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Browsing Recipes

  • Paprika Recipe Manager is available for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. I use it on a Mac and iOS for my iPhone and iPad, so I can’t really comment on how the apps work on Windows or Android. For a Mac environment you only need to purchase a Mac license and one iOS license for multiple devices on your App Store account.
  • Nov 14, 2017  But after paying only $5 for the iPad app, $30 for this one seemed a little steep. Also, it has seemed disappointing, for that price. The graphic interface isn't near as polished as the iPad app, and it actually is missing a very minor, but key, feature from the iPad app: I can't input fractions into the recipe. For example: 1/2 vs ½.
  • An empty recipe screen will appear, allowing you to enter in the recipe information you would like to save, such as: name, difficulty, servings, prep time, cook time, total time, source, source URL, categories, and rating. By default, the ingredients and directions text boxes will be expanded. If you would like to add a description, notes or nutritional info, click on their respective headers.

Enter to Search. My Profile Logout. Paprika is so flexible, you can do lots of cool things with it. Paprika uses text to organize. No buttons, toggles, or fiddly settings.

All of your recipes are displayed on the recipes screen. The left pane displays the list of recipe categories, while the right pane shows the recipes themselves.

Note You can change the recipe view to display recipes in a condensed list or a photo grid view by using the toggle control in the toolbar.

Browsing by Category

All Recipes is the default selected category, which displays all of your recipes in alphabetical order. If you would like to change the selected category, simply click on a new category to highlight it.

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Browsing Subcategories

Categories that have subcategories will have an expansion triangle displayed next to them. Click the triangle in order to reveal or hide the subcategories.

Searching Recipes

The recipes screen contains a search bar that you can use to search for specific recipes in your collection. Simply start typing and your recipes listing will be filtered by the search term.

By default, the search bar searches for your recipes based on the name of the recipe. You can click on the search icon and use the dropdown on the left to change the search type to search in one or more recipe fields.

Note You can search for multiple ingredients at the same time by separating them with commas. For example: chicken, spinach.

Searching Categories

You can search for recipes across multiple categories by clicking the button next to the Categories label in the search bar and selecting one or more categories. Use the Match dropdown to choose whether the search matches all categories or any category.

Sorting Recipes

You can sort recipes by clicking the Sort button in the top toolbar.

Currently you can sort recipes by: Name, Rating, or Most Recent.

Adding & Editing Recipes

Adding a Recipe

To add a new recipe, press the + button in the upper right hand corner of the recipes screen.

Shortcut You can also press Command-N.

An empty recipe screen will appear, allowing you to enter in the recipe information you would like to save, such as: name, difficulty, servings, prep time, cook time, total time, source, source URL, categories, and rating.

By default, the ingredients and directions text boxes will be expanded. If you would like to add a description, notes or nutritional info, click on their respective headers (blue box with text) in order to reveal their text boxes.

Optionally, use the Photos section to add multiple, high-resolution photos to the recipe. You can get to the Photos section by clicking the thumbnail image or the segmented control at the top. You can add and delete photos and edit the thumbnail, reorder photos by dragging, and rename photos by clicking the text field underneath the photo. Photos will display their names in the photo gallery and can be linked to from within recipe text using the name.

When you're finished entering in your recipe, press the Save button to save your changes or enter Command-S on the keyboard.

Editing a Recipe

You can edit a recipe by pressing the Edit button in the upper right corner of the recipe screen. You can also right-click on a recipe in the list view and choose Edit.

Shortcut You can also press Command-E from the recipe screen.

Deleting Recipes

There are several ways to delete a recipe:

From the recipes list:

  1. Right-click the recipe to reveal the context menu, and then press Delete.
  2. From the condensed recipe list, select one (or more) recipes in the list, and then press Delete on your keyboard.

From the recipe screen:

  1. Press the Actions button to reveal the recipe actions menu, and then press Delete.

Note Deleted recipes will go into the Trash and be displayed in that section of your categories list. To permanently delete the recipe, go to the trash category on the main recipes view and click Empty Trash. To undo the deletion, right-click on the recipe and choose the Undo Delete action. Only recipes go into the trash: all other items (meals, groceries, etc) are deleted immediately when you select them for deletion.

