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'I have a MacBook and get both iPhoto app and Photos app on it, but I am not sure which to use or should I get rid of one.'

Since Mac OS X 10.10.3 released, Apple Company showed Photos for OS X, but for iPhoto users, it would not be that happy. Like who get used to Aperture, Photos for OS X do lack of some functions. As well, for Windows users who cannot use iPhoto, is there any way to satisfy the need of those PC & Mac users? IPhoto is a discontinued digital photograph manipulation software application developed by Apple Inc. It was included with every Macintosh personal computer from 2002 to 2015, when it was replaced with Apple's Photos application. Originally sold as part of the iLife suite of digital media management applications, iPhoto can import, organize, edit, print and share digital photos.

Apple's MacBook and iMac products are popular among customers, partly because Apple introduced several utilities into Mac, such as iPhoto app and Photos app. However, some people still feel confused about these two picture utilities. And a part of Mac users even have both iPhoto and Photos apps on their devices. In this post, we are going to show you the relationship and differences between Photos and iPhoto apps. Take a few minutes to learn about the two utilities for Mac computers.

Part 1. Relationship between iPhoto and Photos app

The new Photos app is not iPhoto alternative or replacement but successor. Apple has stopped developing iPhoto and no longer sold or updated it. The new Mac devices only come with Photos app. Currently iPhoto 9.6.1 is still available to EI Capitan, but new version of Mac is not compatible with iPhoto. Some people still have not migrated iPhoto Libraries to Photos.

As mentioned, Photos is a completely new app but not iPhoto replacement, and introduced a few new features, such as:

  • 1. Sort between specialty photos and videos synced from new devices.
  • 2. Change the shared Activity View to look more like it does on iOS.
  • 3. A new Auto-crop tool.
  • 4. A new zoomed out view.
  • 5. New square book formats for printing photos through Apple.

As well as there is something given up in Photos app:

  • 1. The start rating system.
  • 2. The built-in mail tool is also gone.
  • 3. The syncing tools for Flickr and Facebook.
  • 4. Users can look at, sort and search geotag for photos, but no long add or edit geotag.

In short, the Photos app for Mac offers more consistent experience with the Photos app on iPhone and iPad.

Part 2. Differences between Photos and iPhoto app

In addition to introduce more features, we tested them in our lab to discover the differences between Photos and iPhoto.

Basic differences between Photos and iPhoto

  • 1. Speed. Browsing photos in the new Photos app is certainly faster and smoother than iPhoto. And if you have hundreds of photos, the difference is more obvious.
  • 2. Organization. Photos app has improved the organization system of iPhoto. Now, users could manage their photos in Photos for Mac just like how to organize photos on iPad and iPhone.
  • 3. Navigation. When browsing groups of photos in Photos for Mac, you can zoom out and see them organized by date and location, similar to Photos for iOS. As a replacement of the rating system in iPhoto, the Photos app on Mac allows you to mark photos as favorites.
  • 4. Photos works well with iCloud Photo Library. In another word, you can sync photos between iPhone and Photos app on Mac directly. For iPhoto, you have to do it manually.

Though Apple does not introduce a variety of photo editing tools into the Photos app for Mac, it is excellent on browsing and managing photos. And the Photos app allows you to open iPhoto libraries and merge them with your libraries in Photos for Mac.

Online App For Iphotos For Mac

Differences between Photos and iPhoto about how to work

The biggest difference between iPhoto and Photos app for Mac is how they work. As we said before, Photos on Mac is much like the Photos app on iOS. iPhone and iPad users are familiar with syncing photos from Photos to iCloud Photos Library. The Photos app on Mac also supports syncing photos with iCloud Photos Library. So if you turn on iCloud Photos Library on both iPhone and Mac, your pictures will sync automatically.

How to import photos from iPhone to iPhoto

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your Mac computer via Apple's USB cable. Launch the iPhoto on your Mac if it does not open automatically, and all your iPhone photos will show on iPhoto. (iPhone photos are not showing up?)

Step 2. Select the photos that you want to look at on Mac and click Import buttons to import photos from iPhone to iPhoto. If you want to import all photos from Cameral Roll to iPhoto, select the 'Import [number]' button. To get selected photos imported, click the 'Import Selected' button.

How to transfer photos from iPhoto to iPhone

To transfer photos from iPhoto to iPhone, you will need to install the latest iTunes on your Mac.

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Step 1. Also use the lightning cable to link your iPhone with your Mac computer. Open your iTunes app and wait for it to detect your iPhone. Click the 'Device' icon at upper left side of the window (iPhone not showing up in iTunes?), and then go to the Photos tab from left hand column.

Step 2. Check the box next to 'Sync Photos', unfold the dropdown menu and select 'iPhoto', select 'All folders' if you want to transfer all photos from iPhoto to iPhone; otherwise choose 'Selected folders' and select desired albums.

Step 3. Finally, click the Apply button to start getting photos from iPhoto to iPhone.

How to sync photos between iPhone and Mac via Photos

It comes simpler to sync photos between iPhone and Mac via the Photos app.

Step 1. Unlock your iPhone, tap on your Apple ID and go to 'iCloud' > 'Photos'. Put the switch of 'iCloud Photo Library' to ON position.

Step 2. Turn on your Mac computer, head to System Preferences > iCloud and enable the Photos option as well.

Step 3. Now, when your iPhone and Mac are online, the photos that take on your iPhone will go to Photos on Mac automatically.

