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My editor™ is a Free, simple viewing and editing software with some innovative features and functions. It was mainly developed to provide the capability to view and modify supported embroidery files and then re-save any of them in any of the available embroidery file formats. FREE DOWNLOAD LEARN MORE.

There are lots of digital embroidery designs available nowadays and each one will be different from the other. If you’re on the lookout for a certain tool which helps to digitize, edit and manage embroidery designs, then the Free Embroidery Software is the best one for you. Use these tools to create cool embroidery designs of your own. Some of the best Free Embroidery Software tools and their main features are mentioned here in this article.



Embird is a machine independent Free Embroidery Software tool which is compatible with Windows 10. It supports more than 70 embroidery file formats and 20 machine brands. Use this handy tool to digitize, edit and manage embroidery designs with ease.


SophieSew is a Free Embroidery Software tool which can be used to digitize and edit machine embroidery. Access the official website to find the list of tutorials, blogs and download sample files from the download section. Use this tool to view, edit and create intelligent designs of your own.


Free simple project management software mac. DRAWings 8 Pro is a Free Embroidery Software tool which is used for graphics designing, embroidery, screen printing, crafting, fabric painting and stencil works. The various tools provided will help you create precise designs. Use this tool to create high-quality embroidery designs of your own.

Free Embroidery Software for Other Platforms

Look out for the various Embroidery Digitizing Softwaretools that are widely being used nowadays. Search for Embroidery software, free download to find out all the various tools that can be downloaded for free. Install the best software for your device to get better results.

Bernina ArtLink 7 Embroidery Software for Windows

This Free Embroidery Software tool comes with a handful of features that can help you with the embroidering work. It is compatible with all Windows devices and comes with options for hassle free hoop selection, grid view, slow redraw, easy customization, previews, etc.

TruEmbroidery 3 for Mac

TruEmbroidery 3 is a Free Embroidery Software application specially designed for Mac users. It is compatible with most of the machine brands and comes in two packages. The packages will contain new features, inspirational designs, and fonts that can help you create top class embroidery designs with ease.

Embroidery Viewer for Android

This Android application lets you view embroidery files on your smartphones and devices. It comes with support for multiple file formats including .DST, .EXP, .PEC, .SEW, etc. Use this Free Embroidery Software tool to experiment with colors, view designs and edit them to create new embroidery designs.

Wilcom True Sizer – Most Popular Software

Wilcom is the most popular tool used to work with different types of embroidery files. This Free Embroidery Software tool gives you easy access to embroidery files. Use this tool to view, modify and convert embroidery files with ease. A pro version of the software is also available for purchase.

How to Install Free Embroidery Software?

Free Embroidery Software tools can be downloaded for free from the official websites of the developers. These tools can be used to view, edit and create high-quality embroidery designs. It supports all types of embroidery file formats and so you can use it to make changes to the designs. You can find lots of embroidery design software tools online. Use the Free Embroidery Software tool which is compatible with your device for better results.

Free Embroidery Software tools let you create high-quality digital embroidery designs. These tools can be installed on all the latest smartphones and devices for instant access to the files. Install the best tool that can help you create embroidery designs with ease.

Buzz Xplore


Buzz Edit

Brother Embroidery Software

6D Premier Embroidery Digitizing Software

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My Editor Embroidery Software For Mac

Embroidery design has never been made easy with Embroidery Digitizing Software. Quite a number of embroidery software have been surfacing on the Internet; in fact, there are so many of them that we sometimes get confused which ones to trust.


This article will serve you well in terms of of scouting the best embroidery design software there is—one that is convenient to use and one that contains a broad option of flexible tools to work with. It is important that we know which ones we can trust to avoid the hassle of encountering future errors or corrupted unsaved works.

my editor™

TrueSizer Desktop


EmbroideryStudio e3

Palette 10 Embroidery Software

Embrilliance Essentials

The great thing about these Sewing Pattern Software‘s digitizing and editing function is that they are fully integrated into its worksheet that makes it easy to switch between two modes, when and if necessary. Offering a range of simple yet powerful curving tools, it allows you to quickly build a framework or outline around your embroidery design.

Their common special features include the following:

My Editor Embroidery Software For Mac Free

  • convertible stitch type options for outlines (zigzag or satin),
  • powerful curving tool,
  • allows you to give body to your embroidery design,
  • easily allows you to define and fill an area of stitches using outline as boundary with a few clicks of a mouse.

These features are well emphasized to meet your design needs and meeting modern standards. Beginners may have to read guiding instructions or watch a short instructional video, but shortly after that, you can design away and use the design tool to your heart’s desire.

Avance Digitizing Software

Embroidery Office

Embrid for Windows

TruEmbroidery™ 3 Software for Mac

Touch Embroidery for Android

Embroidery Digitizing Software For Mac

Brother PE-DESIGN® PLUS2 Embroidery Software – Most Popular Software

For some of us who are looking for a paperless pattern design tool, Clothing Design Softwareis a very helpful tool that will surely answer to that specific need. It is very easy to download—created to be as simple as possible, in terms of usage.

Mac split screen app reddit. TIL if you hold the Option key and double click a corner of a window, you will maximize it to the dimension of the screen without entering full screen mode. Usually when I want a larger view of a window, I enter full screen mode, but it's useful to know that there is a quick way of enlarging windows (kinda) like Windows does it in a quick way.

That being said, design software nowadays has basically been made easy for us—all for the sole purpose of design and convenience. However, if we are not guided as to which software to trust, chances are, we will get frustrated. You deserve to be informed and get what you expect from a tool that advertises to provide the best service for you.

My Editor Embroidery Software For Mac Pc

Explore and download these trusted software listed for your design needs and convenience, and you are rest assured that regret would be the last thing you would have in mind.

My Editor Embroidery Software

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