Recipe Fields

These are the fields that you can enter when you create or edit a recipe:

NameThe name of the recipe.
DifficultyThe difficulty of the recipe, from Easy to Hard. Custom values may also be entered.
ServingsThe number of servings this recipe makes.
Prep TimeThe amount of preparation time this recipe requires.
Cook TimeThe amount of cooking time this recipe requires.
Total TimeThe total amount of time this recipe requires.
RatingA star rating from 0 to 5 for this recipe.
CategoriesThe categories this recipe belongs to.
SourceWhere this recipe came from. Grandma, Serious Eats, etc.
Source URLThis is an optional field that records the original URL of the recipe if it came from a website.
DescriptionA short introduction of the recipe, displayed above the directions.
NotesAny cooking notes you would like to include with the recipe. Displayed below the directions.
Nutritional InfoAny nutritional information you would like to record for this recipe. Displayed below the ingredients.
IngredientsThe ingredients required for this recipe. Note Create ingredient headings by ending them with a colon (e.g. Sauce:).
DirectionsThe directions for this recipe.
PhotosAn optional thumbnail and one or more higher-resolution images. You can select files from the filesystem or from the clipboard.

Inserting Recipe Text

You can add formatting and images to the description, ingredients, directions, nutrition and notes fields.

When you begin editing those fields, a toolbar will appear above the field with helper buttons for inserting (in order) bold, italics, photos, website links, recipe links, and the final button is a help menu with examples of formatting.

Paprika uses a modified form of Markdown: to make words bold, surround them with __ or **. To use italics, surround words with _ or *.

Example A **bold** word. Words in _italics_ are fun.

To insert a link, put the title in brackets and the URL/link in parentheses. Only the title will be displayed.

Example A link to [Google](

To link to another recipe, put the name of the recipe in brackets, and prefix it with recipe:

Example A link to [recipe:Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta]

To insert a photo thumbnail, put the name of the photo in brackets, and prefix it with photo:. A thumbnail will be displayed. You can click on the thumbnail to see the full size image in the photo gallery.

Example [photo:Mixing the Batter]

Paprika looks up photos and recipes based on name; if multiple recipes exist with the same name, a picker will appear when you click the link and allow you to choose the recipe. If multiple photos exist with the same name, the first will be selected. If the recipe or photo name changes, links will need to be updated.

Adding Recipe Photos

You can add multiple photos to a recipe. They will be resized to a max size of 2048x2048 pixels and synced with your cloud data.

From the edit recipe view, click the Photos section to see all photos associated with a recipe. To add a photo from the filesystem, click the + button on the right side of the upper toolbar. You can also right-click on the edit photos screen and choose Add Photo. Photos can be dragged in from other apps, or copied to the clipboard. Once copied to the clipboard, right-click on the edit photos screen and choose Paste Photo.

Each photo displays its name, size and dimensions (in kilobytes or megabytes, generally) below the thumbnailed image. If you right-click one of the thumbnails in the Photos section, you will be given options to delete it or set it as the current thumbnail.

The photo name is used to identify the photo when embedding it in text, and will also be displayed at the top of the photo gallery. Click the name of the photo to edit it.

The thumbnail does not need to be one of the associated photos in the gallery. You can delete the thumbnail by selecting it and hitting the delete key on your keyboard. This will not affect existing recipe photos. You can also change the thumbnail by right-clicking on it and selecting Choose, then clicking the name of the photo you'd like to use as the thumbnail. It is also possible to drag a recipe photo onto the recipe thumbnail to change the thumbnail. Finally, you can right-click a recipe photo and choose Set as Thumbnail.

Drag to reorder photos and change their position in the photo gallery.

Note Photos will be uploaded to the cloud immediately but downloaded on demand by other devices (to save space). Photos associated with a recipe are downloaded when that recipe is opened.

Viewing a Recipe

From the recipes screen, click on a single recipe in the listing in order to open the recipe. If in the cell or photo view, you will need to double click. You can also right-click on the recipe and choose Open Recipe.

This is the main recipe view. The ingredients are displayed on the left, information about the recipe is displayed near the top, and the directions are displayed to the right. The description will be displayed above the directions and the notes will be displayed below the directions. Any nutritional information will appear below the ingredients.

