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Photography is not just a mere profession, but it’s a form of art that allows us to perceive the world from a different perspective. Clicking pictures is one full-time hobby that gives us immense pleasure, whether you’re traveling solo between rocky hill-steps or celebrating your kid’s birthday party, we all love capturing our favorite moments so that we can cherish them forever.

But sometimes our pictures require some little editing, a fine touch of perfection that makes them look even prettier. Yes, that’s right! And to do this job, all you need is some photo software loaded on your PC. The market is flooded with a plethora of alternatives, but each and every professional photo software is one of kind and offers a unique set of functionalities.

Mac applications make the world go around! And although Mavericks gets much of the glory for its elegant design and power, you can’t really do much, productivity-wise, from your Desktop without a snappy application. Read on to get acquainted with ten iMac applications you can’t do without. Even if you don’t use one or two.

So there you have it. These GIMP plugins can help you extend the functionality of one of the best pieces of open source photography post production software. Some of them are useful for professional photography, and others are just plain fun. Add them to your collection of plugins today. Jun 19, 2020  Exif Untrasher: Like Recuva is for Windows, Exif Untrasher is for Mac. The app is the only free Mac data recovery tool with a graphic interface. It’s specially designed for we photographers as you can only use it to undelete JPEG format pictures from external memory cards or flash drives. Next on our list of best photo editing software for Mac is Lightroom owned by Adobe Photoshop. Pretty much anything you want to do with your pictures can be accomplished through Lightroom. You can effortlessly blend, merge shadows, add highlights, make images sharper, crispier. Sep 05, 2017  Affinity Photo is a Mac app that's designed to be a direct competitor to Adobe's Photoshop that comes with plenty of tools, features and some interesting touches that should get even the biggest.

Wondering which one you should pick for yourself? Don’t worry! We have narrowed down a list of 10 best photo software for PC that are perfect for novices as well as professionalphotography experts.

Top 10 Best Software For Photographers

Let’s get a quick look and discuss feature-set in details. Guess it’s time to bring out the beauty of perfection to your existing pictures with the best photography software.

Duplicate Photos Fixer

Best Duplicate Finder Software for Photographers

If you’re a professional photographer, then it’s really important to keep your photo collection neatly organized within folders which only contain unique items. While shooting pictures, there are times when we click the same picture twice in the very same angle, hence giving rise to a bunch of duplicates. But you don’t want these duplicate files to keep lying in your PC, right? Well, of course not! Duplicate Photos Fixer is an ultimate photo program that scans your system folders to look for duplicates and helps you in getting rid of them without any hassle.

Removing duplicates from your folders will not only keep your photo gallery well-organized but will also help you in recovering chunks of storage space on the disk. Duplicate Photos Fixer is one of the best, safest and quickest tools one should have that will remove every possible redundant photo file from your system. Duplicate Photos fixer is an intuitive tool that is compatible on all platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. So, what’re you waiting for? Buckle up and say goodbye to all duplicate photo files from your gallery!

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Photo Organizer

Best Management Tool for Photographers

Looking for your last summer holiday pictures? Or your spouse’s birthday pics from four years back? Well, it becomes a huge hassle to dig the photo library for exactly finding what you’re looking for from the cluster of photographs saved on your PC. Photo Organizer is a must-have tool for professional photographers as it allows you to streamline your photo collection with minimal time and efforts. Photo Organizer is a well-designed professional software for photographers that consolidates all your photographs into one place, helps you to add metadata so that you can easily find what you’re looking for within a few seconds. With Photos Organizer, you can easily rename a batch of photos and manage them easily. Finding photos on your PC will never be this easier—truly!

Adobe Lightroom

Must have mac products

Best Editing Software for Photographers

Adobe Lightroom is one of the best photo software for beginners as well as professional photo experts. It allows you to add a perfect finishing touch to your pictures where they appear even more beautiful than ever. Even your best shots can be edited with Adobe Lightroom and you can add an exquisite touch to your memories. Adobe Lightroom can be one of the best photo software for PC you ever had that can allow you to create incredible photos on the go. Adobe Lightroom comes power-packed with a bunch of useful features which include face detection, professional filters, brush and gradient adjustments, cross-platform support and sync and more.

