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Travis Meredith, DVM, MBA, Diplomate ACT Practice information management systems are integral to managing veterinary practices. Part 1 of this 2-part series highlights the technical aspects, system hallmarks, coming attractions, and cost of 3 of the leading PIMS used by practices today. This year’s Practice Building column has been focused on building today’s veterinary practice.

In a recent article for the Veterinary Information Network, author Jennifer Fiala outlined the problems many veterinarians have with veterinary software vendors such as IntraVet, ImproMed, AVImark, Cornerstone and VIA. The current offerings and vendors suffer from a number of major problems that aren’t the case with VetBlue, such as:

Veterinary Practice Software On Mac Computers

Traditional Software Offerings are too Expensive
“Three thousand dollars in technical support later, and I am still having problems.”
-Dr. Tripp Stewart

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Many of today’s software vendors offer on-premise packages which require purchasing not just expensive software, but the hardware as well. Typically veterinary practices don’t have IT staff on site to manage and diagnose problems with hardware. Vets then spend much more time than they want managing hardware and software failures.

With VetBlue you’re not required to purchase any hardware since the software resides on enterprise-grade hardware with top-class security in the “cloud”. This greatly reduces the costs and headaches with implementing and using the software. You’ll also find the running costs of VetBlue extremely competitive and a hands down bargain value compared to bloated packages from other vendors.

Vendors with Questionable Sales Tactics
“…virtually all practice management software companies have been heavily criticized, either for their programs or questionable sales pitches.” -Jennifer Fiala

Veterinary Practice Software Free

Other software vendors promise the world, and as a vet practice you are asked to fork over thousands of dollars upfront with yearly maintenance contracts. You are then asked to pay for support and training when you realize the program is more complicated than it appeared during the sales pitch.

With VetBlue you get 15 days to trial the software in its entirety, view training videos and understand what the software can do. The upfront investment in time and money is relatively minimal and you won’t be tied down with a huge investment if you decide VetBlue isn’t for you. Bring app to front mac.

Most Veterinary Programs are Hard to Customize
“…problems with VIA software include programming that bars staff from creating canned estimates without hours of tedious data entry or drawing up easy-to-read discharge reports.” -Jennifer Fiala

Other software packages are not only cumbersome to use, they are challenging to adopt for your unique needs. Every practice is different and other software systems are designed so as to make customization and modifications tedious if not impossible.

With VetBlue you get a software platform that is tried and tested and very customizable to your practice. The feature set is rich enough to complete most typical clinic tasks and the platform is flexible enough to work with the unique needs of your practice.