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A free in-browser video and screen recorder for any presentation.

Can’t decide whether to record your presenter, their subject, their slides, or their screen? Don’t!

Instead, open Panopto’s video and screen recorder and select any combination of camera feeds, slideshows, or screens to share — Panopto records up to four video streams simultaneously, automatically synchronized, in brilliant high-definition. Launch Panopto right from your desktop web browser, with nothing to install and nothing to update.

There’s no easier way to create and share a complete videopresentation — with no content trade-offs, no complicated production, and no editing magic required.

A webcam and screen recorder? This tool is incredibly powerful and extremely fun to play with.

Create engaging videos, and record your screen and webcam simultaneously with the powers of MultiCam Capture. Easily create how-to videos, unboxing videos, record product demos, and more with one easy-to-use recording software. Plug in your cameras, preview the screens of your connected devices in one place, and press record. When done, your clips are already synced, so it’s easy edit your video and select which angle to show as your video plays with VideoStudio.

Nov 25, 2012. Record in Full HD: Each camera can record video in 1080p Full HD. When filming has wrapped, each camera’s recording output is sent to the switcher, which uses this footage to create an exceptional final product. Share your production: Transfer the final product or all camera files to the Camera. Panopto comes complete with dedicated video recording and live streaming solutions for Windows, Mac, and iOS. It’s the only video presentation software that can handle virtually any recording task, no matter how simple or complex. It’s easy enough for first-time users to be up and running in minutes. Yet it’s powerful enough for AV teams. Chrome remote desktop software mac reviews.

MultiCam Capture Lite comes with VideoStudio: your powerful, precise video editor.


Plug in your cameras to capture video, audio, and record your screen.


Record video and capture synced video & audio from multiple cameras.


Create engaging multi-camera videos with easy to use tools.

Capture video efficiently

  • Webcam and screen recorder

    Connect your cameras and turn your PC into a capture hub. Record your screen and webcam simultaneously. Capture video, system audio, microphone sound, and record your screen in a single click.

  • Adjust color and brightness

    Preview all of your connected devices in one place. Avast free anti-malware software. Select individual cameras and adjust your camera’s image to match the color and brightness across all cameras before you record. Also correct imperfections or add more natural lighting before you record, to make post-editing easier.

Edit with ease

  • Edit efficiently with synced videos

    Ever work with multiple cameras on the same scene and have to edit them together, manually? With MultiCam Capture your videos are already in sync. Each device exports as a single video file. Just import your clips into a video editing software program, like VideoStudio, and start editing.

  • Multi-camera editing

    With VideoStudio’s Multi-camera editing feature, you can add and easily combine footage from up to six devices*. Import your videos and select the angle you want to show as the video plays, to create your perfect multi-camera production with ease.

    Play video
*Six device MultiCam Editing is exclusive to VideoStudio Ultimate. Edit up to four cameras with VideoStudio Pro.
  • The recording window

    The recording window provides start, stop, pause, and resume recording controls. This window also includes a list of shortcut keys and access to basic settings such as Project Name, Save To location, and other file creation options.

  • The source view window

    The source view window displays a live view of your active camera sources. This is especially helpful if there is quite a bit of movement, such as a demo in front of a webcam, and you want to ensure that the camera is capturing the action. Clicking a source makes it active in the Preview area, and enables you to adjust the corresponding settings in the Settings area.

This Webcam and Screen Recorder brings you the tools you need to make video capture and editing easier

Once you define the optimal resolution for your computer, quickly begin naming your files and folders and select the areas that you would like to capture (either freehand or by choosing select windows). Easily control your frame rate on recordings, and more!

Easily identify which video source to use as your primary audio track. Correct imperfections in your footage before you record—from bad lighting to syncing issues between your audio and video devices with latency controls.

Multiple webcam recording software

Quickly adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation and more, of every picture. Employ techniques like backlight to help beef up exposure in areas that are too dark—without affecting areas that are just fine. Use features like zoom, pan and tilt to adjust the focus of your camera and give a unique perspective to your project.


MultiCam Capture Lite

Webcam and screen recorder - MultiCam Capture Lite has a two-stream capture maximum.

  • 2-stream capture
  • Webcam video capture
  • Screen recorder
  • Additional camera angle support

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MultiCam Capture

Free Multi Camera Recording

Capture video and record your screen - upgrade to unlock additional camera support and capture multiple angles.

  • Unlimited-stream capture
  • Webcam video capture
  • Screen recorder
  • Additional camera angle support

Multi Camera Recording Software

Record and edit multiple video streams across myriad devices—with both precision and power. Your creativity knows no bounds with VideoStudio.