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Screen Sharing App Mac Yosemite Update

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Screen Sharing

  1. Check the box next to Screen Sharing to enable the service (Figure B).
    Figure B
  2. Clicking on the Computer Settings.. button will open a window to adjust request permissions or to set a password in order to secure the connection to the screen. Check the optional boxes, as needed, and click OK to save the settings (Figure C).
    Figure C
  3. By default, the members of the Administrators group are solely granted access to remotely connect through Screen Sharing. However, by clicking the plus [+] or minus [-] buttons, any accounts you wish to add or remove from the allowed list may be configured.
  4. Accessing Screen is tricky since it's hidden. Navigate to ~/System/Library/CoreServices/Screen to find the app (Figure D). (In Yosemite, add '/applications/' after CoreServices.)
    Figure D
  5. Alternatively, using the keyboard shortcut [command]+[K] will bring up the screen to connect to a network service. When using this shortcut, the protocol prefix type for Screen Sharing is: vnc://IP_Address_of_remote_computer.
  6. Launching Screen will prompt you to enter the IP address of the remote computer you wish to connect to. Click the Connect button to issue the request (Figure E).
    Figure E
  7. OS X will then prompt for an account with the necessary administrative privileges to access the remote desktop. Enter the credentials and click the Connect button to complete the handshake and establish the connection (Figure F).
    Figure F
  8. Once the connection is established, the remote computer's desktop login screen will be displayed. Again, the credentials of the user you wish to log in as will be required or, if connecting merely to observe, the currently logged on user's screen will be available to view (Figure G).
    Figure G

Screen Sharing offers pretty basic functionality. You could argue that it has singular functionality: the ability to observe or remotely connect to another desktop over the network. It lacks the robust administrative features of other 3rd-party suites and is completely devoid of any reporting and remote command execution features packed into ARD.

Yet, its simplicity is part of what makes Screen Sharing so attractive. Instead of performing several tasks in mediocre fashion, it does one thing really well: remotely connect to other Apple computers for the purposes of providing customer support. And with the future release of OS X Yosemite, the will be capable of Screen Sharing for those with iMessage-enabled devices.

Do you use Screen Sharing to provide customer support in your organization? Share your experience in the discussion thread below.

Screen Sharing Osx

There’s a plethora of new features to be found in Yosemite, and one of the latest has been found in the Messages app. Along with the ability to initiate FaceTime audio and video calls directly from a Messages app conversation, comes the ability to initiate screen sharing. Users will be able to either request a screen sharing session from another user, or initiate their own screen sharing.