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Parallels received its first iPad Pro the other day, and I was able to use it for a few days.

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Ipad Apps On Macbook

Man that screen is big!

The first thing I did was to install Parallels Access (version 3.0.2) from the iTunes App Store, and check out how well it works.

Aug 28, 2013  Parallels is now available for iPad, bringing Windows and Mac apps to Apple's tablet. Parallels pushed the app as a way to boost productivity, given that. Aug 29, 2013  Parallels, makers of the popular Parallels Desktop virtual machine software, has launched a brand new iPad app called Parallels Access. The app, which requires am $80 per year subscription service, might be one of the most unique new apps we've seen in a while, allowing iPad users to run Mac or Windows apps on their device almost as if the apps were native. Aug 28, 2013  The iPad app lets you run apps from your PC or Mac almost as if they were native to the iPad. There may be no iPad version of Word, for example, but with Parallels' app, you can run it off your. Parallels Desktop for Mac App Store Edition 1.5.0 (20116) This is a major update for Parallels Desktop™. We made it more stable, secure and comfortable to use—and it’s compatible with macOS® 10.15 Catalina. The product has been renamed to Parallels Desktop.

Parallels For Mac Ipad App

I tested Mac apps, Windows apps, the Magnifying Glass, File Manager, gestures, selections, changing resolution, the keyboard, the tutorial screens, the App Launcher, landscape and portrait orientation, etc. Basically all the features I show in my standard demo of Parallels Access. With only one exception, everything seemed to work just fine. I did not have an Apple Pencil or physical keyboard, so I could not test either of these this time.

The one thing I couldn’t do despite about a half dozen attempts was extending a text selection in Word by “grabbing” one of the selection “pins” and enlarging or shrinking the selection. The real QA engineers on the Parallels Access development team are checking this out now, in order to determine if this was my error, something specific to the iPad Pro that I used, or an issue on this new iPad model that needs to be addressed by the development team. When I have an update from the team, I will update this blog post.

In the meantime, here are some screenshots of Parallels Access on the iPad Pro. Did I mention that the screen is really big?

Figure 2: Excel for Windows in landscape.

Parallels For Mac

Figure 4: PowerPoint for Windows in landscape.

Figure 6: File Manager in landscape.

Parallels For Mac Ipad App Download

Figure 7: Magnifying Glass in Word for Windows in landscape.