspects.

For instance, it is not a very portable video format as it is meant for hardware players, is not streamable and is limited to a maximum of 1GB file size for each file. In the current times, these are very serious limitations and unless you transform the video to another format, the target video file will not reach a wide audience as intended. This brings us to the topic of this article and realizes that a suitable format is the MP4 one.


The MP4 has become an ISO standard for videos as it can be played on any device you can think of besides offering high-quality video files at a smaller size. Getting an equivalent MP4 file from VOB is not a walk in the park unless you have the best VOB to MP4 converter program in your arsenal. To end the hassle for you, here is a list of the go-to solutions that promise an exceptional experience when you need to convert VOB to MP4 in an online or offline mode depending on your preference.

Top 5 Free Tools to Convert VOB to MP4 Files on Windows & Mac – Free Download

Software NameSupported OSOffline VersionDownload Link
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1. Winx Free VOB To MP4 Converter

This is a free offline VOB to MP4 converter program that is available for download on Windows PC without any malware, spyware or any kind of adware. You will enjoy a very satisfactory VOB to MP4 conversion process especially with the output of high-quality MP4 files all in an efficient way that saves greatly on time.

The exemplary results delivered by this VOB to MP4 program is thanks to the in-built video encoding engine that works magic. Besides the task to convert VOB to MP4, you can also conveniently use this app to capture screenshots in PNG format. You are also given control over how you can customize the video before transformation including trimming, audio sample rate, channel, video resolution, frame rate and in the end get an MP4 file that carries the exact traits you wanted.

On top of that, you can adjust the video size by defining a preferred customize size instead of going with the default aspect ratio and these adjustments are available in the output profile. It is one of the best VOB to MP4 converter software that works 5 times faster than similar tools and supports batch conversion all on a simple and instinctive user interface.

2. Wondershare VOB To MP4 Converter

Wondershare is an all-in-one video converter program that works on both the Mac and Windows PC to deliver a comprehensive VOB to MP4 process as an online or offline version. You will not just have access to conversion capabilities but also the chance to tweak the video in order to get a preferred MP4 file.

In fact, several video editing options are at your disposal like cropping, adding subtitles, trimming and effects to further enhance the final output video. VOB files can be natively imported into this app although most of us would like to use the simple drag-and-drop option that saves greatly on effort and time. This also translates to the availability of the option to batch convert VOB to MP4 files in the instance you need to process multiple VOB files simultaneously even if it is a whole folder.

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During the conversion process, you will be empowered with the option to decide on the resolution to be carried by the final MP4 file. In addition to that, this VOB to MP4 converter app is pretty interactive enough to ensure that you have an easy time getting around. At the end of the day, you have in your hands the best VOB to MP4 converter software.

3. Handbrake VOB To MP4 Converter

Handbrake may appear to be software for the tech-savvy people but that is not actually the case since the learning curve is never that steep. One thing you will love about this app to convert VOB to MP4 is that it gives you total control over how you want the output to be delivered and especially in the production of high-quality MP4 files that take up less space compared to the original VOB files.

Besides letting specify the output file name, you also get the chance to have the final say regarding where the output MP4 files should be saved. Depending on the changes you make to the video in terms of the quality, framerate, codec, bitrate, and audio parameters, you will be opened up to a live preview so that you can confirm that your adjustments are properly reflected.

This is possible even before you can undertake the actual task to convert VOB to MP4. Other than that, you opt to use the available presets in the instance you do not know what options to tinker with like for instance when you need to output to specific devices like the iPod, iPhone or even Android smartphones.

4. Zamzar VOB To MP4 Converter

Zamzar is one of the easiest online apps that you can use to conveniently convert VOB to MP4. Actually, all that you need to get started with this VOB to MP4 conversion software is just a good internet connection and a modern web browser program. The interface is pretty straightforward with 3 clear and concise steps that you need to go through.

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This VOB to MP4 converter app has no watermark intruding your output like what some of the other similar tools do especially for free version software. Of course, the instance of importing VOB files is important and that is why Zamzar has given you several ways of achieving that. Apart from the native file browsing method, you can exploit the simple drag-and-drop option on top of adding files directly via their corresponding URL links if they live online.

It has proven to be one of the best VOB to MP4 converter software that ensures the security and privacy of the whole process since the upload and download instances are done over encrypted connections that ward off unauthorized third parties. Better yet, you will enjoy high-quality output in a very efficient process.

5. Any Video Converter

Be it on Mac or Windows PC, this free download version offline app promises nothing else but the best when it comes to converting VOB to MP4. Even if it is available for free download, you will be amazed by the fact that it is not ad-laden or with any limitations whatsoever.

You can output the VOB file into a general MP4 format or even go the extra mile to convert into a device-specific MP4 file format like for the Apple TV, Android devices, Sony Playstation, Xbox One, iPhone, just to mention a few. The conversion speeds are pretty impressive and the good thing is that the overall video quality is not compromised at all.

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The codec used by this program also lets you get access to video compression capabilities so that the resulting MP4 file is even smaller at the same video quality. You are also opened up to some minimal video adjustment options so as to tweak the final video and in turn serve as a way to personalize the output.

While VOB files are limited to a maximum file size of 1GB, Any Video Converter will empower you with video-joining capabilities so that you can enjoy the convenience of a single MP4 file instead of multiple VOB files. Getting around this app is not complicated at all besides batch conversion being just an implementation away.

An online version VOB to MP4 app will bring you the convenience of ridding you of software installation processes while the offline software that you download will get you started without the need for an internet connection. In each of these modes, you will not lack the kind of tool that promises to lace your shoes in the best way possible. Compare and contrast the features and settle for one to employ in the task at hand. The ball is now in your court.

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oh boy, you didn't say anything about firewall software on the windows machine. That will most likely be the culprit causing your headaches!
Disable that and as long as you have your workgroup set right, you shouldn't have anymore problems, unless of course there is something else your not telling us.
Yeah but like the previous poster said, you should be fine to turn off the firewall, unless of course you know how to make an exception for your mac in the firewall software or have a pressing need to keep the firewall on..