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Power blackouts and virus attacks play haywire with the data stored on computers, making it possible for the owner of the affected computer to lose important data. In the event that such a thing happens, it can really be difficult or impossible to retrieve deleted or lost data.

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Can you imagine the dilemma if one of these two factors damaged all your data, including your precious photographs, especially if you had not made a backup of them on the cloud or a portable drive? You would have lost your marriage photographs and much more.

The scenario is grimmer if you could no longer access the graphics you had painstakingly designed for your clients?

The good news is that you can now recover all lost photographs with a fantastic photo recovery software, manufactured by Stellar, the king of data recovery programs.

Keep on reading this Stellar Photo Recovery Review — Updated 2020 to find out how quickly and effortlessly this program recovers all of your corrupted and lost images.

Dec 28, 2019  Part 2: How to Access iPhone Files on Windows 10 by iTunes This is pretty convenient if you don't have a Mac. To be able to sync your device on your Windows PC and create a back up all you have to do is download the software. The iOS files include all the backups and software update files of iOS devices that are synced with your Mac. While it is easier to use iTunes to back up your iOS devices data but over time, all the old data backup could take up a significant chunk of storage space on your Mac.

Download, install and run this digital photo recovery program as soon as you notice that you can no longer access your precious photos. You'll find the photo recovery process an easy and seamless one.

How Does Stellar Photo Recovery Work and How to Use It?

The process of using Stellar Photo Recovery Software can be summarized in about 4 simple steps:

1. Launch the software and select the file types that you want to recover.

2. Select the location from which you want to recover the photos and click on ‘scan‘. The software will search for lost or deleted photos.

3. Preview the files in ‘File Type', ‘Tree View' or ‘Deleted List' View or select any particular file(s) for preview after scanning.

4. After selecting the required files, click on ‘recover‘ and choose the location to which you want to save the files.

A Brief Background on What Usually Happens to Data Stored on the Computer

Whenever you save a photograph or any piece of data on your computer's hard disk drive (HDD), the computer stores its location in a TOC (Table of Contents) on the HDD.

The operating system also prevents overwriting of such data. However, the operating system has a right to overwrite files deleted by you or those deleted due to a virus attack or because of corruption in the HDD's platter.

The computer removes the details of such data from its TOC, allowing new data to overwrite it. In such a scenario, you need a specialized program to retrieve those files.

Moreover, over time and with continuous usage, external and internal media develop bad sectors, making it impossible to access content stored on the media.

It is in such situations that the Stellar Photo Recovery software steps in. It is one of the best software for recovering lost or deleted photos.

Once you download, install, and run this image data recovery software, it scans your computer's HDD and recovers missing or corrupt partitions, as well as deleted folders and files and recovers the deleted or corrupted ones.

Preview Before Restoring Photo Files

It even permits you to preview the files before restoring them. This excellent image file recovery program works with any storage device(s), including USB thumb drives, HDDs, CDs and DVDs, and memory cards.

The software permits you to preview the found multimedia files in three different ways: deleted list, tree view, as well as in file type.

It helps you save a lot of time. For example, if you are only searching for one or several jpeg images, you can opt for the “preview by file type” option.

The “tree view” is more powerful in the sense that it permits you to navigate to the location where the media file exists.

The “deleted list” view option only allows you to view and recover deleted files from the deleted list.

These remarkable features are why reviewers in offline (printed media), as well as online media, always give this software 5-star ratings in their Stellar Phoenix reviews.

Scanning for Photos

It offers two different modes of scanning: quick scan and deep scan. The first option is significantly faster but not as meticulous as the second one. The program searches for file signatures even in severely corrupted storage media.

Stellar Photo Recovery for Mac and Windows

You need not worry about your computer's operating system as the manufacturer offers both Windows Stellar Photo Recovery as well as Mac Stellar Photo Recovery.

Many photo editing professionals like me prefer to use both the Macintosh computers as well as the Windows-based operating systems because specific photo-related programs are available only for the Mac OS. In contrast, others are available just for the Windows OS.

It is in such situations that the Stellar Phoenix data recovery program makes its presence felt. The manufacturer offers separate versions for both these operating systems.

iPhone and Android Photo Recovery

They have also covered Mac-based smartphones with their Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iPhone as well as photo recovery on Android devices.