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Image Resizer

Best Image Resizer Program for Photographers

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, Image Resizer can prove out to be one of the most essential software for photographers of any kind. Image Resizer allows you to resize, flip, rotate multiple images at once. You can also change the format of an individual or batch of photos in a folder altogether in just a few clicks. Image Resizer is one of the best software for photographers that can help you save a lot of time and efforts. The software comes with a plain and simple user-friendly interface which is easy to learn even for beginners. To begin resizing, all you have to do is simply drag and drop the respective image to its interface and add a touch of magic by adjusting its size, fixing gradients to scale up your images. You can easily find all resizing tools in one place, and save yourself a lot of time and effort.

Photos Exif Editor

Best Exif Editor Software for Photographers

For those of you who’re not aware is Exif stands for Exchangeable Image File Format that is majorly used for specifying file formats for different digital media files like images, audios, ancillary tags and more. If you’re looking for one of the best photo software for PC that allows you quickly edit Exif data for images then Photos Exif Editor can be an ideal pick. It is a must-have photo program that is specially designed to edit Exif metadata of images stored on your PC. You can easily use this tool, drag and drop multiple images all at once to its interface and begin editing Exif information of images. Photos Exif Editor also allows you to add GPS coordinates of images so that you can know where it was taken, making the process of finding pictures much easier.


Adobe Photoshop

Well, this doesn’t require much of an introduction as the name is enough! Adobe Photoshop has always been one of the first choices when it comes to editing pictures. It has always been that go-to tool for novice users as well as professional photographs for making any kind of editing changes to pictures. Adobe Photoshop allows you to create and enhance your images in the best possible manner. The interface follows a simplistic approach where all the basic and advanced tools are right there on the screen, making it easier to access. Whether you want to create your own images for website or edit existing images, Adobe Photoshop is simply one essential software for photography lovers.

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Pic Monkey

Are you ready to transform your images into a next level creative style? If yes, then Pic Monkey is a must-have photo editing software that one should have. You can add quirky captions, apply image filters, edit your images like never before with Pic Monkey tool. Confused about where to start off? Don’t worry! You can also begin with Pick Monkey’s pre-selected templates and see how you can manage to polish your creativity with its advanced image editing tools and features. Whether you’re an artist or looking for a professional photo editing software, Pic Monkey will fit all your needs.

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PortraitPro is one of the fast and most intuitive image editing tools you will find online. Just how its name implies, PortraitPro can enhance your portraits and shape them into something beautiful beyond your imagination. From fixing skin blemishes, removing wrinkles, applying additional effects like lipstick, eyeshadow, blusher, this tool is fully capable of retouching your portraits like never before. This tool is one of the best photo software for PC as it’s specially designed to make your portraits more life-like with the help of Artificial Intelligence and does a pretty good job. Start your free trial today, and if you happen to like this software you can even upgrade your existing plan by paying a subscription amount.

Must Have Mac Apps


Next on our list of best photo software for professionals, comes Inkscape. Inkscape is one of the best professional photography software that can be used for creating and designing vector graphics. It is a powerful web illustrator tool that offers a wide range of flexible drawing tools and editing features. Inkscape is compatible on almost all platforms including Windows, Mac and even Linux which makes it even more popular worldwide.

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Pixlr Editor

Saving the best one for the last! Pixlr Editor is an ultimate photo program that allows you to easily edit and enhance your images online. It is an advanced next-generation photo editing tool that can fulfill all sorts of professional image editing needs. Pixlr Editor offers you some great image editing features like adding layers, lasso effect for cropping, and majorly all advanced set of tools that are offered by Adobe Photoshop.

1TB = 1 trillion bytes; actual formatted capacity less. Full terms apply. Screen size is measured diagonally. Must have app sur un mac book pro. Some stores may have additional requirements.


So folks, this ends our list of 10 essential software for photographers that are ideal for both beginners and professional photographers. Pick any of the above-mentioned photography software to add a magical touch to your pictures. And yes, don’t forget to tell us which photo editing tool you loved the most. We’d be more than happy to hear from you!