Note If the recipe has a source URL, the source will be highlighted in bold. You can click on the source to load the original source URL in the browser.

Recipe Actions

The top toolbar contains several actions you can perform with the recipe:

Add to Meal PlannerYou can add a recipe to the meal planner using this button. Select the date and type of meal you would like to add this recipe to, and then press Save.
Add to Grocery ListAdd this recipe to the grocery list. You'll be asked to choose ingredients and grocery list first.
Add to FavoritesAdd this recipe to your favorites. Click the heart again to remove it from your favorites.

Less common actions are placed under the Actions button to the right of the other buttons.

Open Recipe in New WindowAllows you to open the recipe in a new window. This is useful if you want to copy and paste more info into a recipe while using the browser, or view several recipes at once.
DuplicateMakes a copy of the recipe and then enters edit mode. Good when trying out recipe variations.
PrintPrint the contents of this recipe.
EmailUnder the Share submenu. Email recipients can import the recipe into their copy of Paprika by clicking the .paprikarecipes attachment. You can email to multiple recipients by separating the email addresses with commas. When emailing a single recipe, the recipe will also be displayed as text/HTML in the body of the email.
AirDropUnder the Share submenu. AirDrop sends a paprikarecipes file to another device to allow the recipe to be imported into another copy of the app.
TwitterUnder the Share submenu. Shares the recipe name and photo on Twitter. (Only enabled if you have Twitter enabled in your System Preferences.)
FacebookUnder the Share submenu. Shares the recipe name and photo on Facebook. (Only enabled if you have Facebook enabled in your System Preferences.)
iMessageUnder the Share submenu. Shares the recipe name and photo on Messages.
ExportUnder the Share submenu. Exports the recipe to HTML or to the paprikarecipes format.
Pin RecipePins the recipe to the sidebar. Recipe pins will be synced across devices (if the device is running version 3)
DeleteMoves the recipe to the Trash category.

Printing Recipes

As described above, printing is accessed via the Actions button in the recipe toolbar. There are several options you can configure for printing:

Page SizeAllows you to change the page size of the printed recipe. Options available are: Full Page, Index Cards, and Index Cards Sheets. Index Cards will print to physical index cards, while Index Card Sheets is meant for printing several index cards on full page paper and then cutting them out.
OrientationPortrait (taller than wide) or Landscape (wider than tall).
Font SizeAllows you to change the font size of the printed recipe.
Card SizeAllows you to change the size of the index card. Options are given in inches.
Page MarginsAllows you to adjust the printer margins. Measurements are given in inches.
Card MarginsAllows you to adjust the inner margin of the index card. Measurements are given in inches.
Two-Column LayoutIf selected, ingredients and directions will print side by side. Otherwise everything prints in a single vertical column.
Show PhotoAllows you to disable printing of the photo. Useful if you want to save ink.
Full Size PhotoWhether or not the thumbnail should be printed full-size, or at a scaled size, to preserve ink.
Show InfoWhether or not the recipe metadata, such as prep and cook times, should be printed.
Show NotesWhether or not the recipe notes should be printed.
Show NutritionWhether or not the recipe nutritional information should be printed.


Timers are automatically detected in your recipe's directions and highlighted in blue. In order to start a timer, simply click on the highlighted time and press Start. The timer countdown will appear in the left sidebar.

Viewing timers - All of your active timers are displayed in the left sidebar.

Adding a timer manually - From the left sidebar, click the Add Timer button. You can choose a name for the timer. Once you have selected a time, press Start to begin the timer.

Removing timers - Timers are automatically removed once they have elapsed. If you would like to manually remove a timer: you can either right-click on it and press Delete, or click on the timer itself and press Edit, and then choose Delete.

Editing timers - To change the name or time of a timer, click on the timer in the timers list and press Edit. You can also pause, resume and cancel the timer from this popup, and see the remaining duration of the timer.

Scaling & Converting Ingredients

Scaling - You can scale the ingredients of a recipe by clicking on the Scale & Convert button next to the Ingredients heading.

When the ingredients scaling popover appears, select the amount you'd like to scale the ingredients by and they will change automatically. The scale button will update to display the current recipe scale.

The amount to scale can be entered as a whole number, decimal, or fraction (ex: 3, 0.25, 1/3).