Owners of smartphones will be pleased to know that Stellar has got them covered too. The manufacturer has versions for smartphones based on iOS as well as Android systems.

Therefore, there is no need for you to worry if you accidentally deleted photographs from your smartphone because you can depend on Stellar to bail you out.

A Trial Will Convince You

If you are not convinced about the fantastic photo recovery ability of this excellent program, download the trial version and run it after installing it on your computer. You will be pleasantly surprised by the number of deleted images it displays.

I had never bothered about such programs before, in the knowledge that my collection of pictures were safe in my computer's hard disk drive. It was when I discovered that I was no longer able to view most of the photographs stored in my PC that I panicked and started to search online for a solution.

Confused by the number of such programs available online, I decided to ask my friend, a software professional, who had faced such a problem before. He told me to download the Stellar image recovery program. According to him, this was the best photo recovery program available.

Free to Download

He also suggested that I could download a trial version, free, from the company's website. The free version would show me the recoverable images but would not recover them.

I had thousands of images in different formats stored on my computer's hard disk drive.

After downloading, I installed the trial (free) version of the Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery program and allowed it to scan my computer.

I was amazed to notice that it was able to locate all my corrupted as well as deleted photographs. However, I would not be able to recover them, as the trial version only allowed me to preview the recoverable files, but not recover them.

I would have to purchase a license for it. I had viewed several similar programs online before seeking the help of my friend who suggested that I should try the offering from Stellar.

I visited their website to download the Stellar Photo Recovery free trial, selected my operating system, and clicked on the link that would grant me access to the Stellar Photo Recovery free download.

Remember, the free photo recovery version only shows the deleted or corrupted files. It will not allow you to recover the data. You require the Stellar Photo Recovery activation key for that.

Support for A Wide Array of Photo Formats

From the information I saw on their website, it would recover the following formats: CR2, CRW, RAF, ERF, ORF, DCR, KDC, K25, MEF, MOS, MRW, NRW, NEF, SRF, ARW, SR2, PEF, Raw, PGM, DJVU, DNG, X3F, Adobe EPS (both Windows and Mac), in addition to TIFF, JPEG, TGA, GIF, BMP, PNG, INDD, PSD, PCT, PSP, and JP2.

I doubt if any other photo recovery software supports so many formats.

Supports Files from Many Camera Brands and Models

Apart from the hard disk drive, the program recovers deleted or corrupted pictures from a host of flash drives and memory cards.

It supports file formats of cameras such as Mamiya, Sony, Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Samsung, Kodak, Minolta, Fuji, Sigma, Epson, Panasonic, Olympus, as well as all latest camera models.

Could this be the reason why professional digital photo recovery service companies faithfully depend on the offering by Stellar for their work?

Stellar Photo Repair Review

In addition to recovering lost or deleted photos, Stellar also has a tool for repairing damaged photos. This is a little bit different from the Standard Edition of the recovery software that only recovers the photos (with the exception of the ‘Professional' and ‘Premium' editions of Stellar Photo recovery that have the ability to also repair photos).

Hence, if you want both a photo recovery and repair software, I will recommend that you go for either the ‘Professional' or ‘Premium' edition of the photo recovery software of Stellar.

This can come in handy should you need to repair any bad or corrupted picture.

For instance, the Stellar Repair for Photo software can fix the following: Personal project outliner and manager app for mac download.

  • Corrupted photos
  • Multiple images in any format
  • Corrupted or damaged photos from any damaged storage media
  • Camera RAW images
  • JPEGs and more

It also goes by the name: Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair, but it is, basically, the same tool. In other words, you only need to get either the photo repair or JPEG repair.

The good thing about the Stellar Photo Repair Software is that the repaired photographs or images end up looking like new ones as it makes them sharp.

Stellar Repair for Video and Recovery

Photographs apart, this powerful software also retrieves audio and movie files. It supports video file formats such as MKV, 3GP, MP4, MPEG, AVI, MTS, MOI, DIVX, VOB, OGM, OGG, OGM, ASX, 3G2, AJP, MTS, VID, F4V, TOD, MOV, HD MOV, MQV, M4V, M4B, SVI, WMV, and MXF.

