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We believe that the best way to learn about fractals is to explore them yourself! Please download the fractal software below and begin to explore the infinite realm of fractals.

XaoS for WindowsXaoS for Mac OS XInstructions for XaoSTry the latest pre-release version 4.0 (Linux and Mac Catalina compatible) Try the javascript prototype version of XaoSjs in your browser!
This is the dazzling Real-Time Zoomer featured in our presentations. Explore the Mandelbrot set and 23 other fractals. Open-source, free, fast, amazing. Used by children everywhere, it’s even simple enough for adults. Free!

Fractal Explorer is a project which guides you through the world of fractals. Not only can you use the software to plot fractals but there is also mathematical background information about fractals on the website. To install Ultra Fractal, simply drag it from the downloaded disk image to the Applications folder on your Mac. To start it, click the Spotlight search icon at the top-right end of the menu bar, type 'Ultra Fractal' and click the application icon that appears. Alternatively, you can locate it in the Applications folder, use the Launcher, or pin.

FRAX (99 cents)
This is an app for iPhones and iPads, and it is the best touch screen fractal explorer EVER made. It’s simply wonderful! You can pinch to zoom or spin and steer by tilting. Incredible fun, and so beautiful.

FRAX Lite – a taste of FRAX
A taste of FRAX for free!

Fractal to Desktop
Live-render fractals to your desktop! Windows machines only at this time.

Wildfire is a free and user-friendly image-processing software, mostly known for its sophisticated flame fractal generator. It is Java-based, open-source and runs on any major computer platform. There is also a special Android-version for mobile devices. Go to the downloads page to get this free program for Windows, Linux or Mac machines.

Fractal Simulations
Create different versions of the Koch Curve and play with the Mandelbrot set and the Sierpinski Gasket.

Fractal Landscapes
Make your own fractal landscapes

Software for creating geometrical fractals mac free

Fractal Map
If you have Windows 10 or Windows 10 mobile, download this free program to create your own fractals!

If you’re ready to explore 3D fractals like the Mandelbulb and Mandelbox, here are two great free programs that will open up infinite worlds. The first one may be a little more powerful and possibly a bit faster, but the second one is a little easier to use. I love them both! And they’re both Free!

Freeware fractal flame editor for Windows – creates super cool fractal images!

Multibrot fractal explorer

Fractal Fr0st
Lots of ways to play with fractals

Ultra Fractal
When you are ready for more power, Ultra Fractal is an awesome, professional package that supports animation, arbitrarily deep fractals, and extremely high resolution.

This is a complex and powerful 3D modeling program that makes fractals really well. A professional program, it supports animation as well as high resolution rendering.

Electric Sheep
This is an incredible evolving collaborative fractal screen saver project. Download the screensaver (for Mac, PC or linux) and let your computer help create some of the most beautiful fractal animations anywhere. Interact with it by voting on your favorite sheep, and help contribute to the fractal evolution! Free!

Fractal Art Software Free

This incredible realtime video manipulation software allows the user to do all sorts of fun and beautiful live video effects, and best of all it is integrated with XaoS, the fractal zoomer, so you can blend yourself and your friends into the infinite fractal landscapes…

Software For Creating Geometrical Fractals Mac Tutorial

Fractal Grower
An interactive Java applet by UNM professor Joel Castellanos, that allows you to virtually grow ‘plants’ and other similar fractal shapes, by repeating a simple geometric operation. Lots of fun. Free!

Google Earth
The magnificent free program that allows you to explore anywhere on Earth. Zoom in to discover natural fractals such as mountains, rivers and coastlines. (Coming soon: custom KMZ layers showing a special collection of natural fractals on the Earth.) Free!

Amazing Seattle Programs
More fractal programs!

Fractivities are hands-on projects that teach fractal concepts in a fun, artistic way. Students utilize their math skills in real-world applications and also work together as a team to create large fractal designs.

With support from the Albert I. Pierce Foundation, our fractivities are aligned with common core standards in mathematics and English language arts so you can more easily incorporate teaching fractals in your classroom, combining science, math and art!

You can use our curriculum for free or can hire us to come to your school to lead fun, hands-on activities. Check out our education and outreach page!

Need help in choosing a fractivity?

This summary page shows what grades each activity is appropriate for and what common core math standards they meet.

This page includes the associated English language arts standards met by the activities.

Software For Creating Geometrical Fractals Mac X

Software For Creating Geometrical Fractals Mac

We are sharing these fractivities with teachers for free and request that you provide feedback to us so we can continue to refine and improve our curriculum. Thank you, and have fun!

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Fractal Triangle

Learn to make the classic triangle fractal, and join many together into a bigger one.

Fractal Cutout Card

Make a 3-dimensional fractal with paper and scissors.

Fractal Trees

Measure the ratios and angles of a tree’s branches to uncover its fractal structure.

Watersheds and Rivers

Learn about the fractal nature of rivers, understand what a watershed is and create your own fractal design.

The Koch Curve and Coastlines

A simple geometric substitution leads to a jagged fractal much like a coastline.

Fractal Tetrahedrons

Teams of students build a fractal tetrahedron made of toothpicks and marshmallows.

Fraction Tree

Use a simple model of an apple tree to practice fractions.


Fractal Scavenger Hunt

Discover fractals surrounding you in the natural world


Use fractals to learn about exponents


Use free software to explore fractals and create beautiful art

Pascal’s Fractal Triangle

Create Pascal’s Triangle and discover the Sierpinski Fractal Triangle!

Nature Walk Bingo

Explore what fractals you can see around your school or even in your neighborhood


Learn all about fractals by playing bingo

Fibonacci Sequence and Spirals

Learn the Fibonacci sequence and understand how it creates spirals in the natural world

Flower of Life

Create a beautiful, repeating pattern of circles that turns into a fractal flowerbed

3D Paper Tetrahedron

Build tetrahedrons out of cut and folded paper

Menger Cube

Create your own Menger cube out of paper

Tic Frac Toe

Play a fractal version of Tic Tac Toe


Learn about and play with fractal patterns of turbulence with some fun, hands-on experiments

Software For Creating Geometrical Fractals Mac Download

These Fractivities were developed with the generous support of the Math & Science Bureau of the NM Public Education Department, Albuquerque Community Foundation and the AI Pierce Foundation.