If you add a scaled recipe to the grocery list, the grocery list items will preserve the ingredients scaling.

Note Paprika anticipates this ingredient format: quantity unit ingredient, i.e. 1 cup milk. For best results, ensure your ingredients are entered in this format.

Converting - You can convert ingredients units from standard (US) units to metric or reset them to their original units by using the Convert Units dropdown in the same popover.

Crossing off Ingredients

When you are cooking, you may find it useful to cross off ingredients once you have used them. Simply click the desired ingredient in order to cross it off. (Click again to un-cross it.)

Marking Directions

You can also highlight the current step of your directions by clicking on it to help keep your place.

Pinning Recipes

You can pin active recipes to easily switch between them while you are cooking. To pin a recipe, click the Actions button in the recipe toolbar, and choose Pin Recipe.

Your pinned recipes will be displayed in the left sidebar. Click on any of these recipes to switch to them. When a recipe is pinned, Paprika will keep track of the ingredients you have crossed off and the current directions you have highlighted, so you don't lose your place.

Free Paprika App

When you're done cooking, hover over the pinned recipe in the list and click the x to un-pin the recipe.

Note From the main recipes list, you can also pin recipes by dragging and dropping them into the left sidebar.

Recipes Sidebar

Click the rectangular button next to the back button in the upper toolbar to show or hide a condensed list of recipes and easily search and switch between them.

Paprika App Ios Vs Mac Os

Photo Gallery

If there are photos associated with the recipe, you can click the thumbnail to display the photo gallery. The photo gallery contains an ordered list of photos with names displayed at the top.

You can scroll the photos by pressing the left and right arrow buttons which appear when you hover over the image, or using the arrow keys on your keyboard, or swiping with two fingers on your trackpad.

You can close the photo gallery by pressing the ESC key on your keyboard or clicking the X button in the upper left hand corner of the toolbar.

Paprika App Ios Vs Mac Computer

Virtual pc for mac free. Note When downloading recipes via the browser, only a link to the online photo is saved unless you explicitly add photos to the recipe using the context menu or by dragging photos into the edit photos screen. In the case that the thumbnail references a linked photo, clicking the thumbnail will load the photo from the internet and display it.

Paprika App Ios Vs Mac Pro

Tip If both a photo link and recipe photos exist, the photo gallery will load and the link button in the upper right corner of the gallery can be used to load the linked source image from the website.

Gestures & Keyboard Shortcuts

Navigate BackPress ESC. Also exits the photo gallery.
Edit RecipePress Command-E.
Save RecipePress Command-S from the edit screen.

Categorizing Recipes

Paprika allows you to organize recipes into categories to make them easier to manage.

Assign a Recipe to a Category

To edit a recipe's categories, navigate into the recipe and press the Edit button in order to edit the recipe. From here, press the Categories button to access the recipe's categories. You can check one (or more) categories to associate with the recipe. Press the Save button when you are done.

Shortcut From the main recipes listing, you can drag and drop a recipe row into a category. This allows you to quickly assign categories to a recipe without having to open up the recipe itself.

Paprika App Ios Vs Mac 10

Adding a Category

You can add a category by pressing the + button in the categories toolbar.

Optional To create a subcategory, first select the parent category and then press the + button. A new subcategory will be added to the parent category. You can also drag-and-drop to move categories into and out of subcategories.

Editing Categories

To edit a category, simply click once to select it, wait a moment, then click again to edit. If you would like to delete the category, highlight it and press the Delete key on your keyboard, or right-click the category and press Delete.

If you have Alphabetize Categories turned off in your settings, you can also drag and drop to rearrange the category order.

Built-In Categories

Paprika App Download

There are several built-in categories. These categories cannot be removed and provide special ways to view your recipes:

Paprika App For Windows 10

All RecipesLists all of the recipes in your collection in alphabetical order.
Most RecentSorts your recipes by the date they were added, with the most recent recipes near the top.
Top RatedLists all of the recipes in order from highest star rating to lowest.
FavoritesList all recipes that you have added to your favorites.
UncategorizedLists all of the recipes that have not been assigned to a category.
TrashLists all of the recipes that have been marked for deletion. They cannot be opened or edited. Emptying the trash will permanently delete these recipes.