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Personal finance software for Mac OS. Mint: Yes: Yes: Yes: No: Any iOS, Android Web-Based Free Financial product referrals: Moneydance: Moneyspire: MoneyWiz: Personal Capital: Manual or Automated Yes No Any Web-Based Free Fee-based in-house financial planning. Primarily a wealth management company that provides free services to non-clients. Jul 03, 2020  Personal finance software available specifically for Mac owners Software that’s strong in a particular specialization Offers different services that would be of interest to most users.

Personal Finance Software refers to a financial tool that enables you to prepare a budget, track your expenses, and check your overall finances.



YNAB. Personal Budgeting Software for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. You Need a Budget combines easy software with Four Simple Rules to help you quickly gain control of your money, get out of debt, and save more money faster!


Easy and powerful budgeting and personal finance software that helps you manage your accounts, bills, budget and more. Organize your money now with Moneyspire!



PocketSmith – Smart budgeting & personal finance software. Manage your budget and forecast your finances with PocketSmith, the best personal finance software on the web. Connect to your bank accounts securely.


Online money management software for personal finance, account aggregation, budgeting, bill reminders and forecasting. Also useful for splitting rent, grocery, restaurant bills and IOUs with friends and roommates.



Debit & Credit – Personal finance for iOS, Mac and Apple Watch. Creating a new transaction now takes a matter of seconds. It has never been easier with gestures and other features that we developed for you.


Money for iPad – Ultimate Personal Finance. Plan your income and expenses using detailed categories and input data when you actually spend money. Once you analyze the difference between real and budgeted expenditures, you’ll find ways to save more.



Moneydance is a powerful yet easy to use personal finance app for Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone and iPad. With online banking, online bill payment, investment management and budgeting, Moneydance provides all the features of Quicken plus benefits such as ease of use and no sunsetting of features.


Mac Finance Software – Banktivity Personal Finance by IGG Software. Banktivity 6 is here! Over 100 enhancements and new features. 30 day free trial and backed by our 90 day guarantee. Save time & money.



iFinance 4 features Mac and the iOS version providing you with a full-fledged finance application that also works seamlessly with its cross-platform counterpart.


Personal Finance, Money Management & Budgeting. Whether you want to stay on budget or on top of your investments, Quicken makes managing money a snap with simple, powerful tools for every step in your life.


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Personal finance software can be used to track spending, create budgets, and plan for future expenses. Some software differs by feature support, software code and development transparency, mobile app features, import methods, Monetization model, privacy and data storage practices.


The use of expense tracking, budgeting, and other personal finance software carries some risk, most notably is due to the disclosure of a username, password, or other account credentials used to automatically synchronize banking information with an expense tracking application. Asus wireless utility software for mac. Another significant area of risk is due to sensitive personal information that is stored anytime data is digitized. This risk may be compounded based on the security the software vendor has implemented as well as the availability of the data and where specifically it is stored (online or a local application). An often overlooked form of risk is due to the monetization model and privacy practices of the vendor or software provider, whether the application is 'free' or fee based. Open source software is one way of potentially minimizing the risks of privacy and monetization related risks of data exposure.

The following is a list of personal financial management software. The first section is devoted to free and open-source software, and the second is for proprietary software.

Free and open-source personal financial management software[edit]

Mint Personal Finance Software For Mac
NameWritten inOperating systemMobile PresenceSoftware licenseDescriptionCountries of originLast stable release dateLanguage
GnuCashC, Scheme, C++

Java (Android App)

Windows, Mac OS, Linux.[1]Android (limited companion app)[1]GPL,[1]Apache License 2 (Android App)[2]Personal and small-business financial-accounting software that supports tracking bank accounts, stocks, income and expenses.[1]3.8 / 29 Mar 2020[3]Multilingual[1]
HomeBankC, GTK+OpenBSD, Linux, FreeBSD, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, AmigaOSGPL[4]Personal accounting software package[5]Contributors in multiple countries5.2.7 / Jul 28, 2019[6]Multilingual[7]
KMyMoneyC++FreeBSD, Linux, Windows[8]GPL (v2)[9]Supports different account types, categorisation of expenses and incomes, reconciliation of bank accounts and import/export to the “QIF” file formatWorldwide5.0.4 / Apr 21, 2019[10]Multilingual[11]
LedgerC++Any Unix-like including macOS, Microsoft Windows[12]Android (via Termux)[13]BSD[14]A command-line based double-entry bookkeeping application. Data is stored in a plain text file, using a simple format, which the users prepare themselves using other tools. Ledger does not write or modify data, it parses the input data and produces reports.3.1.3 / Mar 31, 2019[15]Multilingual

Proprietary personal financial management vendors and software[edit]

NameSpending TrackingBudgetingInvestment TrackingThird-Party Bill PayingOperating SystemsMobile SupportSoftware TypeDirect CostOther Monetization ModelsDescription
BanktivityYesYesYesYesMac OSiOSStand alonePersonal finance software for Mac OS.
MintYes[16]Yes[16]Yes[16]No[17]AnyiOS, AndroidWeb-BasedFreeFinancial product referrals[18]
Personal CapitalManual or AutomatedYesNoAnyWeb-BasedFreeFee-based in-house financial planning. Primarily a wealth management company that provides free services to non-clients.Offers financial advising for a fee, which establishes a client-fiduciary relationship that they claim makes them less incentivized to sell private client data as they are bound by law to act in their client's best interests.[19]
QuickenManual or Automated[20]Yes[20]Yes[20]Yes[20]Windows, Mac OS(limited)[20]Android, iOS[21]Stand alone or Web-Based for full functionalityYearly fee[20]
You Need a BudgetManual or AutomatedYesYesNoAnyAndroid, iOS, Apple Watch, AlexaWeb-BasedMonthly Fee[22]Differentiates itself by providing budgeting advice.

Best Personal Finance Software Mac

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