Supported audio file formats include MP3, RPS, AU, MIDI, WAV, OGG, RM, AIFF, RA, WMA, M4A, M4P, AMR, ACD, CAFF, AT3, DSS, M4R, IFF, SND, and NRA.

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Therefore, you must use this software if you specialize in creating movies as well. It is a lifesaver as you will find out when you accidentally delete your movie or audio files or if they get corrupted, and you are unable to recover them.

You can also repair damaged or corrupt video files by choosing to use the video repair tool which can be accessed by clicking on the video repair button above.

NOTE: The same Stellar software for recovering photos also recovers videos.

More on Photo Recovery

Add Any New Type of File(s)

Unlike less powerful programs, this software from Stellar also recovers videos and photos from encrypted drives, volumes, or partitions.

Occasionally, you may be using a program that generates a file format not found in the above list. You might be wondering what to do in case such a file gets accidentally deleted or becomes corrupted.

You need not worry as this software allows you to add new file headers manually and automatically. I doubt if any other photo recovery program boasts of this feature.

Special Features

Here are some Special features of the Stellar Photo Recovery software, among others:

Ability to Select What to Recover and Restore

How To Share Iphone Screen On Mac

Stellar's software allows you to create a sector-by-sector image of a selected range (in case you store all of your media in a specific folder) or the entire media to allow the software to save data on the good sectors only.

You can use this image to recover data with the help of the software.

The photo data recovery software depends on file signature to search for lost files. In case you have opted for the fast scan option and cannot see the deleted or corrupted file, opt for the deep scan to perform a comprehensive scan of the selected location or drive.

Works with Massive Storage Drives Too

The majority of media recovery programs available in the market do not work properly on devices that have large storage capacities. However, you can depend on Stellar to recover files from storage devices having a storage capacity of 6TB and more.

Are Any of Your Disk Drives At Risk of Being Damaged? The Program Checks and Warns

Apart from recovering deleted or corrupted media, the program by Stellar also keeps an eye on the temperature and health of your storage device and warns you of any signs of deterioration of your hard disk drive.

Thanks to this feature, you can take timely action and make a timely backup of the HDD, preventing future data loss.

Protect Your Instagram Images

How To View Iphone Files On Mac

Can you imagine the waste of time if you accidentally delete the folder in which you store your Instagram photos and videos? The Stellar recovery for Instagram photos is the best option for recovering such videos and images.

View Iphone Files On Mac Software Mac


Launch the software and select the location from where you want to recover the files and click on the “scan” button.

Once you see the “scanning completed successfully” dialogue box, click on the “recover” button. In the dialogue box, you will need to specify a location in which you want to store the recovered files.

Stellar Photo Recovery Standard vs Professional vs Premium

The Standard Edition of the Stellar Photo Recovery software recovers deleted photos, videos, and audios, the Professional Edition adds repairs and thumbnail extraction of corrupted images to the Standard Edition, while the Premium Edition adds to the Professional Edition, the ability to repair multiple videos in multiple formats, all at once.

How Much is Steller Photo Recovery?

The three editions are available at discounted prices of $39.99, $49.99, and $69.99, respectively. This special pricing is available for a limited time. The prices are for a one-year subscription. You can avail of more discounts by opting for a two-year license.

Instant Delivery

You do not have to wait for ages to receive yours. You will receive the Stellar Photo Recovery activation key details immediately, by email, once you have paid the price through the company's secure online payment gateway.

Select the ‘activate license' option on the software and paste the license key to convert the software from a free version to a fully working one.

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Recovers and Saves Time

You may have spent hours and, sometimes, days to create a graphic image. Can you imagine the value of the man-hours lost upon the corruption of the picture? You can easily recover the one-year subscription price by recovering a single image.

I strongly recommend that you purchase either the Stellar Photo Recovery Professional or the Stellar Photo Recovery Premium Edition.


Digital image recovery service providers depend on this software to help recover lost images, audios, and videos for their clients. Therefore, there is no reason why you, too, cannot use it to retrieve your lost or corrupted videos, audios, and images.

View Files On Iphone On Mac

With the help of Stellar Photo Recovery software, you can recover lost photos effortlessly and without the help of a data recovery professional. It is, about, the best digital picture recovery program available.