  • Manage your media files separately on Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, iTunesU,etc.
  • Import your media files and playlists from iPhone iPad iPod to iTunes library directly.
  • Edit media files like deleting, renaming, creating playlists, etc. conveniently on your computer.
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In this post, we have discussed the differences between Photos and iPhoto app on Mac. Some people believed Photos is the iPhoto alternative. Based on our introductions, you might understand that Photos is a new utility for new version of Mac OS. Compared to iPhoto, Apple has changed the look, navigation, performance of Photos, and the way it works. Apparently, the Photos for Mac OS offers better experiences than iPhoto. And considering that people are already familiar with the Photos for iOS, there is no obstacle to mastering Photos for Mac OS. Plus, we also shared the methods to transfer photos between iPhoto and iPhone. If you have more questions related them, please leave a message below.

iPhoto for PC Windows 10/ 7/8/8.1: Do you want to get the best image editing app iPhoto for PC? Here I am writing about this article and also given the quick link for Computer. Also given how to install iPhoto For PC in the below section. You can get this iPhoto app on your PC/Windows 10,7,8,8.1. Also on this page, we explain the process for how to use this iphoto on the laptop.

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iPhoto For PC

It is a digital photograph application software and it is developed by Apple Inc. And This application has been already installed in every Mac OS since 2002, Also iPhoto for PC/Windows has a part of the iLife suite together with iMovie, iDVD, GarageBand, and iWeb. It helps you to import, edit, print and share your photos with your friends.

Also, it allows the users to import their pictures from cameras and storage devices such as USB flash hard drive, CDs and DVDs. And this app is native for Apple devices like iOS, MacOS and also available for Windows OS. And it has been a long-time request for many Windows and iOS users.

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Free Photo Apps For Mac

Download iPhoto For PC

It can be integrated with social media applications like Facetime app, And when rumors spread that there is no way to install iPhoto for your PC, we were one of those people who got really excited. So we looked into online for this application. Also, this picture management application is an alternative to send music and videos from an iPod or iPad into your computer. And also you can use it to Manage music, playlist, contacts, and SMS on your iOS devices.

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Install Iphoto On Mac

Wondershare tunes go for PC is the first iPhoto for PC/Windows and it helps you to import photos to your computer and manage music, photos in your iOS devices. In this section, we are explaining the information about the installation process of iPhoto on the computer. If you want to get any applications on your you need an android emulator. This application has a feature of a built-in library which is the place for image organization. This feature offers users to import or export photos, images, videos, etc.

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How To Download & Install iPhoto For PC?

iPhoto for PC/computer application for Windows OS and other devices, This app was developed by Apple Inc. iPhoto for your PC is easy to install and use. However, you can not have the image editing application directly. We prefer Bluestacks for windows emulator and it is very easy to use and offers a wide variety of apps.

Download iPhoto For PC Using Bluestacks:

  • As we discussed the iPhoto for your PC needs an android platform.
  • If you don’t have an Android emulator don’t worry we will help you to install the application. There a lot of emulators available in the play store. We prefer Bluestacks because it is one of the perfect emulators to run android apps on PC.
  • If you already have an Android interface, please skip this link and go to the next link.
  • Click the below link to have Bluestaks.
  • Once installed the Bluestacks and search for your file.
  • When the settings are done, now go to the store and search for the application.
  • Now select the app for and then click on the install button.
  • Alternatively, you can get the link to have the application.
  • Download iPhoto for your PC Apk from the below link.
  • Download iPhoto app for PC and click on that.
  • Now, wait for some time until it gets installed successfully on your PC.
  • Once the installation process completed, you have got iPhoto on your PC successfully in your PC or laptop.

Features of iPhoto For PC:

  • In this app, You can use more than one library. It can help if you want separate libraries for work and home.
  • It supports you want to add your information place name and location to your photos. By using this option you can select more than one image while you are editing.
  • In this application for computer, you can import your photos from your iPhone/iPod/iPad to your PC.
  • Also, you can create albums, add photos and delete pictures.
  • With this photo application, you can Drag and drop photos between one iOS device to another iOS device.
  • By using the app you can recover your lost iOS captured photos and videos from the device to PC/laptop.
  • Also manage your photos, music, video, SMS, contacts on your iOS devices.
  • It has antivirus protection. It protects your photos, iTunes, iMovies and other important files from other viruses.
  • With this image editing application, you can edit your picture and videos also share your images with your friends.
  • In this image editing application, the users can do all the usual canvasing or free layer manipulating such as resize, crop, brush drawing, erase, draw shapes, select, copy, paste, move, delete, align, flip, rotate, etc.
  • This application allows the users to add images, text, and shapes to their photos.
  • In this application, the users have the option to resize, straighten, crop and rotation.
  • This application offers the users to adjust the brightness, saturation, and contrast with filters. The users can also apply the minor effects such as sharpen, blur or bump.
  • In this application, the users can undo and redo options are available so that the users can save a set of options to reply to them afterward.
  • Multi-window supports for this application.
  • This image editing application supports cool effects, multiple projects, tabs, action history, and layers.

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iPhoto App For PC (Windows Versions):

This is a digital photography software app for your laptop on Windows 10/7/8/8.1. Recently, nowadays many users are using Windows 10 Pro version of laptops and desktops. You can understand about iPhoto on PC article who is using windows10(32bit/64bit) version in their PC/laptop.

Previously Windows 7 is the standard OS with professional, Home basic and ultimate versions are the most used operating system in this year 2019. This app is used to store your images is using in windows laptop/computer versions. This image editing application is liked by many windows computer users. Recently this year 2019 many laptops and computers are come up with windows 10 pro version. Many users are using this version for their computers and laptops.

Iphoto Download


If you are disappointing that you can not install iPhoto on your computer. It is used to save your photos and Retrieve your data into your PC. If you are worried about deleting all images in your iPhone look at this.

Online App For Iphotos For Mac Free

I think that this article will help you to get the iPhoto for your PC. Also, we explained about the install process so you can easily get this. To download and install apps on your computer check this link right here now latest mod Apks.